I know, I know, you are saying that is what they say when there is quarreling or arguing in the military.  Well, isn’t that what we are?  An army? A militia of We the People? Well o.k. then, yes, there is dissent in the ranks, and quite a bit of it.  Instead of getting better I see it getting worse everyday.  What I don’t understand is why we are letting it happen.  That’s right we are LETTING it happen. Every time we give a troll (for those of you reading this that don’t know what that is, a troll is a person who lurks around Facebook looking to cause trouble by making posts that are against liberty or against people fighting for liberty…and so on), or someone sent in undercover to tear us apart the time of day, every time we show our anger at their actions, every time we waste any energy on what they do, we are letting it happen.  I have been guilty of it too.  It is not easy to do as these people are often heartless and attack to strike at the heart.  The things that evoke the most emotion out of us to get us to lash out.  This is when we must take a deep breath and pray.  I am not going to lie, there have been times I have wanted to go out and have some target practice, but that would not do us any good in the long run.  I am afraid that my aim will be tested plenty in the future.  Now, if it is something valid that can be harmful to a person, of course we have to address it, but we can do it in such a matter that it does not draw attention to said troll or the person that is in danger.  There are ways to expose and stop these people that are less than pure of heart, without giving them exactly what they want…attention for themselves and division amongst us. Another way we are letting it happen is by fighting among ourselves.  If you don’t like someone or what someone does in their personal life, that is all fine and dandy, so be it.  Take a look, does that person have pure intent in fighting for the freedom of our once great country, for the freedom of our patriotic prisoners and does that person show dedication?  Then so what if you don’t necessarily like them or what they do in their personal life. Is that a reason to “unfriendly” them or bash them?  Absolutely not!  If you don’t like how someone lives their personal life I would like to revert to one of LaVoy’s videos were he says “Who am I to tell somebody else that he can or can’t smoke, who made me Lord and master over another man?  Is his body his, is my body mine?  If he wants to smoke and treat his body that way I should respect him it’s his body” Now it may not be the smoking that you disagree with in someone’s life but what ever it is, why cause issues in the fight for liberty over a personal disagreement.  Set it aside.  We all don’t have to be warm and fuzzy, but we do have to find a way to be civil and get along to UNITE as one for the one thing we all want LIBERTY for our patriotic prisoners and ourselves. We have leaders in this movement, we have security and intel, we have midlevel individuals and we have awesome soldiers and support.  If you have a leader or security or intel person advise you on something, please take heed!  They are not telling you things just to waste their breath, they have done their research and they are telling you something to protect you and those around you…by ignoring them you are causing problems and making them choose between you and the safety of others in their group or maybe many, many others that you are not aware of.  So you see, even in what you see as the smallest of decisions can have an enormous impact on the patriotic community, weather it is in a good or bad way is totally up to you.  So this is my question to you are YOU going to be the cause for dissention among the ranks of the army for liberty?  Are YOU going to be the one that adds to the reason we can not seem to get everyone on the same page and united as ONE?  OR Are you going to spread the message that we don’t have to agree on our lifestyles or even like each other to make this work, to fight side by side…and God forbid, if it comes down to it…survive side by side?  That we CAN unite as ONE? Is there someone that you need to maybe mend fences with over something that really was not worth losing a soldier in this war for liberty?  That is what this is my brothers and sisters, this is a war…I personally do not want to be on the losing side.  Some feel it may be to late, some feel it isn’t, regardless, we fight!  We fight to victory or we fight to the end.  One thing is an absolute fact; we can not fight unless we are UNITED WITHOUT DISSENT.