The Female Patriots

You see her at the grocery store, picking up her children at the daycare, pumping gas at the corner station, out on a date with her man, getting her nails done…then she may to the range to shoot rounds with her Sig and the obstacle course or gym to train her body; or to study more on what is going on with the government …this is the female patriot.


The modern female patriot believes in the Constitution and all the rights it gives us, she is diligent in taking care of her family and in what she can do for her country and the patriot community.  Her passion for both runs deep. 


What most don’t understand about the female patriot is that she is formidable in all areas.  She is well versed in the constitution, she knows what the government has done and most likely will do in the future, and she usually can talk to you about the latest and greatest in firearms.  What makes her a great weapon to any patriot group is her passion.  


Female patriots of the past included Julia Ward Howe who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic, Martha Custis Washington who became indispensable to Washington and his men as a nurse and comfort, Sybil Ludington became the female Paul Revere at 16 riding through Putman and Dutchess Counties to warn militia that British were burning Danbury, Connecticut. 

If you go back and read the patriotic women of the past played a huge part in winning the freedom of our country, though in the background.


The female patriot of today is different, you see her in the front of the crowds, making speeches and leading rallies.  You see her with her AR-15 in training sessions, teaching survival courses and prepping.  You read articles that she has written about current events and what is going on in the patriot world.  


What makes her so formidable?  Have you seen a woman in action?  Multi-tasking?  The passion of a mother?  I feel there is just something in a female patriot that I have seen when I am out and about…a flame in each one of them.  It burns just a little hotter; think of the United States the way it used to be, Constitutional, as a threatened child…got it?  Now, picture that female patriot as her mother.  Do you get what I mean by formidable now? 


Female patriots past and present play a vital role in the freedom that was won and that needs to be fought for and restored. So we, as female patriots, need to step forward, stop being in the shadows.  We no longer JUST have to be nurses, or JUST have to write, we can go past riding…we play a much larger part.  We need to take that flame and create a fire, no, a bonfire…ignite a huge fire within the community and keep it burning.  We have the power to lead the charge if need be.  We can be led by patriot men, stand side by side with the patriot men, or if needed we can lead them. 


All patriots must stand for all before we lose everything, because let me tell you, the reality of us losing everything is moving forward at a much faster pace than any of us expected, and you better believe we better stand before we find ourselves on our knees with guns to our heads on our way to a dark place of oppression.  Not in America you say…haven’t you woken yet?  This female patriot is taking her flame and I am going to start a fire of the likes you have never seen…I just hope it isn’t too late.