a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

O.K. Great, what does that mean to you and me? It means get up and do something, pick up your phone and make some calls, or even break out that coin jar...yeah that one in the corner...and donate a dollar to each legal fund, family fund and each patriot that is traveling to get you the truth from the ground. Make your voices heard. It means when a fellow patriot needs you go to them, armed or unarmed. It means be a patriot for your country.

America is in distress and as far as I can tell, so is the patriot community. 

I watched as Ammon and the others helped the community of Burns, and the surrounding communities in Harney County and other counties break away the shackles of fear and oppression that they had been so willing to wear without really knowing it, yet who is going to break the shackles of fear and oppression I see so many patriots still wearing while they say they aren't? They say they aren't while their brothers and sisters wear REAL shackles locked up behind stone walls and steel bars! 

What does it mean when you wear that III% shirt you have on? Put that nifty III% decal on your pick-up, jeep, minivan or car? Use it as your profile picture? What does that symbol stand for? Do you know? Or do you just think it is cool?

During the American Revolution, colonist fighting in the field against tyranny never amounted to more than III%. Only another ten percent supported them...from afar of course, the rest were just happy to go along and let the government take care of them...sound familiar...sheeple? That is what true three percenters relate to today, the concept that this once great country was fought for and founded by that small III%. It can surely be won back by that same III%. The difference is, back then, they didn't have keyboard wanna be's, they didn't have mass disinformation, they didn't have..."I would like to but..." They did, they united, they fought, they won. 

The division I see among this community claiming to be the patriotic III% is mind blowing. Who cares what candidate you like...the next president is already chosen...who cares what color your skin is, your blood spills the same...who cares what country you are originally from, you are fighting to bring America back to greatness. Can't we stop all the high school bickering pull ourselves together, unite as one and show that we can fight tyranny once again? They are laughing at us right now and they have every right to. 

All these big bad III% groups with great intel, great organizational teams and logistical personnel and we all can't organize? Come on!!! I even have it figured out as to the how, but we can't stop the infighting long enough to work together to get it done. I think we all need to go look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we have the right to the title patriot, if we have the right to that sticker on our vehicle, that shirt in our closet or that picture as our profile. After we look in the mirror, then we need to look up and ask Him for a little guidance to put all the crud aside and start getting some things done. I for one am tired of knowing they are snickering at us behind closed doors and are blatantly throwing in our faces that they are going to do whatever they want...after all...we are just the sheeple to them...not WE THE PEOPLE. 

God Bless and it is time for America and Patriots to get off their knees and stand.