Ammon Bundy

The Heart of the Constitutional Battle (re-post from earlier due to a hack)

The second day that I spent in Burns was so busy it was really quite a blur if I am to be honest. I know we got up and had time to get dressed, barely eat ½ an English muffin and it was out the door to the press conference.  Once again I find myself chasing Pete and Deb’s black SUV up the hill with Maureen beside me doing her Vlog, wondering to myself how Pete kept his truck so clean when mine looked so dirty…o.k. Melina, back to the task at hand. We arrived at the entrance of the Resource Center and the press was all ready for Ammon to arrive.  This would be the first time that I would hear him speak in person.  He came walking up the hill with LaVoy and some men I didn’t recognize.  He walked up to the microphone and apologized for being late. When Ammon spoke everyone listened respectfully, no one spoke, even amongst themselves. He spoke with sincerity, from the heart.  He was highly educated and he was firm in his convictions. Maureen asked if we could have a few moments of his time to pray with him, and he smiled and said of course.  We went down to what was headquarters and met with him.  I was introduced to Ammon and Ryan, he was so genuinely happy that we came down to pray with him and to visit everyone.  When it came to praying he asked if we could get on our knees before the Lord…amazing.  We all knelt on the floor before God and I took Ammon’s hand and we prayed for guidance and for the Lord’s leadership in the coming days.  After we prayed Maureen just asked how things were going and Ammon and her started talking, it turned into an impromptu interview, I was content to just listen, learn and be a human sponge for all the knowledge that this man has to offer.  He spoke with passion and conviction.  He mentioned the vets that gave him gifts, the ranchers, the gifts from family members of service members that gave their lives holding up the oath for the very constitution he is fighting for.He mentioned to someone that he had not taken time to even eat that day, nor had Ryan; I offered to go get him some food from the chow hall.  He honestly did not want to put me out, I told himi t was not bother, so I went up and got them…some sandwiches, chips, and cookies.  They both looked so happy to have some food.  What was supposed to be a few minutes of prayer turned into 3 hours of interview and fellowship.  I was able to give him a card from my step-daughter, one to Ryan as well.  Ammon was so appreciative that she understood what was going on and what they were doing, because the freedoms he is fighting so hard for is not only for us but also for our children.  Our future.  He read her card and looked up and around the room and stated“This is what it is all about, this is our future”  He took a picture with me and her card for her, we chatted a bit more and then he had to get on with his day, but he made sure to let us know how glad he was to spend the time with us and that he would see us later.  He hugged us both and we left.  I felt that I was leaving a man that I had known for YEARS!!!  Over the course of the rest of the week Ammon made it a point to say hello to me each time that I was at the Resource Center.  I noticed that he always exuded a sense of calm and peace, no matter what was going on at the FBI Compound, what was being said about what was happening, if there were protestors…he knows he is lawful, in the right by the supreme law of the land and the even higher law of God. My time in Burns came to an end and I said my goodbyes, I was told Ammon had gone home for a visit, so I gave Ryan a hug and asked him to pass it on to his brother as well.  He said he would.  I told him I would be back soon…I knew in my heart that I would not be able to stay away.  I would have to visit these wonderful people again. As you know, 4 days I was back.  When I went to the Resource Center everyone was busy, it was a big day.  Many ranchers were coming to end their contracts with the BLM.  The Sharp family was going to sing, so many wonderful things to celebrate.  Pete, Deb, my husband and I walked into the chow hall and Ammon was getting something to eat before everything started and he paused what he was doing to give me a big hug.  He was genuinely happy to see me.  I was surprised that he remembered me with all the people that he meets, after all who am I? The first thing he did after hugging me was turn around showing me his coat with the rancher insignia on it “Look at what I got” He was beaming!  He is so proud of that coat.  They all are!  This time I had a scarf that my step-daughter made for him and he proudly accepted it and wore it, commenting that he matched with Pete.  I introduced him to my husband Matt and they chatted a bit about mechanics and where he was living now in Idaho.  He apologized profusely that he had to go but that he would give me a call later on in the week to talk with me about getting an organized way to get funds going for the patriots coming in and on the ground.  He was excited about my thoughts and ideas and that I wanted to tackle such a project on their behalf.  We all gathered at the gazebo at the Resource Center and watched as these ranchers signed agreements to end contracts with the BLM.  Ammon stood up with extreme emotion in his voice and shared each and every gift that had been presented to him, shared each story behind it.  He prayed, he promised to stand behind each and every rancher who signed. We all left the refuge that day with joy in our hearts. As Matt and I drove back to the Silver Spur that evening, he understood my pull to Burns, OR.  He felt what I had felt from Ammon, that he is a man who listens to God with is heart, that he does not make a move without checking with the Almighty first and he lays his full trust in Him.  As I was getting ready to write this, I wanted to make sure it was o.k. with Lisa and see if there was something I could add, what Ammon did in his down time.  The funny thing is, she told me exactly what I though she would, that Ammon doesn’t really have down time.  He loves helping others and that is what he is about and what gives him joy.  What little free time he does have he likes spending with his family and/or serving others.  There are times they will serve together as a family.  I can picture this completely, Ammon, Lisa and their children spending time as a family, enjoying just being together, and helping others as they can.  What a way to bond as a family.  This is what The Bundy Family is about…this is what America should be about. As I was writing this, Matt came in with two letters for me from the Federal Prison in Portland.  One was from Ammon.  I cannot even express how much that meant to me. He was uplifting to ME!  Imagine that, being in solitary confinement (this is before they released them from this dark hole) and he lifted my spirits.  He expressed to me how much it meant that I was there for him and asked that I stay in touch with Lisa. That we haven’t lost our fight in getting our freedom and country back.  He wants his freedom but he knows that the Lord has him there for a reason there is a purpose. He requested that I…“Ask others to pray, that they may know what they should do to preserve and restore freedom on this land. It is time to act.”  Keep praying for ALL of them.I am not going to share the entire letter with you, as some of it I feel is for me. This is a man we all can learn from his words yes but his actions too.  Ammon Bundy came into my life at a point when I was questioning things in my faith and my country, I not only made a friend for a lifetime, I was renewed in areas of my faith, re-fired in my belief that my country could be restored and cemented in what I already believed and knew.So the Ammon that you know, occupier, constitutionalist, and patriot…is so much more…He is husband, father, son, brother…follower of Christ and loyal friend…not just to those that he knows personally…but to you, the one reading this, that he has never met. I hope you remember the Ammon that I have introduced you to next time you see a news piece that only tells part of the story, I hope you share this with people that don’t know, because I want people to meet this Ammon, my friend Ammon.