Ryan Bundy

The Heart of the Constitutional Battle (re-post due to hack)

I also met Ryan on my second day at the Resource Center.  He is much quieter than Ammon, but he has a big presence.  I have to admit; if I am to be honest (no offense Ryan) when I first walked in to the building used as headquarters his “bigness” was intimidating.  Now, wait a minute, let me explain.  I don’t mean the man is gigantic or immense…the aura he put of was large, confident, and a touch more “rough wrangler” feeling.  His hat is worn a bit lower than Ammon’s casting a shadow over his face…but, when he tilts his head up, do want to know what you see, even as a stranger?  You see the eyes of a kind man, a man who is of faith and a man who stands firm in that faith, for what is right and most of all for family…but not just that, a man that loves thy neighbor.  He too knelt with reverence and humility when we prayed and you could tell that he too put all of his faith in the Lord, trusted in His will and not that of his own.  I have to say Mr. and Mrs. Bundy must be very proud of both of these men. During that impromptu interview I spoke of that occurred between Ammon and Maureen, Ryan was there and he sat comfortably (though I am not sure how with his frame and the size of the chair) and listened.  When he did speak it was with intelligence and fast in the knowledge of the constitution.  These brothers were no doubt a formidable team.  As we got ready to take our leave of the headquarters for the day, Ryan walked over to us and thanked us for coming with a warm smile and hug.  This man was gentle and loving to those around him, he too genuinely cared.  After this he moved on to talk business with a gentleman and he switched hats easily from host to respected leader…impressive.  When I saw Ryan after that, he always had a wave and a smile for me…a tip of his hat, made me feel like a lady in those old westerns. Hahaha.  On our last day, I saw Ryan on our way out and told him that I would be back soon for another visit, he told me he looked forward to it and that he enjoyed meeting me.  He even remembered that I was doing a FB page for Hellboy and said he would be looking for it.   He gave me a hug, then a tip of the hat as I got back into my vehicle to go.  I drove away feeling like family.  Like I was leaving REAL brothers behind…as an only child, that was a pretty special feeling.  What cemented that even further for me, when I got home to WA 3 hours later, there was a friend request for me from Ryan.  They are a family that cares.  Really cares.In the days that followed when I returned, I actually saw Ryan later in the day, after seeing Ammon, I wasn’t sure if I would see him with their busy schedule so I had given Ammon the scarf that was made for Ryan as well, he was wearing it!  He walked up to me and gave me a hug, asking me to thank my step-daughter for the scarf.  I introduced Matt, sadly we only had a few moments to talk.  He said that he would catch up with us later, but the day got away from us.  That is o.k.  I got to watch great things that day…the things that Ammon and Ryan…all the others had been standing for, working for and talking about, teaching about, they were coming to fruitation right before my eyes!  HISTORY IN THE MAKING!  Praise God. I didn’t get the chance to speak with Angie before I wrote this like I did Lisa, but I am guessing from his energy and demeanor that Ryan is about family.  I got the sense that he missed his wife and family very much, God’s partner for him.  In my opinion, it almost felt as if ½ of him was missing.  I hope that what I write makes him proud, I hope it makes her proud…his family proud.  They have every right to be.  When I heard what had happened, when I heard…when I heard…no…when I FELT what had happened…my heart stopped, my friends…ones that had entered my heart so easily, that God knew would…my new friends…no…my brothers and sisters…arrested, shot, hurt…People had to know…they had to know…Ryan Bundy, the man who got shot in the shoulder, this man had the biggest shoulders in the world, he would take his burdens, his neighbors, his friends…he did, he took all of ours, he took a whole country’s…not because we asked him to, but because he was doing as God asked, he was loving thy neighbor.  Thank you Ryan, I am proud to call you a fellow patriot, a fellow Christian…but most of all yes, my friend with the big shoulders.