Baby Cyrus Cries Out
In a strange room, surrounded by strange sights and smells, alone and confused ten-month-old Baby Cyrus cries out for his mommy and daddy and a strange face appears. He is scared and wants the comfort of his mommy.  Where is she?  Why isn’t she here?  He wants to snuggle up to her and eat.   Where are the protective arms of daddy?  Where is grandpa’s booming voice and big smile? Where did everyone go?

Baby Cyrus cries out and Marissa feels the tug in her soul, Levi has a longing in his heart and the Lord sheds a tear, all knowing what these wicked people have done to his creation.  God blessed this family with precious Cyrus and evil men and women took him away from his intended destination for life on earth, and man asks why?

Baby Cyrus cries out, and so few hear the call of this sweet little soul asking to be saved from this evil and awful place.   He wants to go home where love and tenderness abounds, where he is not just another way for others to line their evil coffers.  

Baby Cyrus cries out in the hopes that someone will rescue him, that people will hear, that someone will come and bring him back home.  He cries out so that someone may hear that he is not happy here, he is so very sad there.  

Baby Cyrus cries out knowing that God gave him to his wonderful mommy and daddy so why did these people take me away from them, did they take these other kids here to like me?   Maybe strangers will come and take them home too.   

Baby Cyrus cries out for help to get away from here, he wants to go home to his mommy and daddy, to the rest of his family.  He wants the warmth of his home and his favorite toys to play with his grandparents and aunts and uncles. Baby Cyrus just wants to lay on his mommy’s chest and hear her heartbeat again while watching daddy’s face.   This crib is not his, it feels like a cage, cold and dark.  

Baby Cyrus cries out for everyone to hear his voice and help, he cries out to you.  What will you do? Has your heart grown cold and hard, or will you answer his call?  What if he was your baby?  Your grandchild? A baby in your life?

Please follow the links below to stay updated on baby Cyrus and if you have any information there has been a secure whistleblower page started which I have included with all the details.  Please, take the time; this could be you someday.



We believe there are many people inside the system that are more concerned about the safety of Baby Cyrus Anderson than those that have abducted him claim. CPS Agents, Police Officers, neighbors, if your heart is pricked by this event and you have any information about the location or wellbeing of little baby Cyrus, please submit these details by going to 

 All data submitted is encrypted before transmission and stored in an encrypted format. You are not required to give any contact information unless you choose to. To submit information about Baby Cyrus, go to

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