What if he was your Baby
You have a 10 month old beautiful baby boy and are concerned because he is not keeping food down and just feeling yucky, so you take him into the hospital emergency room to make sure he is o.k. Waiting in the emergency room, only to have your precious baby admitted and submitted to a barrage of tests and exams for a week. As a parent you feel helpless and don’t know what to do except pray to the Lord that he guides the doctors and that they can find an answer as to what is going on with your little one.  After a long exhausting week you are finally able to have your baby released from the hospital with somewhat of an answer; your little boy has a digestive issue of some sort dealing with proteins and can’t handle eating solid foods yet…otherwise he is a healthy and happy little guy. You are relieved that it isn’t something more serious, but still you have concern.  
You are eager to get home where things are familiar to your baby, where family and friends are around and where you can breathe and start to try and get help for your little angel that God has blessed you with, away from the beeping machines, masks and smell of anti-septic.

You do everything you can to learn about these types of conditions and take all the right steps to ensure your baby gets the nutrition and medical help that he needs, including going to a pediatric office for check-ups and weight monitoring.  You even go ahead and try powdered goats milk to try to help him gain more weight at the suggestion of the doctor; it breaks your heart to see that he just throws it right back right up. It is the issue with the proteins, mamma's breast milk is all he can tolerate. 

You wake up one morning not feeling well, maybe it was the stress of it all…but regardless you needed a bit more rest for your sake and for your handsome little guy.  So you call the doctor’s office to let them know you would not be in that day and why and laid back down so you could feel better and take care of your little one.  As we all know, you as a breast feeding mom, need plenty of rest and food.  A woman’s body reacts to these things and it effects the amount of milk they produce. There were dinner plans this evening as well and you are looking forward to seeing friends and family.  Watching your baby play and giggle makes your soul smile.

The nurse practitioner at the clinic had called CPS and reported that you were endangering your child by missing one appointment to weigh your son.  Police came to your home but you had already left.  A BOLO “Be On The Lookout” was sent out on your husbands pickup. Like you were a dangerous criminal! Imagine! 
While you were having a great afternoon and evening with friends that are like family to you police are “looking out” for your vehicle! Are we sure this is still America?    

On your way home from your friends house, chatting with your husband and sister, while softly stroking your baby’s soft hair, about the wonderful evening and how much fun it was, recalling everyone playing with their grandson/ nephew/baby friend, laughing and just forgetting about the stress of the past weeks.  It was much needed.  Looking back you can see your fathers car behind you and you smile.  Life is good.  Until the gas station.  

Confusion fills your head and you lean protectively over your son out of instinct as you realize you have been followed in by a police officer that had called for back up.  Within what seemed like seconds and hours at the same time but was really mere minutes, multiple officers arrived along with detectives who brought dozens more with them.  By now you are in fear and are holding your baby scared and unsure of what is going on.  

You have seen so much overreach of the government on all levels that you decide that you need to start recording what ever is happening.  Nothing seems real, is this happening?  Why is this happening? What is going on?  Why are they arresting my husband?  You hear something about your baby, missed appointment, eminent danger…you see your sister getting arrested.  

One officer tells you that you can go to the hospital with your baby so you walk to the ambulance with them, recording still.  When you get there they tell you that your baby is in eminent danger and for his safety they have to remove him from you, that in fact you can not go to the hospital with him.  They lied to get you and him in the ambulance, so they could coerce you!!  You know what happens to babies in the system.  They threaten to rip him from you.  One officer says you can hand him over willingly and then go out to your friends/family and be on your merry way.  Be on your merry way? BE ON YOUR MERRY WAY?!?!?!?  You love the Lord with all your heart but boy your sure would like to kick this officer in his merry way right now.  
As you are handcuffed you can NOT believe that this is all over missing a weigh-in. 

At the hospital they arrest your friends as well (more on this later) for trespassing in a public building!!! 

Now, 4 days later you still don’t have your baby, his health has gotten worse, and you find out that they had a foster home set up for him the night they pulled you over! You were allowed to see your baby for 2 hours after 2 days and he was lethargic and just not himself, with rashes and mysterious bruises, they finally allowed you to try to breast feed but it was not fully successful due to stress and the condition your baby is in.  You have court, and find out that they plan to move your baby to foster care while you are in court to get him back, and the protesters are away from the hospital, your mind races, panic rises, you trust your Lord and Savior but you are only human. The hospital goes on emergency lock-down while you are in court but comes out of it after. Court starts late and they refuse to let your lawyer in…then they postpone it again till tomorrow. 

Why? What are they doing? Where is your baby?  You honestly don’t know where he is.  They refuse to let you see him in the hospital now, did they steal him?  You can’t talk to your family or friends about what happened in court.  You can’t talk to your dad. No one.  They are hiding this from the public.  Wait!!! Wait!!! This is your baby!!!!  You didn’t do anything wrong!!!! Courts are supposed to be open to the public!!!! Why is this happening?!  You are scared and confused, they are playing hide and seek with the most precious thing in your life because all it is to them is a chess piece!!!!

This is what is happening right now in Idaho to Baby Cyrus.  How can you not do something?  How can you not share his story and help?  How can you be so cold to say “Well the parents must be bad”. WAKE UP!!!  Have you not seen the extent and depth of overreach and pure evil that has overcome this country?  The pure lack of care or empathy for each other let alone our most precious resource, out children?  Again WAKE UP, PLEASE!!!  I have not had the chance to speak to Levi and Marissa, I hope to someday soon and to meet Baby Cyrus while he giggles in his mama’s arms; but I have talked to Auntie Miranda and I know Ammon and his family.  These are not evil people, these are not people that abuse their children.   I hope that this helps you step into these parents shoes.  This happens to good parents everyday, but not all good parents have good friends like Ammon that will put it all on the line and put his money where is mouth is. I won’t get into the evils out there right now, believe me, this has got my writing back…I will be much more consistent. Not just because of Baby Cyrus, but for all the babies, children, political prisoners, patriots that feel like it is useless.  It is never useless.  Please click the links below to stay updated on Baby Cyrus. 

As always God Bless,
Melina aka Patriot Angel