Who is Running the Convoys?
Many people think that one of these big names behind the convoys like, American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedom or Kip or Brian are running this show. I have news for you; it is GOD.  After listening to both of these men, God put these convoys on their hearts.

Just like you, the person reading this right now, God put something on their hearts and they listened.  You are here because you know that something is terribly wrong with this country and has been for quite sometime.
These lead drivers are just that, lead drivers. They are people like you and I with a great love for our country.  I listen to them talk and they are listening to GOD. 

I was going to implore the convoys to not let We the People down, now I implore them to keep listening to God and follow their hearts.  You have planned this well. 
If you have people trying to discredit you there are those of us that know the truth and will protect you.  
As this convoy grows, we will grow with you.  If you have to stand for weeks or even months WE WILL STAND WITH YOU!  We appreciate what you are doing; you are putting it all on the line.  

When I say they are putting it on the line I mean it.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that most of these drivers are owner-operators. They own that truck, they pay for the repairs, they pay for every single little thing that goes wrong with that rig.  They run these roads day and night to bring you (and me) every single item you buy.  If you can look at it in your office, in your home or in your car…at the store, the gas station or even when you click purchase on Amazon a trucker brought it.
So when I say these truckers, not just the lead drivers, but every single one of them, are putting their fortune on the line I mean it, they are also putting their freedom and life on the line too. So when you are so quick to be critical of their actions remember you are not there, you are not boots…or rather wheels on the ground.  You don’t know what is going on day to day behind the scenes.  When you want to know every little detail, you have to remember Operational Security or OPSEC.  You may not think that they have a plan, you may think that they are, as my daddy used to call himself, just a bunch of dumb truckers.  Let me tell you, my daddy isn’t dumb and neither are these truck drivers and they have surrounded themselves with great support.  

Finally let me remind you that no man is in charge of these convoys. Ladies and gents, these convoys are God’s convoys.  Period.  

As Always God Bless,
Melina aka Little Boots

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