Truck You Penske
As US Freedom Convoy was rolling right along, a Texas Trucker who had rented a truck from Penske, had his truck remotely turned off by the Penske Corporation.  I know MSM has not reported on this, Independents have, but I have a very strong opinion and had to think this one through a little and get some heavenly guidance. 

Penske stated that they did not support the freedom protests, and especially did not like the Lets Go Brandon sign on the trailer of the truck. You are not in business to be in politics Penske!  You do not get to dictate what is done with one of your rental trucks unless it is being used in an illegal/unlawful manner.  I don’t give a hoot if someone rents one of your trucks to carry a big sign to promote another rental company, they paid for the rental, you have zero business shutting down that vehicle just because you do not like the politics of the person renting your vehicle.  Just because you do not like freedom.  Ok, I am having a hard time that I even had to type that last sentence. 

Penske doesn’t like freedom.  That is what they said when saying they did not support the freedom protests. 

I don’t know about the rest of you but that makes me hopping mad! Penske, you are NOT the only truck rental company out there, I would love see Vanguard, Ryder, PacLease or some other semi rental company get Jeff Sandberg a truck. Heck…Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Freightliner, Mack, Volvo, Ford…you have loaner trucks…if you believe in freedom step up!!!! I just betcha you it will boost your business.  

As for Penske, not all press is good press, I am sure your pone lines and emails have been jammed up.  Well let me help you with that; Oh, not to give you any relief.  I want every set of eyes that sees this to call and/or email Penske and let them know that what they did was reprehensible and that they need to give every last penny spent on that rental back.  Be polite, be respectful. Do no stoop to the very actions we have been so shocked by, taken by others.  

Also, American Trucking Associations you are an affiliate with Penske, I am dying to know where you stand on the Freedom Convoys…I think I just may have to find out. I hope you support them because truck drivers make this world run, if you don’t, I have a feeling you won’t be running much longer.

Penske Corproation 844-210-6887

Hey Penske…LET’S GO BRANDON!!!

As always God Bless,
Melina aka Little Boots

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