Open Letter to Illinois State Police and All Other Police Agencies Regarding Peaceful Convoys

I have no doubt that each and every officer out there wanted to sign up to do good for their fellow man. I urge you to remember you took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, not enforce un-constitutional codes and mandates or harass a convoy of truckers and Americans in their private vehicles who are peacefully traveling through your state, county or city.

That being said, Illinois State Police came out with a letter stating that they did not want the convoy in their state. They then followed up with a letter that was re-worded, but still bad enough.  I am going to refute the letter point by point and I hope all the road pirates and their agencies operating for the corporation masquerading as our federal and state governments take something from what I have to say here.  I hope all the Sheriff Departments remember that you exist because you were elected by the very people that are in these convoys. Perhaps, as they roll into your counties you greet them and give them a safe escort through your county even if the state police refuse to do so.

“Engaging in acts that could endanger the safety of the motoring public…causing traffic delays and potentially crashes”.  Really?  O.k.  Let’s get real here, endangering the motoring public/causing crashes; truck drivers are among the safest drivers out there (before some reader tells me that I don’t know what I am talking about read my other posts, and then go sit down) most (not all) of the accidents on the road involving a semi-trucks are caused because of the actions of a passenger vehicle doing something stupid in front of or beside a rig. Period. I will not argue this point with you.  You know the statistics.  You are the first responders. Most truck drivers out there will sacrifice their rig and themselves before putting the life of someone in a passenger car at risk.  I have seen and heard of it done time and time again. I could see crashes happening in the lanes traveling the opposite direction of the convoy from passenger cars being once again stupid and “rubber necking” at the convoy and not paying attention to the task they have at hand; operating the piece of equipment that is in their hands at the time.  This officer is not the convoy’s responsibility.

As for delaying traffic, this is a joke.  Traffic gets delayed every single day, for many reasons.  If you act constitutionally and not give drivers in the convoy a ticket and engaging in inland piracy for the corporation, they would probably have the hammer down and be trucking right along a bit over the suggested speed limit.

“Though the Illinois State police respects the rights of citizens to express their opinions in a lawful manner, there is a great concern with any event that is designed to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic”. Sorry Charlie.  You have no say in the matter nor has this convoy ever been intended to impede or block traffic as it travels across this great nation of OURS. Even though you are working for the corporation, you still took that oath and work for us, but I digress.  If they are moving right along and other Americans are able to get around the convoy they are not impeding anything.  These convoys are not meant to impede your traffic.  They are meant to get to DC and send a message for AMERICA, and yes that includes you officer.  Do you really think that because you have that badge you and your loved ones are immune to the tyrannical tentacles that are trying to squeeze the last breath out of this great country? If you are so concerned, why not give these convoys a escort like so many of the other states have done? Hmmm?  I will wait for a response…from any state that would like to.

“Intentionally endanger the public and violate Illinois law” so now you can read the minds of thousands of people. Interesting.  I can tell you that the intent of these convoys is to enrich the lives of the “public” as you put it and to make sure that we are brought back to the Constitution. A constitution to secure our Natural, God given rights. A constitution that our Founding Fathers lost their fortunes, freedom and shed blood to pen, handing us a Republican form of government that we failed to keep. A constitution, my dear officers that you SWORE to uphold and protect.  Please stop “just doing your job” for the corporation and do what you first set out to do and what you SWORE to do.

As always God Bless,
Melina aka Little Boots 

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