Patriotic Prisoners Those of you that know me will know that I am not diminishing the fact that my friends are in fact true patriotic prisoners, as many patriots across the country are, I am simply making a point.  If you cannot understand that, do not bother to comment, you are too dense to get the point I am trying to make anyway.  Right now across this once great nation there are far too many men and women locked up behind bars or heavily fined for simply living free, speaking out for their God given rights, Constitutional rights, simply grazing cattle on land that has been theirs for generations, collecting rainwater (that’s right, rainwater) in a barrel, digging a hole for a pond on their own property (with proper permits) just because the EPA…yes another alphabet soup agency…wants to flex muscle they shouldn’t even have.  Then there is a school to teach people how to live off grid, Schuyler Barbeau, The Hammonds, Bundy Ranch Participants, Malheur Occupation…all you have to do is go look at the Liberty Under Attack web page or do a little research for yourself.  My point is we are being imprisoned left and right for doing things that have been done for years, things that have been our right to do, speaking, doing things on our own property, and simply living life.  We the People have been quietly letting our freedoms slip away. So here is my question…political prisoners…aren’t we all? We all see these things happening, in some small way we like to think we are doing something about it but are we?  Before you think that I am going to give you the answers on what to do here, don’t.  I am going to do exactly what my good friend Pete Santilli told me to do, I am going to ask you some questions, they may be some hard questions, ones you may have to think about the answers to, ones you may not like the answers you come up with, but they are questions you need to ask yourself, I had to ask them of myself…and I promise you, they are questions that every single patriotic prisoner that is sitting in a cell wrongfully, asked themselves too.  What am I doing to get my freedom back?What am I willing to do to get my freedom back?What am I willing to lose?Am I willing to walk away from my home, job, the comforts of my life that I now know?What have I done to retain my freedom?What can I do to help free the patriots that are detained?Am I willing to be detained myself in order to obtain liberty for future generations?Am I  willing to train? How do I train?How do I help or am I causing division?Am I just a “keyboard warrior?”Am I just talk or am I willing to back up what I say? You see, as you know I am a Christian, and I see that we are living in end times.  We as patriots, as Christians, are being persecuted daily, for our faith, for our freedoms.  We knew these times were coming, the Lord told us these times were coming.  Non-believers have even seen this coming…but as a believer, I have seen this coming from a biblical sense, but from a political stance I have to admit I was late in opening my eyes as to how fast it was approaching, now I am scrambling a bit.  Am I a little afraid, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t, but then I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that fear is not of God and pray, and thank heavens for what I know is waiting for me in the end. I know that I will pay a high cost for my beliefs; I know also that as patriots, we will have to pay a high cost for freedom and liberty just as our forefathers did to found our country.   They did so with blood, sweat and tears.  They too were jailed and called criminals.  They too spilled their blood.  They fought hard, they fought in the shadows, they fought in the public, they fought from their cells, they fought from their homes, in the streets, they fought anywhere they could but they did not fight cowering in fear…afraid of losing what they had.  They fought putting everything they had on the line to keep everything they had.  Sometimes they lost it all…but they had the freedom to earn it all back.  Side by side with their patriot brothers and sisters, with the beautiful colors of freedom blowing in the breeze behind them.  So patriots, my brothers and sisters, my family…I choose to no longer just sit here, behind this keyboard to fight…(yes I will still be here to help, I will still be that III% Warrior and Patriot Angel) but I am also going to train, I am also going to be at the ready, prepared to do what it takes at any moment.  I am not afraid to do what it takes, I am not afraid to lose the comforts I am used to, in order to regain the freedoms lost so I can regain those comforts again so that my children can once again know a truly free country.  I have answered those questions to the best of my ability, in truth.  Now can you?  The Lord may return before we reach that goal, but in the meantime I choose to no longer be a patriotic prisoner in my own home, in my own heart, held prisoner by the fear that my government, the very one that our founding fathers created and gave structure to with The Constitution wants me to feel.  The Lord does not give me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of strength…clarity…and truth, the spirit of a warrior, the spirit of a patriot, the spirit of an angel.  I am putting on the armor of God and I am going to war.  Who is going to join me?