The People’s Convoy…?

Or is it?  Now, do not get me wrong in any way, I support every single trucker and individual in their personal vehicles that are part of this convoy and I want to say thank you to the people that helped organize it.  My question to those people that organized it and that have set up the rules for their chat channels on different social media outlets is, “Are you truly the PEOPLE’S convoy or are you for something else?”  Why will you not share any good information from other smaller convoys that have formed across this great Republic?  They all have the same mission, freedom and getting our country back for We the People.  People try to post safety suggestions and they get removed, they try to contact someone to make sure information is correct or to get information for other drivers on where to hook up with the convoy and get stonewalled.  The general public is confused as to how to get any convoy support and do not know who to trust.  

A small group of people that saw the confusion started a Telegram channel to try to consolidate all the information that was vetted and confirmed into one place so the public could meet up with the convoys to show support and so smaller convoys could meet up with larger ones and individual truckers could hook up with a convoy that would merge with the larger convoys. Guess what happens when this group tried to reach out to The People's Convoy?  Stonewalled. They are cutting themselves off from the very people that say they want to help. 

If this convoy was truly about The People, wouldn’t they want every single convoy to be successful?  Why are they selling ride along's with a driver?  Should this not be something that comes from the heart of the drivers, just as the donations from every single person donating does. Some of these people have very little thanks to the very issues that these convoys are addressing…the unlawful mandates, stolen election, so on and so forth, but they give what they can.  I feel that with all the big names behind The People's Convoy that they should be open and welcoming to all the convoys that are forming across this great nation.  Mike Landis, Erik Rohde, if you don’t think that what I am saying is correct my contact is out there, Erik, you have my contact info…contact me.  Many of the smaller convoy’s are very displeased with the fact that you are being so elitist.  Bob Bolus, your convoy has gotten plenty of media coverage as well.  In the words of the POS acting as president right now “Come on man!” There are 25, count them 25 convoys out there looking to be part of ONE big movement. Do you think that somehow you can manage that?  

We DO NOT need division.  Talk to your truckers, do they want to welcome other convoys? Do THEY want to have other convoy information shared on your Telegram channel or other social media outlets, do THEY want you to share good and vetted intel with USA Consolidated and Vetted Convoy Intel (a group that is locked down and the admin vet the information so it is correct and accurate) so other truckers and supporters know what is going on and how to hook up with you?  After all without the truckers you have nothing. 

Why the grand standing?  We are a bigger force together!!! Please put the EGOS aside, put the recognition aside…it is not about any one convoy, it is about Freedom and what our Founding Fathers fought to secure…our natural God-given rights and how they have been trampled on.  Yes, due to our own complacency and a high dose of government division, that is why we do not need exclusion within these convoys.  UNITE and conquer.  UNITE and be powerful!  UNITE and many, many more will join.  Right now there are many wanting to help that are running around dazed and confused.  Let’s work together to stop the confusion and have a successful end result…FREEDOM for our country, FREEDOM for Canada, FREEDOM for the world.

The world is watching!  I encourage every single person that is reading this right now to share it.  Maybe, just maybe it will reach the correct individuals and we can get these convoys to work together to make a much stronger stand and much louder statement. 

As always, God Bless and God Bless America. 

Melina aka Little Boots

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