Truckers Prayer


       As a little girl I remember listening to Red Sovine and that Trucker’s Prayer. 

Prayer. That is something that we need to cover these convoys in, not just here in America but all over the world. These convoys are much more than what meets the eye in my opinion.  

Now, remember this is just my opinion. There is a reason this is happening NOW, all over the world. This is not just an American thing, a Canadian thing, a European thing…it is global. Everyone, everywhere is standing up against tyranny all together. Things are happening with the courts, with military actions, with election actions, with the economy. Now, don’t just look at the bad stuff that is happening! You need to pull back the curtain and look at what is really happening. 

        I firmly believe this Convoy is God’s timing. He is touching the hearts of millions and moving them to act and support these truckers for the purpose of good. For the purpose of breaking the chains of tyranny that our complacency has allowed to be placed around our necks. Those of us that have been researching can see easily how this convoy very well could be the unexpected catalyst that starts the liberty wave we have been waiting for…the arrests of Deep State players, the removal of cancer from our great Republic and governments around the world…not the great reset but the great revival and awakening. 

       Remember, don’t believe everything you hear on the news…not even FOX, Newsmax, or any other show. Go to multiple sources. My daddy used to say he was just a dumb trucker (he is actually quite brilliant), I never bought it…I couldn’t just hop in one and drive it. They are the heartbeat of America and every single country. Most do it because they have a passion for it and would rather die than do anything else than be behind that wheel making their countries hum along. Quite frankly, they are not the ones looking dumb right now. 

       So lets get together, lets support these guys, let’s get out there on those overpasses, sides of the roads, find ways to work around the fund gathering institutions that can be seized, pay for hotel rooms/offer homes for the drivers that don’t have sleepers anything to keep these truckers rolling…but most of all lets work on keeping them and their families SAFE. To every gear jammer out there and their families…God bless you! May He keep you safe and may He always guide you. May your stacks always gleam in the sun, your coffee always be strong, may you never have to use the runaway truck ramp and may you always make it home to your loved ones after each load. 

       I know what you do isn’t easy and now you are putting it on the line again for people. 

Thank you. 

As Always, God Bless, Melina