Patriotically Correct
       Look at the power you have!!! Yes, you! Get up right now and go look in a mirror, I will wait. Good you are back! That person you just saw in the mirror is amazing, powerful and free! You were born that way! The truckers across this great WORLD are reminding you of that. The corporations, banks, stores, shipping companies, fast food poisoning establishments, big pharmaceutical companies, and last of all, our federal corporation masquerading as the government, supposedly run by we the people of this republic, don’t have the power. It is, once and for all, YOU! Every single one of you that believe in personal freedom and what this country was founded on…natural God given rights. If every single one of you were willing to get extremely uncomfortable, make the sacrifice, together with the truck drivers, farmers, healthcare workers…we could bring not just our United States and Canada to a grinding halt but the WORLD!!!! We can not only take our country, government and elections back but do the same for the whole world!!!! Why the complacency!?

       If you are not seeing by now that there are more of us than there are of them, you are not looking or paying attention.
If you are not seeing the narrative, their plan and the fight against us, you are not looking or paying attention.
If you are not seeing what the truth tellers have been telling you for years now coming to pass, it is time to pay attention.
If you are not seeing the facade they have created fall apart before your very eyes, it is time to pay attention.
If you have been moving your hard line it is time to stop! It is time to set it in stone and start saying NO MORE!
This is real! This is not a conspiracy theory.
They say the truckers are dangerous, extreme and violent. Not peaceful. Show me! Those are more lies. It is they who are projecting their actions once again. They have to push their false narrative however and where ever they can because their social experiment and their plan in backfiring!

       I watched Geraldo Rivera call the truck drivers “thugs” that “shut down factories” That was the point! But hey it was okay to burn them to the ground when BLM and Antifa went off the rails. It was okay that people got killed and beat by "peaceful protesters" for just existing. Don’t think it happened? On July 12, 2020 I held a man’s head up over a plastic tub because he was knocked in the back of the head with a steel bat while crossing the street in downtown Olympia, Wa while police watched from 1/2 a block away. A friend of mine, who was running for congress at he time, was yelling at them to get come help or call for some. They did neither. He was shocked at what he was seeing. I was too.

       They watched because Governor Inslee of that state thought the protests were great. I don’t see the truckers hurting anyone, any building or anything Geraldo…go find another empty cave to unveil…freedom loving people are having a real conversation on how to get ALL of our freedoms back and keep them.

       How do we do that? Other countries have been protesting by the tens and hundreds of thousands. Let’s get EVERY COUNTRY doing it. Stand. It will get uncomfortable, so did fighting to get free from tyranny the first time. This is more important than being comfortable! Don’t go to work. Don’t go to school. Rely on each other. Believe in each other. Help each other. Bring this whole damn thing to a screeching halt!

They think that you are stupid
They think that you and your children are disposable. To them you are literal slaves.
They want their great reset…well here is my call to action. Once and for all, together, let’s give it to them! Let’s make it OUR GREAT RESET of THEM! It’s your life! Are you going to let them have it to rule?

It is time to get patriotically correct!