Where are the American Truckers?

My dad was a proud trucker for decades, with well over 5 million accident free miles, until his health took what he loved away from him. I was always so excited to go for rides with him when I was a young girl and amazed at what he could do, From the split shifter to the brownie shifter, reaching through the steering wheel to shift gears and then mixing sticks...three shifters, I was astounded.  My dad was the best truck driver ever in my world. He truly was The Kenworth Cowboy. I was not too far off, he was recognized many times for his driving skills over the years. I have nothing but respect for the men and women who move those big beautiful 18 wheelers up and down the road, most of them because they can't imagine doing anything else. I know this because I see it in my dad's eyes and I can feel his heart's pull every time he sees a rig all lit up at night rolling down the road, or hears a jake brake off in the in the distance from the back yard.  They deliver essential goods for all of us for the love of freedom, a freedom many of us will never know. He was a part of a convoy against gas prices during the Carter era…let me ask the American truckers out there…WHERE ARE YOU?! If I had not been threatened with a boot factory in my behind if I became a trucker by my dad, I would be a second generation truck driver of 30 years right now, I married 2 truck drivers (not at the same time of course), they are good people, salt of the earth; and back in the day used to be revered as kings of the road. I know that you have families to feed and bills to pay; but I also know for a fact that we in America will stand behind you for freedom. The truck driver is the backbone of freedom, the backbone of what keeps this country running, keeps food on the tables, clothes on our backs, fuel in our cars, products in the factories for those little electric stations for those electric cars, any and all products that keep our lives moving and keep us comfortable. We that love freedom and understand what is at stake are all willing to be uncomfortable for that freedom and to stand with you. Please take a stand! Help us that are already standing individually take a bigger stand against ALL the tyranny being perpetrated against our beautiful country/world. When you take a stand against the tyranny, the mandates that people are mistakenly taking as laws, inflation as we have never seen and fuel prices skyrocketing from good policies being stamped out, you will also show/tell the world that it isn’t the ships sitting off the coast in California that are causing the shortages! That this has all been planned! You see what is going on! You know what is happening with our supply lines, you see it everyday. You, the truck drivers, have long been the American cowboy on your steel horse, on the frontier of everything, seeing what is happening across this great country; now is the time to share what you have seen, to share the truth and send the message that no matter what you choose to do, it is still your choice as a person to do it and it should not be forced upon you with the threat of not being able to earn a living and feed your family, heat your home or drive your car if you don't.  We are not a communist country where we can not speak our minds, yet everyday the American people that speak out are cancelled, you the truck driver have a very loud voice that can not be censored, please speak out, the American people and the world (the majority of whom are very fast becoming silent no more) will stand with you! As a great patriot and friend of mine once said “It matters how you stand” but you have to first stand. It’s time for an American Convoy. God bless, and God Bless the Truckers.