To Vax or not to Vax that is the question…or is it?

We are in a time that has never happened before and is history in the making, in the United States anyway.  We are experiencing the kind of tyranny that was witnessed during the time of Hitler and the Nazi regime. 

Many who support the passport and vaccine mandates (remember it is a mandate, it is not legal, let alone lawful) and the use of vaccine passports say it is nothing like the yellow star meant to humiliate, stigmatize, demonize, and eventually kill millions of Jews claiming it is a stark contrast to the hopeful nature of a “life-saving vaccine”. I see little to no difference. For those individuals that choose to get the vaccine, be it out of fear or indoctrination, are given a smiley sticker…er…I mean, passport showing that they have gotten the jab. These “papered individuals” are granted freedoms that we as people are granted by God. On the other side of the coin barring those that do not get the vaccine from those same freedoms such as the right to travel to start with. I remember when they first enacted the shutdowns and you had to have papers showing that you were an essential worker in order to be out and about, I likened it to the “let me see your papers” actions of Nazi Germany and we were on a slippery slope.  I often wonder what those patriots who belittled me, told me I was overreacting, to go rest my pretty little head, and to let the big bad militia guys worry about saving the country, are saying now? I wonder what they would say about it now that we are not just on a slippery slope but on a water park super slide. Where are those big bad constitutional militias anyway? “Crickets”   

These passports or mandates are solely meant to divide society into two classes, good little slaves and those who choose to remain free in what they do with their life and their body.The question you need to be asking yourself is “To be free or not to be free…” It really should not be that hard of a question to answer.  

We have not reached the point of loading up the unvaccinated into death trains but we are on a very slippery slope that leads to just that. If you disagree I urge you to sit and talk to those who have lived through the holocaust, have escaped from communist countries and lived to tell the horrors.  It didn’t start off with them killing people, it was a gradual slide, one that we are now on…not just here in America but around the world.  All you have to do is look as news reels from Australia, France and other countries to see what is happening. As a matter of fact, PLEASE DO!  Go and see what those in other countries are doing.  The streets are loaded with seas of people saying NO!  No to the lock downs, no to the business closures and no to being forced to take what is STILL an experimental “vaccine” for a “virus”. You cannot have a vaccine for something that has a patent number.

Eight countries, with Spain hopefully to follow soon are now free.  How they did this was to demand proof of the COVID-19 Virus from their respective country’s Department of Health.  This could not be done without the governments of these countries incriminating themselves so they had to lift all mandates, after all you cannot provide proof for a virus when what you are claiming is a virus has a patent.  YOU CANNOT PATENT A VIRUS!  This is a weapon, a weapon to divide and conquer. 

There is so much wrong with things surrounding the vaccine I can’t cover it all in one piece, it is impossible. I have included a link to Janet Ossebaard’s Covid Documentary at the bottom, if you would like information backed by excellent research, please watch. 

I will tell you, when they say that people are having all these issues from the virus and new cases are popping up  among the unvaccinated…keep in mind that, the powers that be do not consider you vaccinated until two weeks AFTER you have had the second shot.  Let that sink in.  

Pair that with all the reports of people’s adverse reactions getting pulled down off of the internet, the CDC and WHO not reporting accurately these adverse reactions… 

We have been bribed, locked down, had it hammered into our heads that you have to get vaxed or you will die. Now, we are being threatened with jail if we don’t comply with these “life saving” mandates and this EXPERIMENTAL “vaccine” for a virus that hasn’t even been scientifically proven to exist. 

So, with these facts in mind, the answer to the question of whether to get the shot or not should be a no brainer.  


I hope that after you have read this and watch what Janet has to say you will start doing some of your own research. She also has a great series called “Fall of the Cabal” and “Fall of the Cabal the Sequel” I strongly suggest that you take the time to watch those too.  It will give you some insight on what is going on with our country and why.  We are almost through a dark tunnel…you know the kind where it is so dark you don’t know which way you are going?  We have people in those dark shadows that know exactly where we are and how to get us to the light on the other side with God’s help, all we have to do is trust God and them, share the information to wake people up and help those that are in shock and disbelief when this is all over. 

Are you ready? 

God Bless,