That is what I feel like this whole country is in, well, besides a huge mess. As constitution loving people, meaning people that love our God given freedom that is supposed to be protected by our United States Constitution and by each individual state’s constitution, we too seem to be divided; but that is nothing new. There are those that believe in a plan, those that believe it is time for a revolution, those that are a mix of the previous two and those that have given up and are complying and hoping for the best. 

Where do I fall on all of this? Well, if you look at the last piece I wrote I do think there is something to the “plan” as it is called. I believe that, after all the research that I have done over the past year, there ARE good guys trying to bring our country back to us from the evil grip it has been in and I do believe that President Trump is a big part of that and I only believe it after much prayer and if God is getting the glory, which He has been. So many want it now in this world of instant gratification, Amazon Prime this is not, we didn’t get here overnight. I also believe that this will take a revolution of sorts as well. In my humble opinion, someone who has very little close intel and has just done WAY too much research and prayer (well there can never be too much prayer) that it would be naive to think that we could get through this and back to a state of Constitutionality without it going past pure informational/digital warfare. My concern is that those claiming that they will stand for the true constitution, that would fight tyranny at any cost have already failed to do so when opportunity has arisen. 

Do Americans have the backbone, the will, the drive, the want of liberty to do what it takes when it is time? To do what is necessary to remain free? Or instead will they go quietly into the night, liberty just being an idea our founding fathers gave us instead of something true and tangible “if we can keep it”?

I have said it once and I will say it again the people have the express right and power to go into the capitol buildings WE own and pull the tyrannical dictators sitting inside out. Read that again. Now, Again. That time has come and past so many times I cannot begin to count.

Let me give you a couple of examples, Virginia, when so many people, not just constitutional, God fearing patriots, but people from all walks of life came together to say NO to what Gov. Ralph Northam was trying to push through in the way of infringing on the second amendment protecting the God given right to bear arms. Done right, the tyrannical governor could have been removed from the building and his seat of power without bloodshed. The same goes for when the shutdowns happened in mostly the democrat run states when the “plandemic” was in full force. There were massive protests at many capitols, one in Washington State, where I used to reside, reached near 4,500 people. The governor there, Jay Inslee too, could have been removed lawfully without bloodshed. This is what I am talking about when I say missed opportunities, and that is just 2 examples. 

We have so many groups yet not one of them are willing to call themselves a militia…a constitutional militia…not a militia run by federal guidelines…constitutional militia, with the only guideline being the constitution of the state that they are in and the United States. We the People are the militia, we have the right to remove and replace a tyrannical government. Yet Americans still go to a ballot box and vote when we know it does not work, that is the definition of insanity. The concern is if asked to do just what I spoke of, by our Commander in Cheif, if the patriots are called upon, will they answer?

I see an America that has become complacent and soft. So here we are. At a point where children are being trafficked for profit and evil uses, you are being used as slaves, trafficked as well and don’t even know it, signing your babies over into slave labor every day right after they are born, living in houses you don’t own (paid for or not) asking for permission to do things that are your natural right to do, yet you believe you are free. 

I believe God put some very good people in power in our military that wanted change, they started something…asked Trump to run to help finish it. You all know that the following statement is true. You can tell someone something until you are blue in the face but you have to show them for them to believe it. Well, you are about to be shown. I believe things that you never wanted to see that will change us all to our core and experience a near death of America so that we as a whole will never ever let this travesty happen again. God is giving our country and this world a hard lesson and a last chance, what is done with it is yet to be seen. Personally, I hope that society is not so far gone that it is a wasted effort, but as I am seeing what is happening out there, with God guiding those behind the “plan” all things are possible. 

You know, if I am wrong and there is no massively good force fighting back against the deep state, what a show! Then it will be time for guns up…but I am praying that time will only have to come to pass when we are asked by our Commander in Chief…DJT.

More on this later…

As always God Bless,