Music for Every Heart and Generation

Music For Every Heart and Generation

For those of you that know me personally you know that I have a great love of music with eclectic tastes.  I listen to anything from classical spanning to heavy metal; that being said the person I am writing about today is a musician who can relate to everyone out there no matter what their music preference is.  I am by no means an expert in music when it comes to the technical aspects, I simply love music and learned all I could from one of my very best friends who is a great musician, has studied music theory and who taught me to see music not just hear it.  So please do not think I am some great expert in that arena, I am just someone who appreciates a great talent when I see/hear one…when that talent has such a profound and powerful message as well…then you have a dynamite package, that package would be Jordan Page. As a matter of fact his new release “Hour of Change” is currently #12 on the U.S. music charts.  Congratulations Jordan! 

Some of you may recognize Jordan’s name from Ron Paul’s campaign as he was heavily involved with that; some of you may know him just from his music alone or because of his activism; I learned of Jordan when I saw him sitting on a couch on YouTube singing about my friend LaVoy Finicum shortly after he was murdered by Oregon State Police and Federal Agents.  LaVoy’s widow Jeanette Finicum was stunned at how accurately Jordan had portrayed her late husband, especially since the two had never met.  This YouTube video went viral, and Jordan’s song became somewhat of a tribute song to LaVoy at memorials and gatherings around the country and world. If you have not yet seen this video you can watch it below. 

I contacted Jordan and asked if I could do an interview with him about the song and his views for Rock the Boat Radio which a good friend of mine and I had started and he was gracious enough to do so, we have been friends ever since. 

Jordan Page is not just a musician, he is a husband and father who is passionate about his family.  What impresses me the most about Jordan is that he puts God first in his life and that is who guides him in this crazy life, family, music and in his activism for his country.  He genuinely cares for the people in his life and you can feel it every time you see or talk to him.  

There is another political prisoner that I have written about, Shaeffer Cox.  Shaeffer is being held in a secret, black site prison known as a CMU.  These prisons are likened to third world torture camps.  Shaeffer has never committed a crime. You can read about his case here 

Jordan has written a song “The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox” to help bring awareness to his situation. You can listen to it here.  

The messages in Jordan’s music are messages of awareness and messages of hope, his heart is filled with love for his fellow American and with hope of a better world for his children…for all of us to live in.  

Not all activism is taking hard stands, marching, or whatever that may look like for you in your mind.  Not all truth tellers are on YouTube, Rumble or some other video platform blasting out the horrors of what the deep state is doing to our country, nor do they sit behind a computer screen writing articles or opinion pieces; some of them have the ability to reach even deeper and touch our hearts, souls and minds with music.  Music is a uniting medium around the world.  As you all know music is very powerful, a song can take us back to a place or time, give us a feeling, ignite a fire…that is exactly what Jordan does with his music.  

I encourage each and every one of you reading this to go to to purchase his music and support this great patriot and musician.  

If you would like to see Jordan perform live he will be at an event in Montana on the 24th of July. The Red Pill Festival at St Regis Community Park.  There are many great speakers lined up as well with food and fun for the whole family…and it is free!!! Get more information here. 

I know that God is working in this country and uniting His voices and soldiers, I know this because I have had the honor of meeting so many great people in the last 6 years. The greatest honor is when those people become not just someone that I have met but turn into friends, friends that I know I can count on and that they can count on me as well.  People that I know are true to Our One True Creator and love this country, what the Founding Fathers put in place to secure and protect our natural rights and are willing to fight for it for future generations. Jordan is one of those friends and the biggest plus on top of him just being an awesome person is that when he speaks out, it sounds awesome rolling down the road in my old CJ5!  Thank you Jordan for all you do and for your love and friendship. See you in Montana!  

I hope to see many of you in Montana as well and many other great gatherings taking place all over this great republic.  Hold the line patriots!

As always,

God Bless,

Little Boots