What Do You Stand For?

Most of you are saying…


“Well Melina, that is a silly question to ask…I stand for the      Constitution, what is right!”  The ones that believe in Godly values are adding “One Nation under God…Praying that we get back to Him and turn to Him!” 


     Really now!  Is that what you stand for?  Let’s take a peek here.  I see name-calling, judgment, persecution, lies, false accusations, provocateurs, infiltrators, people befriending and then betraying many…even P3 themselves and their families. Many truth tellers being hung out to dry, frozen out or being villainized, people that were highly trusted and still should be, pushed out along with people that have been there from the get go, and I am not just talking about Malheur; while others came and forced or weaseled themselves into positions of high profile, some came out of nowhere, to seemingly slowly poison us, and we take it.  Willingly.  A spoonful of sugar helps the poison go down. 

Oh shush, I know that isn’t how the song goes, and I am not Mary Poppins! 

Now we are supposed…SUPPOSED to be fighting tyranny, but isn’t that how we got to this point, we slowly let the Federal government force and weasel their way into our freedoms with spoonfuls of sugared poison until we barely have any?  Until we are all these little micro groups that think we should have separate rights, separate privileges, that should be given things or have things taken away from others…until our Constitution and GOD GIVEN rights are no longer recognized or recognizable?  We are creating tyranny while fighting it.  Ironic.


     We could have our own reality show people.  I hate reality shows because they are so fake and a joke.  That is what we have become or at least are fast becoming.  I was once PROUD of what we are doing.  Now I just shake my head.  But back to the reality show.  We have mystery…who is really behind it all…we have a general idea, but let’s find out the solid players, we have murder…a wonderful and Godly man lost his life and he would be ashamed of many of the actions he sees right now and would be asking “What are you doing?  Dog gone it I’m mad!” (just guessing), we have drama…who is accusing who of what today? Who is going to lie, who is going to steal? We have intrigue…who is making secret plans to do something detrimental to someone else and who is going to leak it or a little snippet? We have dishonesty…this abounds and is seemingly embraced, even twisted versions or snippets of truth, while the truth is looked down upon because it is hard to hear because we like that person, or that person has done so much good that can’t be right…even if the person who is telling the truths has done just as much good and has not yet been proven wrong…this has happened to SO MANY good people there should be a grave yard page on Facebook for it. We have what seems to be love triangles…this should not EVEN be happening.  We have traitors…we have spies…we have the “other side” 

What do you think?  Reality show?  Sounds to me like it would bring good ratings.  Let me tell you, I wouldn’t watch, because it is just the kind of GARBAGE I try to avoid and why I don’t watch TV.  We could call it Patriot Purgatory.


     Now the part of this I didn’t mention, and this is where patriots and the so-called other side should be ashamed of themselves.  You think you are attacking someone you don’t like online, you think that you are “putting him or her in his or her place”; winning one for what ever side you think you are on.  Let me tell you something, you are losing, all the way around. 

You are losing your integrity, and if you have any, self respect and that of others. 

You are hurting the patriotic prisoners who put it all on the line for YOU and Americans everywhere and their families. 


         “Oh but I raise money for them and I rally for them and I

         do so much for them I am not hurting them! How dare

         you say that! You have no right!”


Damn straight I have the right.  It is my first amendment right.  You have the right to say what you believe too.  What gives you the right to disparage someone’s character that you do not know?  What gives you the right to tear a PERSON down without showing proof or fact to back it up?  HMMMM?  Isn’t that what the government is doing to these men and women being kept from their families?  So, you are no better than the government. 


         “But I have proof…so and so told me that so and so read

         this and so and so heard that so and so told…”


Be quiet…proof.  Show me where this person said this.  Did this.  Did you talk to this person before spouting?  Have you even met this person?  Do you know their history, their integrity level?  Do you know these people you are getting your “reliable GOSSIP” from?


     Do you realize that some of these people that you are tearing up and trying to discredit because you don’t like them, or they gasp told the truth, or even worse, they simply know more and are taking what YOU perceive as spotlight from you…are actually people that are or potential witnesses for our prisoners?  You discredit them you potentially cost them as witnesses.  Didn’t think of that did you?  Or maybe you are an infiltrator and did think of that and are doing this on purpose.  I frankly freaking don’t know and I don’t know whom to trust anymore!!!!


     I had the most gracious woman on my show today, Mrs. Carol Bundy. It occurred to me speaking to her, that she has every right in the world to want to tear people apart, to have anger…she doesn’t.  Mrs. Finicum has that right as well…I am sure they have their moments, they are human, but they act with grace and decorum, they act as adults, they act in a Godly manner.  These are the women we are hurting. Mrs. Bundy has pretty much her whole family incarcerated and your childish, selfish, petty, actions hurt her whole family and every single family that is involved.  Is that what you want?  Maybe it is, if so congratulations, I hope you are proud of yourself.


We don’t have to agree, we don’t have to like one another…do we agree on these things?

     Our Country is in trouble

     Our Constitution needs to be abided by

     Our patriotic prisoners…all across this nation need help

     We need to turn back to God as a country

     We need to stand united

     Our Founding Fathers had it right

     Our God given Constitutional rights are almost non-existent


If so than what is so hard on treating what we have to do as a task, a business, a job to do, make no mistake it is a job, one we have to be passionate about and do it.   If you want to have all the drama and personal bull crap make another page and take it there! You are doing more damage than good.  It is a joke what is happening, no not a joke a tragedy.


     I digress, what do you stand for?  Yourself and showing all the good you are doing or think you are doing, and causing terrible damage to many?  Are you one of the few doing actual good?  The ones I see doing actual good, post very little; post real information, good information…sharing facts.  Don’t make loved ones have to defend themselves or their loved ones.  How stupid can you be to make that have to happen?  Don’t they have enough to worry about and don’t you have a life to live?


As for the III% groups, tighten up or disband, I see much tyranny in these groups as well, you should be a group of like minded individuals getting together to share ideas and communication and what to do when needed.  Not telling each other what to do and who is right and who is wrong.  Not one person is more superior.  You have been infiltrated as well. 


Truth tellers are bad, righteous are wrong, twisted are on the straight and narrow, and everything is in bizarro land.  The truth is in front of many of you!  But quite frankly you are too blind or daft to see it.

If you think I am just a Patriot Angel…think…read…I am a III% Warrior first.  Don’t push your luck, this is my country, these are my friends and family.  If you think of trying to disparage me…think again…I have NEVER told an untruth…I have NEVER spread needless gossip…I have proven myself time and time again.  I will continue to do so.  Go ahead...research it.  Others have done these things…others have about me…bring me your “research” and I will show you documentation to disprove what you find.


Wake up.

About not knowing whom I can trust…I know…and these are just active patriots, not the P3

     Maureen Peltier, Deb Jordan, Mike Serour, Matthew Vice, Jody Milam, Rachel Ritzheimer, The Finicum Family, The Bundy’s, Wesley Vance, Angelia Balch, Gillis W...there are a few more but needless to say my trusted circle is VERY small and getting smaller daily.


Good night and good luck…if you want take your best shot.  


God Bless.