The Beautiful Women in the Torrent of Tyranny Pt. 3

Melissa Cooper


When I met Melissa she didn’t say nice to meet you, she didn’t shake my hand.  She hugged me and then smiled.  I knew who she was through her husband Blaine of course and through Maureen.  This woman is amazing to say the least.  She has many facets, but what woman doesn’t…then add that she is a patriot that can hold a “candle” with the guys and hit the target at 100 yards, adds many other facets to this dynamic woman. (If you can’t figure out why I used the word candle above, please just stop reading…lol)

     Melissa is a wife, mother, patriot, friend and all around great American gal.  She has had struggles in her life and overcome, we all do, now she is faced with the struggle I am sure she never thought she would have to face…one many of my friends are facing.  Life without the love of their life because they stood for their neighbor, they stood for their country and they stood to help restore The Constitution that our founding fathers fought to put in place.

     One thing you may not know about Melissa is she was right there with her husband.  She was making sure that the wonderful and generous donations that patriots, supporters and the local community made in the way of food and supplies got organized and planned out in meals.  She designed meal plans to feed these great people and ANY guests that may come by, including myself, but being a pescetarian I only ate a roll and a couple of apples. LOL

     I helped Melissa move things in the fridges to make sure there was plenty of bottled water in them for the guys always to have cold water on hand; she was always cleaning and trying to think of better ways to make the gathering area easier for conversation and prayer. 


      I laughed at her and told her once it was like she had a ton of kids she had to help keep after with the other women there as she scolded and handed a broom to one of the guys that tracked in some mud right after she had swept…she was very careful as she wanted to make sure that the property was kept in good repair.  That was important to her. 

     Melissa has a heart of service and love, but don’t get me wrong, though she was brave and strong being there, she was human and it wasn’t easy and as with all of us that were “boots on the ground” she had times she was scared.  As a wife and mother, I could not imagine being in her shoes, I commend her for standing by her husband, for doing what she had to do in situations that we will never fully be able to understand unless we were Melissa Cooper.

     In my last visit to The Resource Center, Melissa had come down with a really bad cold/flu.  My husband and I went back to see if there was anything we could pick up for her when we went into Burns.  She gave us a list…she did not look well at all, but she was asking if things out in the kitchen were going o.k.  Even sick this woman was worried about others.  I told her just to rest and not worry about it, that we would be back soon. 

     When Matt and I returned, while Matt and Blaine put the supplies away, I sat and talked with Melissa, she was so exhausted, as any mother and woman would, she teared up and said “Melina, I just want to go home, to my own house and bed.  Get a good night of sleep and have us all be safe and secure.”  I hugged her and told her that I understood and we talked for a few more minutes before she just had to rest. 

     After the Sharp Family sang and we (Matt, Blaine, Jason P., Victoria, and the rest of her family and some other men and women) all talked and shared testimony and thoughts on scripture with each other, we left the Center and headed back to the hotel, I had much on my mind, wishing that Melissa could go home like she wanted.  You see unless you were in Harney County, in Burns, at The Center…you don’t know.  It was hard to sleep, every little noise, every vehicle that passed that even looked like it was a government vehicle…it was all very stressful.  Even AFTER you get home.

     Well, Melissa is home now, but she didn’t get to leave at her leisure like most of us, her and her family, along with the others who left that night had to flee in fear of a tyrannical government. 

     Then they came, in front of her babies and took her husband to prison.  How horrible that must have been.  Close your eyes.  Imagine that scene.  Agents busting into where you are with guns, in front of your children, taking your husband.  For what? 




Now you are alone with an uncertain future…also wondering if they are going to come and get you.


I have spoken to my friend on and off…she is doing the best she can to keep it all together. 


I am proud of her.


If you have a judgment to make of her be careful, lest you be…


Melissa Cooper, I have nothing but love for you, but more than that I have respect for you, you have fought adversity…and you keep fighting and rising no matter how hard it tries to push you down.  I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the lines and shoot tyranny down at 100 yards any day…then my beautiful friend we will go fix our make-up and have a drink.