A Patriot’s Thanks and God’s Reminder

June 27th 2016  Another Message from Joe....

To all my fellow Patriots
Once again the small cost of brotherhood is the only price need be paid to restore our rights and give us back our freedoms!!! III%
Thank you to all that answered my call for help and showed up to help my family.  I wish I could name everyone, but there were so many.
You know who you are and God bless you all…as I am sure you can imagine greatest concerns are for my family while I’m away.
The other night God came to me with these words and I’d like to share them with everyone especially friends and family that might be taking this hard.
God said…
Never let the boundaries set by men allow you to forget what God is capable of…GOD makes miracles happen everyday…everyday he makes the “impossible”- “possible” and he uses everyday people just like you to do it.
God & Country
Joe Oshaugnessy “16”