A Letter from Joe

Another letter that Joe asked me to type up and share with you.  I will attach photos. June 19th 2016.  

"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God" Joe O'Shaughnessy   

Resistance to tyranny is the moral sea social duty of every American.  Even more so if you are a Christian...as a nation we must continue to stay steadfast in the defense of the Constitution...and our Bill of Rights. 

Do not let those who seek to destroy this country fool you into believing that these documents are outdated or up for interpretation, for they are in black and white, and the supreme law of the land; put into place as a line of defense in the event our government conspires to no longer put the freedom and liberty of it's citizens above all else.

We must be a constant reminder that our beloved government is instituted among men who derive their powers from the consent of the governed AKA "We The People."

That no man or group of men have the right to take these right from another. 

Our founding fathers made it quite clear that the reasons for legally binding the federal government to abide by these las was for one greater purpose an that is in the event that our government becomes tyrannical or destructive it is the legal right of the people effected, whether a minority or majority to demand a redress of grievances...and if these grievances are not addressed, gives power to the people to abolish or alter it. Throughout our history American patriots have warned that all tyranny needs to gain a footholds for people of good conscience to remain silent.  Today most Americans have been focused on simply paying the bills and trying to keep a roof over their head.  

Many have no idea of the systematic nullification of our rights and liberties since 9/11.  

Or the consequences we will all face when they are gone.

So it has become the duty of all of us with this knowledge to lake the masses and educate as many as we can, not just for our future but our children's.

One of the things that scares me the most is that people will look at the injustice that is being done to me, and be too afraid to stand up and let their voices be heard...fear not and always remember that the measure of someones life is not derived from that which they do for themselves but that which we accomplish for others and for GOD. 

This is truly a battle between good and evil and the key to that battle is becoming selfless and evolving into someone worthy of entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

                                                                               A PATRIOTS PRAYER
Thank you God for giving me another day to spread the truth and do your work, thank you for giving me the courage to face the days to come. Protect my loved ones, my fellow patriots and their families while I'm gone and give them the strength and courage to follow in my footsteps and never allow what they have done to me to scare my fellow Americans into not standing up for what's right.

Thanks again for all you love and support, and as always 


Joe O'Shaughnessy