The Beautiful Women in the Torrent of Tyranny Pt 2.

The Beautiful Women in the Torrent of Tyranny Pt. 2


Maureen Peltier


Admittedly I had met Maureen, or as you may know her SSG Moe, many years before all of this started…not tyranny…it has been around long before I met Maureen, lol, but before many of you all were slammed awake by the death of LaVoy or whatever it was that woke you from your peaceful slumber.  None the less, she was a part of this before many of you knew what was happening in the sense she was friends with people and knew of what was happening to our country, to innocent people all over in our country.  She was advocating for Schuyler Barbeau, and was friends with almost every single patriotic prisoner you are all now standing for.  How she is being attacked now, and treated now is, in my humble opinion shameful.  SHE is the one who selflessly started to raise awareness for these men BEFORE they were arrested…but I digress, this is not what this is about.  This is about the Maureen I know.


I have known this exceptional woman for going on 16 years now…she is a strong and amazing woman who has held herself together through times when any average women…heck man…would have fallen apart.  

She has seen battle in the military, had her convoy blown out from underneath her, had her family blown out from underneath her, had her integrity attacked on many occasions by people that did not even know her and she stood true in the knowledge of who she is. 

She graciously raised my daughter with me as her own, loved her and raised her as I would with discipline tempered with love.  I could not have asked for a better step mom for my girl…no not a step mom…I have to reword that, she is my co-mom.  I am not saying there were not times that her and I did not bump heads and yell and scream at each other or about each other, or growl…but we have always loved each other…we couldn’t help it!!  After all we are just too awesome not to love.  Hahaha.  She is an amazing mother and she has done an amazing job!  We have shared our children, her girls call me mom as well and we share in our frustrations and joys. 


She did all of this while serving our country here and overseas, supporting her husband who is also in the military and was on deployment (so she acted as a single mom as well during these times), helping others, being active in her church and being an all around awesome friend to all of those around her.


Maureen has a heart of gold that feels so much…I have seen her take on all that is around her, the pain and heart ache.  When someone she cares about is hurt or sad, it is her pain…she feels it and she will fiercely defend that person.  I am lucky enough to be one of those people.  She is not just my friend she is my sister.  I have seen her cry, her heartbreak over many things and that is a hard thing to see because she is such a strong person…but that just means she feels strong for her friends and loved ones as well. 


Maureen has dealt with the cards that life has handed her with a grace that I only WISH I had.  She has had her career that she loved so dearly ripped from her hands by pain that her body says “Nope you cant do that now”…yet she smiles and says that God has a purpose (I see the longing in her eyes) but yet she holds herself with strength and pride in what she has accomplished in her life, for her children, for her family/friends, in her career and for her country and what she still does for her children, family/friends and country. 


I know this dynamic woman, and I can’t wait to see what she is going to do now!!! It is going to be amazing and it is going to knock the socks off of who ever is around to see it! 


I was listening to a radio show a couple of weeks ago, called Challenging the Rhetoric and the host thought that it was Moe listening because when I logged into Blogtalk it was with my email using the last name Peltier…which used to be my last name.  I corrected her and the host kept pointing out that Moe’s BFF and her husband’s ex-wife Melina was in the chat room…she did this several times.  Yes, I am Maureen’s BFF, yes I am her husband’s ex-wife…God is good…end of story. 


Oh, as for ANYONE that has ANYTHING bad to say about Maureen, don’t…you don’t know her, you know nothing about her at all.  As for Georgia, she was with me…she was planning our girls’ grad party…done, over.  Move along. 

As for if I am reporting back to Maureen…that is laughable, she can find out what she wants and what am I going to report back?  That you painted a cute little sign and have pins made?  Really?  Go back and make some cupcakes for the PTA.  Don’t preach about how you are sick of division when you are causing it.  Be grateful for people like Maureen that paved the way and are still there making it safer for you to do the things that you do. 


Am I making some people mad?  Probably.  Do I care?  No. 


I will not have people that don’t know my friend attacking her for no good reason, and you know what?  You are attacking her and do you know what she says? 

     “Ignore the bad that they do and let’s look at all the good that they are doing, I am glad that they have taken over these kinds of things so I can rest a little and concentrate on other aspects of helping these guys”  


Think about that a little bit…maybe we all should think a little more like that and then maybe we would be more united and not be the big joke we are becoming to the trolls and not have great patriots like Gillis heartbroken and crying out like we did today. 


Maureen and I were at the refuge, we saw what was happening, we felt the community, the fear, the tyranny, and the chains slowly falling away…we felt the people waking up!  We also saw the government trying to step on that community, trying to get that boot on their throat…it is happening still, it isn’t over, the stand is just starting and it is going to get harder and our stand is going to have get harder and let me tell you something…Maureen is someone that I want standing right beside me, she is someone that you should want standing right beside you as well.  She is a true patriot…the question is, are you?  Think about it. 

I love Maureen and everything she stands for.  Go look in the mirror, can you say the same about yourself?  I know Maureen can look in the mirror and know she sees a woman of faith, and clear conscious and a true patriot looking back, she also sees my best friend and a woman I would lay my life down for.