The Beautiful Women in the Torrent of Tyranny Pt 1.

The Heart of the Constitutional Battle


The Beautiful Women in the Torrent of Tyranny Pt 1.


While the Government has been holding our loved ones hostage, passing laws that endanger our children, signing executive orders that incite martial law and (pardon the pun) gunning for our guns…I have met some beautiful women with hearts of gold and souls that are that of angels.  Let me introduce you. I think I am going to do one or two a day or else these are going to be way too long…


The first one I met is…


Deb Jordan is an amazing woman.  She has a smile that is soft like a kitten and warm enough to melt the coldest of hearts.  When she speaks her voice soothes even the most rattled of nerves.  I met her in person my first night in Burns Oregon.  This woman is known as Pete Santilli’s “side kick.”  Let me tell you something she is much, much more. Deb is Pete’s completion.  He is loud and proud of it, Deb balances Pete.  She is the three S’s soft spoken, sweet and smart…let me tell you, a powerhouse of smart!  Do not try to match wits with this lady she will give you a run for your money and most likely win!

     She is the voice of reason when you think there is none and she can put the brakes on and make you think when you are on hyper drive.  That is what makes her such a great partner for Pete who is on GO all the time.  I have come to know and love Deb fiercely.  I would do anything for this woman, which is exactly how she is for her friends…no she is that way for anyone she meets that is a good person or in need.  If someone is hurt or in need for something and she is able to help, she will, even if it is her last dime she will give it, if it is her only spare shirt, it is yours, if it puts her at risk she will do it to protect you. 

     This is Deb.  She loves with all that she is and puts it all on the line for those she loves and those she believes in…for what she believes in…just like the person she loves, Pete does.   I want everyone to know my friend like I do, but not everyone can.  I feel special to be able to know Deb like this, it is an honor, anyone that is her friend knows this.  It has to be hard to be her, people always wanting something from her, wanting her to do this show, do that interview, “can you help me with this?...” I feel guilty because yes, I want her to come on my radio show, but not because she is Deb Jordan, Pete Santilli’s girlfriend and co-host, but because she is Deb Jordan MY girl-type friend and I want people to know that she is a regular person that is hurting too, that she is struggling with money issues, she misses her loved one, she is in pain, this SUCKS for her too, yet she is out there trying to help others still, she is supporting, smiling and loving others.  HOW AMAZING IS THAT!?   

     When Deb laughs she really laughs…you can feel it from her heart and you can see it in the sparkle in her eyes.  I can’t wait to see her eyes truly sparkle again…that will happen when her best friend is with her again. 

     When she cares and is telling you something you can really tell she cares…when she told my husband and I not to come back to Burns to visit again because they could tell that the FBI was amping up, you could see it in her eyes, the desperation…the care in her hug, in her voice when she said “Seriously, don’t come back again. We love you.”

     She has been bouncing back and forth between Oregon, Nevada and her home and taking it all in stride.

     She is a strong woman, but setting strong aside, we are all human.  So before you start rumors based off of something you hear from so and so, or you decide to base your opinion off of the fact that she has someone on her friends list that is friends with someone who is “unsavory” in your eyes, or that way back when Pete did this or said this…really people, come on…do you KNOW Deb?  Do you KNOW Pete for that matter?  Or do you just think you do based off of what you know from “The Pete Santilli Show?”  Think about that for a minute…it is “The Pete Santilli SHOW” there is always a bit of showmanship to any show.  You don’t know what someone is like when they are alone, one on one with each other, with their friends and family. Let’s all remember, Deb is not just Pete Santilli’s co-host or girlfriend…she is a person, she cries, she hurts, she laughs, she gets angry, she cares and she is 100% human…she is a beautiful person who deserves love and respect.  Most of all she is my friend, I love her and I will defend and protect her to the best of my ability…after all I know she would do the same for me.


Another woman that I met was Barbara Berg.  I don’t know Barbara as well as I know Deb but I have talked with her quite a bit and have hugged her and know I can’t wait to hug her again.

This woman is as real as it gets.

She was at the refuge helping out, day to day things. She always greeted me with a smile and a hug and even my little Patriot Pup Merlin. She is not afraid of hard work and she knows what it means to put it all on the line for another human being. She is truly selfless.

     During the last days at the refuge, Barbara was our lifeline to our friends.  She tirelessly kept us informed on what was going on after our eyes and ears were taken and our voice was silenced when Pete was arrested.  We were blind.  Then, Barbara came and told us what was happening.  We watched as she filmed Duane coming down the road with Hellboy to talk with the agents, she held Hellboy…we watched as Duane rode off again…we listened as she told us in panic, fear and tears, in a very weary and tired voice what the FBI and police were doing around the refuge.  We watched as she showed us our friend Jason coming down to be arrested, she was there every hour, tirelessly, keeping us informed when we had no other way. 

We saw as Duane and Hellboy got their freedoms taken away from them. 

As armored vehicles came up to surround the last four, helicopters flew over…a scene from a war movie.

What was even more amazing about Barbara, SHE said she was grateful to us for letting her be there for us.  She was thankful to be there.  WOW.  What an amazing woman. 

Barbara I am grateful and honored that you consider me a friend.  That we took the time to talk and get to know each other a little when I was there in Oregon and even more so on that crazy social media circus called Facebook. 

I can’t wait to hug you again, cry and say thank you for what you did in those last hours. We will be forever grateful. 

Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, because who am I…but I am proud of you…you are truly and angel.  God is most certainly proud of you.  I look forward to a lifetime of building our friendship further with this beautiful and incredible woman.