Merlin the Patriot Pup vs. Facebook

 Sounds funny doesn’t it?  Let me explain…I was sitting on my couch pondering the state of all things patriot, the established active III% groups, the militia groups, the survivalist groups, and the keyboard warriors that mean well, but really don’t do much more than that…and a combination of all of the above; I thought of our patriotic prisoners, who include the above but throw in our veterans, media, constitutionalists, and everyday Liberty loving Americans; I thought of the newly awake, the supporters, the families; Finally I thought of the trolls and the ones that are still painfully asleep. 
     As I was doing this and scrolling through my Facebook feed seeing the same things regurgitated in a different way (sometimes not different) over and over again, I was thinking to myself “Is this getting us anywhere? Yes we are getting information out about court dates and funding…we are getting information out about rallies and support, and different levels of corruption, but I am seeing a lot of information…what are we doing with it?”  I looked up and I saw Merlin the Patriot Pup spinning in a circle cute as can be chasing his fluffy tail.  He would stop and look at me realizing he wasn’t going to catch it.  Then he would see it, the coveted tail, out of the corner of his other eye…and away he would go in the other direction sure he could catch it in that direction.  Alas, he could not.  His efforts were true and pure but his tail was but just a distraction though very real. 
     Now before you all go saying that I am calling the rallies or support just a distraction, or the sharing of good information on Facebook just a distraction, that is not what I am saying, not completely anyway.  I see many of the same posts back to back to back…day after day…some are the same posts re-worded. 
     We get this information, we like, love, sad, wow, or angry…we share, we comment…then what? 
What is happening? 
What are we doing? 
I know some are taking it further…but only a few. 
     There are some that have been doing this for quite some time, I am learning still from those that were here before me and do so humbly, I thank all of you for the education and guidance, you know who you are.  I love you dearly and it is so very appreciated, as I did not settle for just testing the patriot waters…I jumped in cannonball style.
     I have had to defend myself and defend others that have been doing this for some time (even family members of prisoners) from newly awakened patriots that are doing great things, but are questioning things they know not of which they speak…they are just reading all of this information that is being made available, judging by who is on who’s friends list and don’t understand the history behind everything and assume without asking or judge without knowing a person.  That is very dangerous in this arena and can get you on the outs very quickly.  Now it is different if it is a person that is known to be a bad seed, but if it is a good patriot or family member of one…tread lightly or you will find yourself on the wrong end of the “troll bridge” so to speak, without intending to.
     Sorry, I got side tracked, but it was necessary, back to this mass of information that we are getting, and the questions I posed. 
What are we doing with it?  As a mass? As a movement?  Is there a movement or a sit in?
    If it took Oregon to wake you up, thank goodness you are awake, but this is bigger than Oregon. 
If it took Sugar Pine Mine to wake you up you have been awake longer.
If it took Bunkerville/Bundy Ranch to wake you up, you have been awake even longer.
My question is…what happened between all of these stands? 
     Look at the mess we are in, what ever was being done was ineffective.
My website is but if you look at it, the title says III% Warrior and Patriot Angel.  Today you are getting that III% Warrior and I am frustrated with the lack of other warriors out there.
     Do you think that maybe…just maybe…the machine of tyranny is thrilled that we are sharing, liking, angry, commenting, loving, sharing, liking, angry, loving, commenting, and sharing all over again…distracted from what ever else they are doing while we are doing all of that…like the new law they are sneaking through?  Can we say martial law patriots?
     I don’t know about you but the couch, the computer desk, the signs, the chanting, the sharing isn’t going to get the job done.  It may sound cold, it may be unpopular…is it unchristian?  ABSOULTELY NOT!  WE NEED A HARDER STANCE!
Many of us have been thinking it for a long time, many of us have been saying it for a long time…it is time for all of us to start embracing the fact that our government is not our government anymore.  That we are going to have to start preparing to fight in a very real way. 
     Our chanting will have to be battle cries…make no mistake we are facing a battle, I am sorry patriots, this is NOT going to be won at the polls, this is NOT going to be won with legistation…we have waited to long…too many woke up too late.  Face it.  It is time to train.
      TRAIN OUR MINDS to be sharper to see what is coming and not be dulled with information we have already, twisted to look new and distract.  LOOK…look at what they are doing, look at how they are circling around us…just like they did our beloved truth seeker before they arrested him and took his voice as we watched in horror with tears in our eyes. 
Why were we not watching as they took our rights and our land away…we were dulled with all they wanted us to be dulled with…TRAIN OUR BODIES to be as strong as they can be.  We as a whole have grown weak and soft, a fast food world, a world of preservatives and food that is quick and easy, open a box and make it fast.  Look at what you are eating, get up and move, find a friend, find an active group to work out with or train with, make it fun if you have to…start walking…if you are injured like myself, modify until you are stronger!  Contact me I can help you with those modifications and nutrition…TRAIN YOUR HUNGER FOR SURVIVAL go to prepping links, survival links, how to build a BOB link, do you know what a faraday cage is? What would you do if you could not get food?  Water? Do you have people to help?  Where would you meet them?  How would you get there? How would you protect yourself? Would your kids know what to do if they got separated from you? How would you communicate? Shelter?
     I am sorry if this is not what you want to hear, I am sorry if you think this is not about our patriotic prisoners, but it is…this is all about them, and not just the ones in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada…this is about the one sitting in their living room, car, at work, in their camper, on base, in a homeless shelter or wandering the streets, wondering why their government forgot them when they came home from serving their country, this is for the one reading this right now and yes for the one writing this right now!!!! 
     That is what we are…we have created our own bars, by sitting here…doing what our government wants us to do…chasing our fluffy tail until we realize we are not going to catch it, pausing and then trying from another direction because our tail looks different from that side. 
     I for one am done chasing my tail, I am done being Merlin the Patriot Pup…there is already one of those and he does and darn fine job…just ask Captain O.  Merlin lifted his spirits before, now and he will when we all get together to go explore Sedona in the near future. 
You may be asking what is my point to all of this? 
Did LaVoy Finicum want to die?  NO.  Did any Patriot fighting for Liberty want to die? NO. 
      Here it is, they knew they didn’t want to, but they knew they were going to have to when it came right down to it…patriots, it has come down to it, here is where you have to draw your “liberty line in the sand” here is where you decide if you are willing to march and be ready to water that tree of liberty.  I AM.   
I am still going to make my posts, share information, but as you see I am not on the good ole Facebook much anymore.  I will share information, I have a site…there are two I can be reached at, and a lot of you have my number.  I am an active III% member, I am not a decal, I am not just a t-shirt, I will be there for all fellow patriots, the patriotic prisoners, and the ones needing help. 
     Liberty did not come free, it is give me liberty or give me death, not give me liberty as long as I can stay comfortable, please pass the Cheetos.
Harsh?  Maybe…but can you say it isn’t true? 
I will post some links to help you get prepared, to educate.  There is a contact form on the website if you want help in how to start training, nutrition, information or to get help hooked up with resources in your area. 
YOU have to be the one to do it, YOU have to be active, YOU have to be more than just words and hope the other patriots do it for you, YOU have to it for yourself and make the choice for YOU.  After all haven’t enough choices been made for you already? 
Thanks for taking the time, now make the effort.  I will always be the Patriot Angel, but remember all of God’s angels are fierce warriors as well.   It is time for this angel to be that warrior.
God bless! 
Pray for our Patriot, Pray for our Families, and Pray for our Country…most of all…Pray for all of us to STRONGLY stand in RIGHTEOUSNESS.
Thank you LaVoy the most recent but not the last to water the Tree of Liberty.