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JULY 16th 2018

An open letter to all Patriots in regards to “ResistBlueISIS” :

I have struggled as to whether or not I should make a public post about this, but since it is already out there for the world to see, I have decided that I have nothing to lose at this point….except some Facebook “friends” and as of now, I don’t even care. So here goes…

When I first got involved in the whole “Patriot Community” a few years ago, it was because I heard on the news that a bunch of “dangerous, anti-government extremists” had “taken over” a bird refuge in Oregon. These labels were not true but were used for a purpose- to promote a narrative that would evoke a response from the public and sway their thinking, and it worked. I soon learned for myself that these people were NOT what the government portrayed them to be. They were NOT dangerous, they were NOT anti-government, and they were NOT extremists. Patriots as a whole are not dangerous people. Since then, not a single day has gone by that I haven’t done something to set the record straight, protect and support these men and women, and protect them as much as humanly possible. They mattered to me and what people thought of them mattered to me.

In the beginning, I saw so many people from all walks of life, all over the world, come together for the same purpose. There was a sense of unity that I had never experienced before. Patriots that wanted to fix this country and who were willing to stand for others against injustice, no matter the cost, were coming together. My kind of people. We put petty differences aside for the greater good and it was amazing. BUT, early on, things started to change. At first, it was all done behind the scenes. Nasty little things being said and done to fellow patriots. Things being done to push people out so that a tiny group could gain control over almost everything. When those being attacked tried to come out with this info, they were immediately called liars, kicked out of all the patriot groups, and blacklisted within the community. Any attempt by them of telling the truth was shut down immediately to keep it from spreading. I saw it. My friends were some of those first targets. We knew it was going on but we didn’t understand why.

Then, a few months later, we got our first real clue. A video was made one evening in which the person let it slip that there was a small group that was working together to take over the entire community and lead it in a direction they thought it should go and those who didn’t fall into lock-step would be pushed out. Several people were watching that livestream when *IT* hit the fan and the video was quickly deleted. But, by then, many had seen and heard it, and when they spoke up about it, they became the next targets. Things were said and done to them to get them run out of the community by the same group that was behind the others being attacked. The people behind the video never mentioned it again and called all those who claimed they saw it liars if they mentioned it. At that point, the division and infighting went crazy. Believe me when I say that there was a good reason that they deleted that video and never wanted it mentioned.

We started to understand why things had been going on behind the scenes and why specific patriots were being targeted. The ones being targeted were our loudest voices, best supporters, and our strongest and most respected people. This group knew that the majority would not follow where they wanted to take us, so they silenced the voices people were listening to and ran them off. They even lied in order to shut down our most important alternative media voices so that THEIR voices were all that we’d hear. It was one more attempt to gain total control of the community.

Not long after that, this group started claiming that the REAL message of patriots was being “watered down” and the focus turned more towards the corruption of law enforcement. They claimed that ALL law enforcement was bad and that there were NO good ones, and that we were not real patriots if we thought otherwise, which is pure crap. Is it true that there are many corrupt and dangerous people in law enforcement? Absolutely! Is it true that their job is less about protecting and serving the people and more about enforcing unconstitutional laws, rules and regulations? Without a doubt! Is it true that we need to start calling them out and holding them accountable? Yep! But are they ALL bad? No!!!!! In fact, we have law enforcemnet officers right here within our patriot community that are good and they want the corruption to stop just as much as the rest of us.

Then, this group coined the term BlueISIS, in reference to law enforcement and they started pushing it. The majority of their posts included this term with a hashtag to try and get it out there and trending. Then, they took it a step further and started a public group called #ResistBlueIsis.Patriots were added to this group without their knowledge or consent. They even created their own line of merchandise to promote and push their agenda. In this group, members post videos of bad cops, post things like “kill all cops”, and post videos on “when it’s okay to shoot cops”.

When called out on this, they claim that they “love law enforcement enough to call them out for the tyrants they are and that they are only trying to get them to see the error of their ways and turn them back to God”. Are you freakin’ kidding me?!!! *IF* that were true, why aren’t there any posts or videos in that group about good cops? Videos showing law enforcement behavior they DO support and behaving in a way that they would like to see the bad cops start to emmulate? Where are the posts geared toward educating them on what the Constitution says and how what they do is actually unconstitutional? There is NONE OF THAT! It’s post after post, video after video geared towards reinforcing and spreading hate and distrust of law enforcement. The name of the group says it all…’RESIST these terrorists!!’ Yet another label that is designed to evoke a response from the public and sway people’s thinking in regards to law enforcement.

As if this all wasn’t concerning on its own, they now have pictures and posts of the Bundy’s, our P3’s, and even LaVoy in the group. The very same people that we have stood for and supported. The people we want justice for. The people we spent years convincing the public were not violent or dangerous….are now being USED to promote this group and make people think that they are a part of it or that they support or endorse it! And this was all done by some of our very own fellow patriots. The very same partiots who emerged- almost overnight and out of nowhere- to become the “spokespeople” for the Bundy’s, the P3’s, and the patriot community as a whole. Their faces are out there and connected to all of these people and to all of us. The same people who have been baiting the militias, OathKeepers, and 3% to take much harder stands. The people who have been calling everyone names and labeling us as bootlickers, faketriots, and whatever else for not doing exactly what they want us to do or thinking what they want us to think. They are using all of us to push their agenda. Finally, the picture was complete. All the little things we didn’t understand suddenly made sense.

We had a feeling a long time ago that this is the direction they had talked about taking people in, and here we are. No surprise. So many people tried warning you all, only to be told by you to shut up, ignore it, or to quit causing drama and let it go. We can see the results of that, now, can’t we? What does surprise me is how so few of you are upset by this. If you think that this is no big deal and no one is going to hurt any cops, then you are clueless. These same patriots had a group a while back in which they labeled people as “proven” feds and informants and made up and circulated “fed cards” on people. One of their whackadoodle followers got fired up enough to follow a fellow patriot onto a page for LaVoy, use a video of a Mormon prophet, and claim that according to the video it was okay to kill as many of us as he wanted, including this patriot!! If something as stupid as some little fed group can push their nutjob followers to that point, what kind of response do you think a cop-hating group is capable of inciting ?!!

You don’t have to be a member of this group or even follow it to be connected to it. The very fact that some of our friends and fellow patriots are responsible for creating and running it has automatically connected you by association. The fact that you support and are friends with any of the Bundy’s, P3’s, or LaVoy has connected you to it. How are you going to feel when….not IF, but WHEN… a cop gets hurt or killed because of a page you are connected to? How will you feel when one of our own members of law enforcement are hurt or killed because of your friends? Now that you’re aware of this, maybe you’ll better understand why a seemingly innocent comment like we saw this weekend of, “Hey, Ward and Grasty, those ‘heavily armed militants’ are once again headed to your town today! *giggle giggle*” takes on a whole new meaning and why many got upset by it. Think about this…. you are all with your families, gathering together to celebrate with fellow patriots, (knowingly or unknowingly) AFTER a few of your friends and fellow patriots have spent months publicly calling you to take harder stands and posting your names and faces in a group dedicated to cop-killing. If you were Ward, Grasty, or anyone else, how would you have viewed this weekend’s get-together? You all could have been slaughtered and it would have been considered more than justified because of your connection to that group.Once again you have been publicly labeled violent and dangerous- not by the government but by your fellow patriots and friends. Do you get this yet?

Seriously, guys, we need to wake the hell up and see this for what it is. DANGEROUS. Silence is consent, right? I expected the Bundy’s to make a public statement about this early on but, sadly, they didn’t. I expected some of the P3’s to speak up but they didn’t. I expected fellow patriots to speak up and they didn’t. So, I will have to assume that you either agree with the message being put out in YOUR names, or that you aren’t concerned about it at all. For myself, I AM concerned and I want no part of this and as few connections as possible to it. I will post some screenshots of what’s being posted in that group so you can see it for yourselves and then I am going to start deleting and blocking those who seem to be okay with it, still support the ones responsible for promoting it, or who have no problem with that groups message. You all may be able to live with the results they are trying to bring about, but I can’t. I won’t.

Not ALL law enforcement is bad but they are ALL getting targets painted on their backs and that’s wrong. The fact that our own people are behind it and pushing for it is even more wrong. If you can’t see it or chose to ignore it, then God help you.

“Even if you have to stand alone, STAND”…..and I will. But, I refuse to stand for or with this or those of you who are okay with it.

~Paula Hart