Wispers On The Wings Of Angels

On the wings of angels is where one week old Baby Blake was shortly after a tornado classified as an EF2 with wind speeds that reached 127 mph destroyed his home in Watford City, ND He was air lifted to Bismarck, ND, but Baby Blake did not survive the head injuries sustained.  

Will Maguire and Marisa Reber were blessed with little Blake but for a whisper of a moment but the love for this little sweet baby with touch their hearts and lives for a lifetime.  It is a comfort to know that Baby Blake is in the arms of a Lord and Savior who loves and adores him.  Jesus has a special place in his heart for children. He said “Let the children come to me” Mark 10:14  Though in our earthly hearts and minds we can not understand this tragedy, the short time that Baby Blake was blessed to Will and Marisa, he was just that, a blessing. I hope that they are comforted by knowing that they will be reunited with their precious baby boy again in the most beautiful of ways, with Our Heavenly Father.  

I learned of this tragedy today shortly after I learned of a blessing of The Hammond family being reunited.  One family joined as another is torn apart.  Baby Blake and his parents are part of a bigger family, the patriot family.  

Matt Marshall of WA III% told me of this when I was conversing with him about all that was happening.  I could tell that Matt was devastated of this news about his friend. “I have known him for over a year and he is family to me and many throughout the 3% and Patriot communities.”

We as a patriot community need to rally around this young family with love and support as we learn what is needed.  Not only have they lost their home and belongings, they have suffered a loss that as a parent I cannot even begin to fathom…the loss of a child.  

A fundraiser has been started for them as they try to sort this out and make sense of it all, to rebuild a home and life.  Please consider helping if you can.  If you are unable to help in a monetary fashion please lift them up in prayer.  


If you feel you are being led to help in another way, please do not hesitate to leave a message in comments and someone will get back to you on how you can help. 

Remember, life is a gift and we don’t know how long we have, Baby Blake had but a week, I didn’t even know him and he has left a huge impact on my life.  

God Bless

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  1. God please hold this precious family in your tender mercies.

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