We Must Become Free

I have come to realize the more I objectively view history, you cannot limit the scope of government once you assign authority to any individual or group of individuals. We must learn to govern ourselves and respectfully council with one another when necessary. 

The dialog that today is conducted between nations should be conducted between the nations of one, the individual. As long as the prime directive contained within Natural Law is adhered to by us, do no harm, the world can and should live in peace. 

When psychopaths attempt to control and master those who are awake and aware of their proclivities, their numbers will dramatically decline as the ‘nations’ defend themselves and their Rights from their attempts. The few that manage to assemble the simple-minded and weak will be swarmed by the rest of mankind… it must be the way of things, at least in my mind. 

We must progress and grow in consciousness if we’re to survive what we are capable of doing to ourselves. We must begin to listen to different voices that encourage the best in us instead of the barbarism of our past; voices of encouragement and love instead of discouragement, hate, and division for the entertainment, pleasure, and profit of psychopaths… we must become free. 

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