Washington Three Percent Launches Veteran Outreach

Washington Three Percent is a non-profit community outreach group that believes in our constitution and helps the community in times of need.  Lately they have been making local and national headlines recently with their Liberty or Death Rallies.  Their first being back in August against the violence we have all seen coming from groups like Antifa, Black Bloc, Black Lives Matter and various other radical left groups.  This has especially been in the spotlight recently in cities like Portland and New York. On December 1st  Washington Three Percent held a rally against left wing media bias after the news skewed also leaving out huge parts of the interviews and footage that included the president of the group Matt Marshall, other members and attendees.  The media neglected to report that the very Friday after the group went to downtown Seattle where the rally was held and handed out care packages to the homeless, and they plan to do the same on December 9th…this time with cold weather clothing and blankets to give some protection during what can be a brutally cold time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Now Washington Three Percent has started an out reach called Boots On Home Ground, a way to supply those that have served our country and are displaced with a good pair of boots to help “get them back on their feet”  Please click the link below to learn more about this great outreach and to find out how you can help Washington Three Percent in their efforts.  If you want to learn more about Washington Three Percent you can do so by going to the links page.


WA III% Veteran Outreach

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