As you all know I write my blog a little differently, I write as if I am just talking to my friends, and that is who many of you are, and as is going through the changes it is going through I am not going to change that aspect because I believe that is what gives it heart, I put my heart into it. I will write new pieces that will be different but as for my blog it will remain the same.

I was working on the new layout for and was thinking about all of the events of the past month or so in regards to our battles over the past two years with the court system and what we are asking for in the way of transparency with all of the court proceedings, here and in Oregon.

This is something we must push for and demand. The public must be aware of what we already know about the actions of these government agencies, but I want the patriot community to also be prepared for something that you may or may not be thinking about. As this transparency is going to expose much to the public and rock things to it’s core, it is also going to expose much in the patriot world and rock it as well.

Some of you may know exactly what I am talking about and are excited for the truth to come to light, some of you may be saddened, some are dreading it as they know that their time in the community is very limited and some have (no offense) their heads stuck in the sand and have no idea what I am talking about.

Let me explain a bit. Over the past couple of years much has been exposed about secrets the government has kept, dirty deed done and huge amounts of corruption. We have learned of people within our own community that have been part of these things. We suspect that there are more, well, there are…with this transparency we are going to learn who these people are. It is not going to be pleasant. It is going to hurt the hearts of many and break trust to the core. This community has been stretched to it’s very breaking point at times by infiltrators, detractors, agents, plants, informants and just plain people that like to stir up trouble for fun; but this my friends when it is all found out and revealed is going to test the community in a way that has yet been done.

I have already shed a few tears over things that I know are to come, because I see how humans react to this type of information, and I know hearts are going to be broken and lives again are going to be changed forever. It is normal, there is anger, hurt, and the want to lash out and “get back” at people that pretended to be our friends only to be the very ones working against us, stealing our time, information and money. Hurting good people for what? A better deal? Something to be taken off a record? Cash? A house somewhere? Who knows what someones price is…

In Oregon the biggest and worst of the traitors, in my humble opinion was Mr. McConnell, a small amount of money and he betrayed a good cause, a good community, a good man and cost that man his life. Now, I am very proud for the most part of how he has been ignored and forgotten, for a man like him, that is the worst punishment of all…not being recognized, being invisible. I know there are those who want to do much worse to him, but is it worth the ramifications?? God has a much worse punishment for Mr. McConnell and as hard as it is to wait for that day, I take some comfort in that.

My point in all of this is that when all of this is made public, how we as a “community” handle it is going to be key in how the general public looks at us. Are we going to display something that they want to be a part of or something that they laugh at and make fun of? Are we going to set an example of integrity and strength or act like children on a playground? We have attacked our own without any proof, in a manner much like the later and sent a very shameful picture of what we are about out to the public. I would like to think that over this time we have grown and learned to handle things in such a manner that God would bless our actions and that LaVoy would be proud to stand beside us in our actions. So many times we have said “It matters how you stand” and well…we haven’t stood with all that much integrity, a time is coming where once again we are going to have to make a conscious decision on how we behave in the public eye and set an example to make our numbers grow, our support grow.

I have heard one to many times, and yes I have said it myself, where patriots have said that because of the actions of some patriots online and otherwise that they are ashamed to call themselves patriots or III%, they are looking for a new way to identify themselves. Let’s make our actions when the transparency of who actually helped out the government in these cases comes to light that of true patriots. Let’t act with integrity, honor, and with proper decorum. It is perfectly fine to get angry, these people broke our trust, hurt those we love and attacked our freedom, but let’s act in a way that shows strength without tearing what we have accomplished to the ground, if we don’t it is all for nothing and we still have a lot of work to do.

I am so proud of so many of you (not that it means much but I am) Kelli Stewart has come so far from that day I met her at the Coming Home rally in Oregon (remember that Kelli…LOL), John Lamb has done so well in reporting and staying the course, Andrea Parker you have jumped in and become such a powerful voice, Challice Finicum Finch, girl, you have overcome so many fears and become such a powerful speaker my friend…you amaze me…the list goes on (another piece). Let’s make sure that more and more people find their voices and keep this growing, there is much work to do and more to expose and repair.

Transparency, it is vital to our lives and country, but remember, we ALL will find out things that will be shocking and will hurt…what counts and what will show what we are made of is how we handle that information. Let’s show the people that are watching us, the government and the public just what this patriot community is supposed to be, united and strong. After all, what LaVoy said is so very true.

It Matters How You Stand.

God Bless.

Little Boots

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  1. Amen. God said in the end days the truth will be brought into the light.

  2. Very well said, honey. Thanks for reminding us all that what any of us do affects us all in the eyes of the world.

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