Too Many Questions And Not Enough Answers

As I was sitting around among trusted and loved friends today, watching them talk and laugh I was overcome with a sense of intense thankfulness followed by questions…Some that have been plaguing me since the court proceedings that took place this past Tuesday.

Schuyler, a proud patriot and veteran pled guilty to something he truly doesn’t believe he is guilty of; that if he was allowed to use the constitution in his argument he would not be found guilty of…after all, it is the supreme law of the land, codes are not law and above all “shall not be infringed.”

I had some of these questions partially answered as God gave me little “screen shot” replays from my past, many from just these past couple of years.  I think many of us have had very similar questions.

I am going to address three of the questions at hand; I only chose three because if I tried to answer all of them this piece would be a book…I already have one of those in progress.

The first question is, what did I do to deserve having such good and wonderful people surround me?

I quickly realized that simply being true to yourself, honest and holding a level of high integrity is part of that key. An aspect of this is something we all have heard before, and it seems cliche´ at times, but it rings very true: ”Treat others as you would like to be treated”.

How does it make you feel when someone lies to you or hides something from you, regardless of their reasoning?  I can imagine most if not all of you are saying “Not very good” and it breaks trust in that person. Sometimes the truth is going to hurt people, but that is not an excuse to be dishonest. So, in efforts to treat others as you wish to be treated, the truth must always be spoken with tact, love and caring, to everyone you interact with in this world.

Unfortunately, as we have all learned, some of us the hard way, there are people out there that just don’t do that. These are the people that are there for their own purposes, who are selfish and dishonest, not caring about the long term effects or the lives they destroy.  They lie to themselves and others; justifying what they are doing. At the same time destroying all that is good, pure and true in the patriot world, and our country as a whole. They are fooling many good patriots and the people that support them.  Unfortunately many of these good patriots are willfully ignorant and continue to turn a blind eye to the destruction that these people are causing with their deceit.

The second question will never truly be answered for me until I am home in heaven with God.  Why me in this patriot “community”?  Why my voice, my time, my efforts?  I have never understood this.  People like Jimmy, Joe O., Maureen, Hardy, Ammon, Carol B. and many others have told me “God has put me in this place and chosen me for this”.  “I have very important work to do”.  I am really no one.  I don’t have any special skills other than some legal experience, writing and a knack for really feeling someones heart.  I don’t have any big connections, pull or clout.  I just pray, then I sit down and write or go and do what the good Lord impresses on my heart.  So the answer to this question is…Because God asked it of me the night my friend was murdered, nothing more, nothing less.

The third question is: why was I held back from helping Schuyler when I had the eagerness to do so? I have so many answers, ideas, and skills with plenty of time in which to help.  What do I do with the guilt that I feel? It took forever to get the motion, for me to be put on his legal team, filed.  It was discussed way back in early March and was supposed to be done then.  I kept asking if there was anything at all I could do.  I was told there was nothing I could do until I was appointed to his team.  I was so very frustrated.

The judge was kind enough (according to some of Schuyler’s acting legal team) to give me clearance to see Schuyler’s discovery as long as the names of the confidential human source and detectives were not mentioned or had been redacted. Once I was able to look at the discovery, I started seeing many things that were wrong with the case. I asked one of the people on his legal team to convey these issues to him. I did not get a response from Schuyler, through this person, on these points and issues I raised. So, I reiterated to them how important it was that Schuyler contact me, but to no avail. I continued to do this daily after I got this information as time was running short, I had no clue just how short my time to get through to Schuyler really was.  All my efforts proved to be futile as I never received a reply back from Schuyler.

Monday morning in court the motion to have me appointed to his legal team was finally approved, a minute too late.  The trial was in full swing, and motions that he had filed had been denied, including one for continuation which is what I was hoping for in order to help with what I had found in just what I had seen and to be able to look over what other documents he had now that I was cleared. I so wanted to help him formulate his witness questions and how to prepare for unexpected answers when they came about so he knew how to re-direct or how to respond to said answers. I also wanted to help him with his cross examination as I listened to the testimony. I kept trying to get messages through, asking for this.  Nothing ever came back from him.

I was only asked of one thing related to the case, to transcribe something, I did so immediately.  My computer (brand new) glitched out and all was lost, but not before I did get the piece he needed to him…but apparently it came through in the email not “word for word” but that is how I typed it.  I am very picky and precise when it comes to my legal work. It was the only thing Schuyler asked me to do that I am aware of.

In a way I am thankful my computer glitched out on me as what I was doing, personally, I would have advised him against.

I would have advised him against taking the plea because of all the things I found in the case, with what little I was allowed to see, that he could have argued, not to win at this level but at least get his continuance he was asking for and maybe a few new motions filed, to not lose his right to appeal and take it all the way to the Supreme Court where he could have fought it on a Constitutional level.  Maybe he would not have pled guilty with all the information…we won’t know.

This answer to my question is just conjecture and guessing but it is something, it is the only answer I can give myself.  I don’t think Schuyler himself could even answer this question for me at this point…

As usual we all will have to see how this plays out, we may never see it play out completely and it may be years down the road.

I will have to trust that my integrity will speak for me and go with that and prayer, trust that as always God will protect me and the ones I love and shed light.

I believe it was all a game plan by the government to sabotage another good voice in the community.

What a better way than to make someone look like a bumbling idiot who did nothing to help when they could, to have the incarcerated one lose faith in that person and share that with others, to disparage the reputation of someone getting the truth out?  Pretty smart plan.

Another theory is that I could have really helped and well, that is not what they wanted either.

Either way, Schuyler loses, the Constitution loses, the Barbeau family loses and there is another crack in our movement if they are successful.

I still have hope that I can help Schuyler, I know there are many things I/we can do.  We just have to keep our eyes open, hearts pure yet wise and guarded, learn to listen more, speak only when we need to, and always be in truth.

There are many things to be done to help all of the prisoners, families and people sticking their necks out on the line daily for them. Please be mindful, not all is as it appears.  There is much evil around you, smoke and mirrors all over the place…friends are foes and apparent  foes may actually be some of your truest friends.  Quite honestly…we need to make some changes, we need to make the patriotic rose bush healthy again and prune the sucker vines off so that it can be big strong and beautiful again, but it must be done carefully because even those sucker vines have thorns that can cause you to bleed.

Pray for the truth to be exposed.  Pray for strength.  Pray for our country.

Little Boots

One thought on “Too Many Questions And Not Enough Answers

  • June 17, 2017 at 10:39 am

    Interesting article and yes, the truth will always win.

    Schuyler sent out his statement to choice people to get the word out on why he did what he did.

    Questions should be answered in his statement.


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