Thomas Lacovara-Stewart / RTR Truth Media Destroyed (Action Requested)

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Through this whole mess, mutual friends and God leading us together for His purpose, Thomas Lacovara-Stewart and I have become friends.  I am grateful for all he has started to teach me and the doors that he has started to open up in my mind by giving me the start and then sending me off to explore on my own.

That is what is great about Thomas, many others too that if you care to inquire about what is going in in the world out there, why we are in the mess we are in so deeply…you don’t just get the answer, you get an eye opener and where to go on your own…”Here is the map to the rabbit hole…call me up if you get lost”. It is wonderful.

Just like we have seen with The Pete Santilli Show and may others RTRTruth Media has been terminated from YouTube after 6 years of broadcasting, 1,100 videos and research, all the while they owe him several thousand dollars.  Now you tell me how is that right?  Once again we see our media, because they speak the truth is being punished.  Michael Emry, still in jail, Pete Santilli…619 days in jail, Gary Hunt…arrested, harassed, and forced to do things against our first amendment rights.  Freedom of the press?

I think it is time we find another outlet.  There are platforms out there, patriot driven platforms, but are we so comfortable with Facebook and YouTube that we are too complacent, too lazy, to cozy to make a change in a large scale. has freedom tube.  I realize what we are using is the best way to get information out, or is it?  How can it be if they are destroying years of hard work of independent media, bloggers, vloggers, ANYONE that has a opinion that goes against the leftist agenda, the NWO thought processes?  IT CAN’T.

We need to start making a change and making it now.

I asked Thomas what I could do to help as this puts him in a tough financial situation and well,  is what we do, we help get the truth out, when one falls, we hold our hand out to help each other up.

If you can help financially, I have included his PayPal information below, and above.  Please only if you can.  If you can’t please keep Thomas and his loved ones lifted in prayer.  Maybe contact YouTube and tell them how you feel about their biased censorship for all these outlets they have been attacking as of late, after all they are public driven for the most part, let’s show them that we are enraged and tired of the truth being hidden.  I don’t know about you but I am.  I am just in tears over it, this is not the country I believed it to be.  We must fight harder.

Thank you for your time.

God Bless.

Little Boots

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  1. ME WE is a viable alternative to facebook. It protects identity, allows use of an alias name, does not censor. Anyone ever checking it out will see me listed as buzzsaw

  2. I can –NOT– believe that we are ACTUALLY…
    Actually-? ……….
    Turning INTO North –F&$K*n– Korea. These commies… think they can just “Do” this stuff-
    They went’n did it.

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