The Last Ride For Freedom (for now)

I was looking at my timeline on FB last night and saw something that brought tears to my eyes. My friend Duane Ehmer had made a post about being in Portland for one of the other patriots that had been on the refuge in Oregon as he was being sentenced the next day, Darryl Thorn.

You see Duane was going to bring Hellboy with him and ride with his horse and flag just as he did on the refuge in support of his fellow American. It is what I read next that brought tears…and I quote.

“This is a big announcement. I came home after sentencing and asked Hellboy if he was up to one last ride, so he gave me the nod like horses do. I will be riding across the state carrying the flag and signs to turn myself in at the federal prison in Sheridan. One last ride. If anyone wanna ride with me and Hellboy let me know. You don’t have to ride the whole way, but we need to tell more people about the Hammonds and Uranium One.”

I spent some time with Duane at the refuge, he is a kind and gentle man, a veteran who loves his country, who came with his horse Hellboy to fly the flag he loves and show his support for the ranching family the Hammonds. He also loves his horse Hellboy. I also got to spend quite a bit of time with Hellboy, he is quite the horse (a bit of a flirt too). He loves his Duane…he told me. He rode Duane on that refuge with pride…you could feel and see it. He loved the pets and apples that were snuck to him, well he thought they were snuck but we always got daddy’s permission.

Duane and Hellboy were taken into custody shortly after arrests and murder of LaVoy that took place on the night of January 26th 2016. Duane and Hellboy had LaVoy’s sixshooter with them when they were taken to be held by our federal government for peacfully protesting the unlawful imprisonment of the Hammond men and theft of their ranch.

When the first round of defendants, deemed the “ring leaders” of the “armed standoff” which is what the mainstream media was told to make the masses believe it was were aquitted of all offenses, the government decided to add to the charges to make something stick. Duane was found guilty of “terrorist hole digging.” Seriously, after LaVoy was killed those that were left were simply terrified that they too would be killed, that the Waco style event we were all trying to avoid, that we saw coming, would happen. So a trench was dug with a backhoe that was on the refuge for those that were left to jump into to avoid bullets if they were to start coming their way. Not an unreasonable thing to do when you are a veteran. He was charged and found guilty of depredation of federal property for digging that trench, there were two actually, misdemeanor trespassing, tampering with government vehicles and equipment, and destruction and removal of government property…nevermind that I watched Duane cleaning and repairing the old wheel house that Hellboy was staying in that the federal government had let fall into terrible disrepair, making it beautiful again.  Duane was also ordered to pay $10,000 in fines. This was based on unfounded claims (I am going to call them flat out lies as there was no evidence brought forth in the form of eye witnesses or material evidence) that when he dug those trenches for preservation of life, a burial ground was disturbed. Horse poop! Just ask Hellboy, he was there. These men and women had more respect for the grounds that they were on then the federal government ever had, and there are plenty of videos and pictures from their stay and visitors alike.

Duane will be serving one year and one day for standing for God, his neighbor and for freedom, for you! It is just like this sweet man, who has had this cost him so much already…family, home, lively hood, to make one last stand, one last freedom ride with his best friend Hellboy before they have to part for awhile…in order to wake up a sleeping country to what is being done to them while they slumber. Their land…their freedoms are being stripped, by a government that should be answering to them…to We the People.

Please support my friend in his endeavor, go to his FB page in links to find out how, visit the link I have included to go to an auction for a piece of history, click on Americans Standing For Liberty to find out how to donate to Duane and all the political prisoners. I have also included a link on that page to Hellboy’s Unoffical FB Page. Visit there and give Hellboy some sugar!

I know that if I had a horse to saddle up, I would take that ride with my friend, it has been a while since I have been in a saddle, but you know what? I can’t think of a better reason to get saddle sore than in the good company of a good friend and and an exceptional furry patriot like Hellboy. If you can, saddle up and ride with Duane and Hellboy, you will be riding into a piece of history and making two friends of a lifetime.

I love you Duane and Hellboy…thank you for all you do for Freedom.

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  1. Wayne Von Bach | November 22, 2017 at 5:59 am | Reply

    If I had a horse, I would be riding with him too. You mention garbage left by BLM, I helped Ryan Bundy clean up the garbage, so I am a personal witness to what you speak of. Little boots, you just wrote an excellent letter. Duane and I both had our pics taken together with our flag jackets on. If you ever find out what happened to those pics, I would like a copy for Duane and me.

    • Was I the one who took it? If so I will look through my pictures from that time if not I will ask around for you. Thank your for your comment my friend. If I had a horse I too would be riding with my friends Duane and Hellboy. Heck, I would probably even beg Duane for a 5 minute canter in Hellboy’s saddle. Hugs.

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