The Heart of the Constitutional Battle Series – Jon Ritzheimer

Jon is yet another patriot that I met in Seattle standing in support of Schuyler.  I remember him sticking out to me that day, not because he was loud, not because he did a grand gesture to draw attention to himself, but because he sat quietly in the courtroom, with purpose…holding up a pocket copy of our Constitution. Sitting there in the front row, in quiet, yet strong support; holding up a fellow marine, knowing and understanding that they were not the only people in the room to take an oath to uphold the constitution, the officers in the room did, the agents and the judge.  A silent reminder to them of what many have forgotten.

You all probably know Jon from his FB and You Tube videos, the guy that gets angry and mad about the injustices in our country…and he has every right to be angry!  I have heard people say he is crazy, “off-his meds”, suicidal, homicidal, and any other kind of “cidal” you can come up with.

I know Jon as actually a pretty quiet guy.  He has a strong belief in our Constitution and how it should be followed by all.  That our country is off track and needs re-aligned.

I had an opportunity to speak with Jon on many occasions while I was visiting at the Resource Center.  One occasion really stood out to me.  It was during my first visit when Jon was talking to a young man who inquired about what Jon thought about him joining the military.  Jon told him that he needed to read and know the Constitution before he did anything.  That he needed to understand what he was taking an oath to uphold and protect, because a lot of what he would be asked to do would not have anything to do with that.  What he told this young man was very personal and close to his heart, after he said these things, after telling this young man to read the constitution, he looked a little sad as he said “Because I never did until after I served, I think it  should be a requirement.”

I only saw a sliver of the Jon that most see in his videos when I was there. It was when protestors were at the Center saying that they, the patriots, were disrupting the town.  He got a little angry at this because it was the Government Agencies at work that were disrupting the town, not the patriots. Jon made that clearly known, in Jon Ritzheimer, Rouge Infidel fashion.   

Jon cares about others, I saw him help other patriots through rough times with a hug or an encouraging word. Jon’s heart, though rightfully guarded at times, is made of gold.

On my second visit, Jon seemed quiet and reserved.  He was off by himself a lot.  I asked him what was wrong and he just said he missed his family.  Jon has a beautiful wife and two girls.  He is a husband and daddy first and foremost.  He loves his family.  As I watched him during the impromptu praise and song session I spoke of, Jon was quiet and watching, this former atheist, turned Christian, was smiling at the joy of the Lord in the room.  Again there was a hint of sadness.  I wonder like I mentioned about the others, if he sensed something coming.  Though no one could imagine something so horrible as what happened.   

So when you think you know Jon, or anybody for that manner, ask yourself…do I really?  Am I judging by just what I know from a video, from what other people are saying so loudly and what perception may be?  Or am I judging from what I know?  Then after you ask that question…ask yourself what right you have to judge at all?  Isn’t that for the Lord Almighty to do?

People that talk about Jon, persecute him for past actions or ones that they don’t agree with need to remember something, that this man, left his family, missed Christmas with his little girls and now has been illegally detained, losing his freedom…fighting to protect yours and mine, now think he did this not once in the military, but again as a patriot who loves his country and is pained by the way it has been hurt and wounded by tyranny.

They arrested Jon when he turned himself in, I watched the video of him saying goodbye to his babies, it broke my heart…THAT is the real Jon, THAT is the Jon I got to know.  Man, patriot, Marine, husband, daddy, American…my friend Jon.

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