The Heart of the Constitutional Battle Series – Jason Patrick

Jason is another man that I met when I went to show support for Schuyler Barbeau in Seattle.  He struck me as a gentle man with a quiet demeanor (yes and no) and very intelligent.  A voice of reason that breaks things down to basics for everyone.

He was the first face I saw after we entered the front gate of the Harney County Resource Center.  He came out and greeted us with the biggest smile ever!  He then very kindly booted me out of the driver’s seat of my truck to chauffer Maureen and I around for the tour of what was what.  He took us to the chow hall and showed us how that was all set up.  He introduced us to woman who was helping Melissa cook in the kitchen, (forgive me I can not recall her name at this time) pointed out where everyone was sleeping, etc.  He showed us the “Flag of Freedom” which is what I am calling it, which has everyone’s names signed on it.   

We left the chow hall and drove past the stables that Hellboy and Duane were now staying in and bringing back from terrible disrepair, headquarters where Ammon and the others met and took care of business, then to The Mob.  That is where we met up with the others.

Jason was very animated and full of vigor as he always is when I see him.  He had that Jason Patrick twinkle in his eye.  I have to say though ladies and gents, do not let that impish smile and twinkle fool you, this man has an incredible brain for analytical thinking, planning, processing information and putting it out there in a calm manner.

Over the course of our stay Jason was always a bright and happy spot in my visits to the Resource Center.  He ALWAYS had a hug and FOEVER had that smile and twinkle.

On one occasion, when we followed out to watch the camera situation, I was very low on gas (remember the gas situation from my story about Pete Santilli?) and on our way to observe the second camera situation…you guessed it I ran out of gas.  REALLY?!?  I never run out of gas!  So, Maureen and I took that quiet time on that very under traveled road covered in snow and ice to talk, breathe and regroup.  I took pictures of the countryside and a nearby farm/ranch, and of my truck, sitting there out of gas.   We waited for about an hour waiting for someone to rescue us from the refuge.  Who was our knight in shining armor?  You guessed it!  Jason.  He hopped out, asked if we knew of anyone that needed some gas, as he grabbed the gas can he had brought with him and put it in my tank for me.  He decided to ride back with us and the gentleman that came out with him took his leave.

We went to The Narrows and filled my tank; on the way Jason told us about the second camera scene and then filled us in on what had happened to The Narrows owners.  Getting threats that they would be shut down if they continued to take donations for credit at their place for the patriots, harassing phone calls and emails, etc.  You could hear the anger, disbelief and sadness at the actions of people that were supposed to be protecting these folks.

On our way back to the Resource Center, Jason leaned forward and said (almost with little boy enthusiasm) “Hey you two want to see a ghost town?”  We of course said yes!!!  It wasn’t actually a ghost town but the field office of the refuge. The strange this is, there were tire tracks in the snow from another vehicle going in…but not going out and they ended…seriously just ended.  Strange.

We got out of the truck and started exploring, it was almost like Jason was a wary detective and we were there exploring and detecting with him…we were just missing Shaggy and Scooby.  Lol  We looked in the windows of the buildings and what appeared to be abandoned houses.  One of he buildings had music playing in it, creepy music.  Jason joked and played around with us about it.  This guy is so full of JOY and LIFE!  He is charismatic…fun and easy to be around.  Playful to talk to when you are just chatting and can turn serious and have a deep conversation with you in the matter of a sentence.

We drove out of there following the tracks to where they ended, passing a crematorium as we did…eew, why would you need that.  Jason said that was a little unsettling.  We laughed at his very big understatement.  As we traveled along we saw another abandoned building but no way to get in.

I thought this was just an exploration, but for Jason, he was looking at ways that they could be snuck up on, flanked.  All the ways the FBI could sneak attack.  (They sure did didn’t they…just not how anyone thought they would)  He told us this is what he was doing, while all along joking and yes being the flirt he is.  Talking with the tower, he called up “George Clooney to Tower” I started laughing.  “George Clooney?”  Jason replied “What you don’t see the resemblance?”  I love this guy!!!

The road we were on took us right up to the opposite side of the tower, putting he front gate across the road.   We were all telling jokes and having fun, even a few “risqué” jokes.  Jason apologized if he shocked or offended me; I told him it wasn’t possible.

As we pulled up to headquarters, he had to go and meet with Ammon, we gave hugs, as he gave me mine he dipped me back and picked me up and carried me back to my truck.  Laughing and having fun, Maureen and I were too.

“I had to do something to try to shock you.”  We said goodnight and took our leave.

At the end of my visit he told me how glad he was that I had come out and hoped that I would be able to come again.  I told him that was a promise. He smiled and gave me a hug, leaving my feet firmly planted this time then rode with me up to the front gate.  As I pulled away I watched him wave and then talk with the guys by the fire, thinking to myself that he was definitely a very special man and that I was so lucky to have this new found friend.

After I got home I had a message that Jason needed some things, so of course I took care of that for him.  When I returned with Matt, Jason again was one of the first people I saw.  He gave me a no feet planted hug, and said how happy he was to see me.  I introduced him to Matt and we all chatted a bit.  I noticed he looked a bit tired this time, but who wouldn’t.

We all bustled about before the ranchers meeting, during it I saw Jason running around being…well Jason!  Talking, smiling, and taking pictures.  Two pictures he took stand out for me, the selfie with Hellboy and of course the last picture taken of LaVoy and Jeanette together.  I had asked if he wanted me to take the picture with Hellboy for him; “Noooo, it has to be a selfie with the horse!”  Hahaha, like I said I love this guy!   Shortly after I saw Jason walking down by the pond area, he seemed to be reflecting a bit, as he walked back he seemed far away and pensive…I asked if he was o.k. and he just smiled and said he was.

I wonder if he was feeling something was coming as well.

That evening The Sharp family was at the chow hall having conversation and singing.  We all sat around and sang with them.  Hymns, praise and worship songs, and the Sunday school songs from when we were kids.  Blaine, Scotty, Jon, Ryan Bundy, Jason, and some that came and went like Joker J.

Did any of you know that Jason can sing?  I was so impressed.  He sings from his heart and from is “happy” from the joy he has from life.

We finally had to go back to our room at the Spur but came back in the morning to say goodbye and Jason was the last person at the Resource Center I gave a hug to.  It was a tight hug.  I told him that either we both would be back or it would be just me.  He said great!!!  I hopped in the passenger seat and told him I loved him and to be careful.  He smiled and said you too.

The next thing I know I am watching this great gentle man be arrested…he trusted the FBI and their word, after all what is a man without his word?  That is how Jason is, his word is as good as gold…well I guess the thing is silver now…but you know what I am saying.  They gave him their word, they lied…again and again.  I cried and cried.

They must have a big problem in Portland.  How do you find a jail cell to hold that kind of spirit?  To hold the spirit of any of them?   

Jason is a big heart, a smart mind, a loving soul, a kidder, a flirt, a constitutionalist, loyal, trustworthy and true to himself and those around him.  He keeps his word, and I am going to keep mine, I told him I was going to come back and visit, so I am, I am going to schedule my time and go see him.

I received a letter from him yesterday, he said I could collect a hug from him anytime, I won’t be able to this time, but I am going to show him my tally of all the times I have wanted to and tell him he is in for some serious hugs when he gets out of the kidnap situation he is in!  Lol

So this is Jason Patrick.  You should get to know him, he is easy to talk to, easy to like, and for me he is easy to love and call my friend.

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