The Fall and Rise of a III% Powerhouse

As I began writing this piece I found myself struggling, that has never really happened before.  I always look to God to guide me in what I write and this piece is no different, so I could not understand why I was having such a difficult time.  I finally stepped away for a few days and it came to me…I was trying to write it as a news piece.  Don’t get me wrong here, I intend to inform with everything that I put out, and I do want PatriotAngel to start to have a news section, but that is not my writing. I write what I see, feel and think, the facts that I know and what the Lord has put on my heart.  It has always given Him glory and served the people and subject matter written about well, so that is all I can do here.  I do apologize for the length of time it has taken to get this out to you.

In a way this is meant to be a caution to all groups out there that are growing, some with great speed, of what to look out for, what not to do and what to do to succeed and how to come back from something if you happen to have misfortune come your way.

I remember watching the day that Idaho III% came rolling into Burns, OR.  You could hear the cheers as the convoy rolled into town, flags flying off of trucks, III% decals proudly displayed.  It was if the  cavalry had arrived and as the cheers were happening you could almost hear everyone thinking to themselves in one way or another that things were going to somehow be ok now that they were here.

You see this patriot group had done a lot over the years, a lot of good and grown to have a big presence nationwide, not just in the western states; their reach and impact was HUGE. Idaho III% combined with the fact that Oath Keepers and PPN were all working together was going to really help this situation, in many ways it did and in many ways it led to the crumbling of this great group…but it also led to, what I hope, is an even better new beginning.

Let me explain.  As I understood it at the time, Idaho III% was there to act as a buffer between the men and women on the Malhuer Refuge, now being called The Harney County Resource Center, and the growing presence of Federal Agents assembling at the local airport and providing some level of protection in the way of making sure that no rash acts were taken.

There were, as I said, more than one group with boots on the ground there in burns but it seemed that all eyes were on Idaho and Brandon Curtiss, after all he was the one that from what I was seeing was the main person running the operations and communications, or trying to.  I am aware there were many others involved as they were running in shifts and again in my opinion this is where a huge breakdown in communications started. Was it this breakdown that caused Brandon to say he didn’t know about the well publicized meeting in John Day, or was it just something he said to deflect the heat he was taking that there was not aa Idaho III% detail scouting 395 before hand that day we lost LaVoy?  We will never truly know because we cannot be in this man’s mind.  This is something that God Himself will have to deal with.

Brandon, from what I observed liked being in charge and calling the shots, he liked the lime light of it all, the notoriety; but this is something that many people would find themselves liking.  Now, I don’t know what he was like personally before this, but I noticed one thing he didn’t like was being second guessed or questioned, this would show on his face and in his gesturing or body posturing.   This was very obvious from the first few encounters I had with him.

Do I think that Brandon is bad at the core?  I can’t answer that.  Do I think he started out with Idaho III% with the intent to let it get so stained by his actions (and I am sure others), or that he wanted to let the true purpose of his mission as a leader get sidetracked? No. The fact of the matter is it did.  Power, greed and what was seen as fame.  This extended it seemed with him outside of the group he was representing as well, the greed causing him to even hurt some of his own members.

There have been other groups that have taken some big hits as well, Oath Keepers, PPN, but Idaho III% took the worst almost to crumbling.  This happens in big groups quite often where the power (just as in government) is not delegated well, or does not have the proper checks and balances.  Corruption easily seeps in.  I don’t want to focus just on the negative here.

I have been a part in small groups and big groups, I have been in leadership roles, I have seen this happen at its infancy, it isn’t pretty to watch and once it starts it is very hard to stop. We must first keep our eyes UP, followed by vetting.  Vetting is so important.  I am not talking about answering some questions on a piece of paper, or I know that person on Facebook and have combed their profile, but true vetting.  Now will this stop it all?  No but this is a start.  Followed by a code of conduct…with consequences when you break said code.  I am not going to get into all of it on this piece, that is just a whole different can of worms and you will need your comfy chair.  Besides, I am just a girl…what do I know.  Hahaha.

After all was said and done, you didn’t hear much of Idaho III% anymore.  The grumbling died down and Brandon and the other names tied to him in a negative way just disappeared from the lips of many.

Then enters new leadership, now this is leadership that I believe has the proper moral compass, with eyes looking up first for guidance.  A leadership that will have those checks and balances and that will listen to input from others and bring those in that have something to contribute.

A leadership that has a strong support system and that has seen the very group that he is passionate about nearly destroyed, who’s own life was nearly destroyed by corruption and greed.

Someone that has stood strong for his faith, principal, country and constitutional rights.  He is not alone in this…there are others that follow bringing Idaho III% back…from what it became to what it was always meant to be.  Once again, standing for what our founding fathers set forth to guarantee us in the constitution, so that we may retain what we still have of it and get what was lost back, legally and rightfully. I am sure there will be growing pains and adjustments, but they are doing great things! I am so pleased to see them rising up.  Keep an eye on Idaho III% and keep and eye on the subject of my next piece, the very leadership of which I am speaking…Eric Parker, he is a really great man behind an even greater cause liberty, and taking it to higher places with other great men and women.

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  1. The American Patriot III% | January 18, 2018 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    I am a Patriot, a mother of a Marine, and a wife of a hard working tax payer. I love the Lord, Love my country and love my family and my patriot family. My ancestor Benjamin Rush one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and my ancestors fought in every war in this country. I was a leader for a militia and I was also in several militias. It saddens me today to see what is going on in this movement that was once so many of us patriots on fire with patriotism for our country and now a flame barely lit. So many fell to the wayside. Some drained by trying to run with the flame carrying it alone and could not carry the flame any longer and some tired of others claiming to be a patriot and forgot what they were fighting for and made it about themselves. Hell now, some believe they deserve a award for being the most patriotic and some just in it for the fame. I remember what happened in Oregon because that first shot was fired that was heard around the world, for a man of great courage, a man that believed in our Lord, our Constitution, our Freedom and this great nation. He along side with other Patriots such as Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and several others who also believed and still believe in Freedom and saw the government “BLM” unconstitutionally take what they wanted from Ranchers and land and mineral owners and took a stand. His name was Robert LaVoy Finicum. Anyways, just wanted to say that we need that flame lit we need to get that fire inside and get on fire for the Lord, this country again and start pushing back and get our country back again.

    • Beautifully said…thank you. Thank you to your family and your service.

    • Having a love for the truth and a passion for freedom that transcends any other consideration will propel you into freedom. Understanding what freedom truly is will answer any question as to what is necessary to gain it and maintain it.

      Keep pursuing the truth and leading others to understand what you discover… the Spirit will lead you and the journey will be far from boring.

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