The Day A Little Liberty Was Freed (Special thanks to Jill Robertson for title inspiration)

“The Night A Little Liberty Was Freed” (special thanks to Jill Robison for title inspiration)

The Night A Little Liberty Was Freed” (special thanks to Jill Robison for title inspiration)


Monday November 20th 2017 it was rainy and gray outside in the pacific northwest, this is normal for November. This Monday however is not normal, today is a day that many freedom loving people have been waiting for, that many people that have not educated themselves on the facts have feared and that my friend Stacy has prayed for; Schuyler Barbeau is going to be released from the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac, Washington where he has been held for almost two years now.

I still get asked to this day who Schuyler is, I find this surprising, but with all that has been going on with the Bundy trials involving Malhuer and The Bundy Ranch and with Schuyler’s arrest and trial being separate from all of that I can see where the connection is being lost. Schuyler was Cliven Bundy’s body guard at the Bundy Ranch protest, he stood at Sugar Pine, and he would have been in Burns standing for the Hammond’s as well if he had not been arrested weeks before. Schuyler devoted his life to helping others that were being abused by the over reach of our Federal Government. He gave up his career at Boeing and with the military, He pared down all his material possessions to just what would aid him in his endeavors of helping others and survival.

This young man has a brilliant mind that is hungry for knowledge, combined with a heart that loves God and is loyal to his oath to protect his country he learned everything he could about our Constitution, our God given rights put to paper and fought for by our founding fathers, he feels very strongly about these rights and the purity of them. He continues to teach himself all he can on a daily basis about where and how our nation has slowly given away these rights.

So why was Schuyler incarcerated you ask? He was incarcerated for exercising his second amendment right to bear and keep arms. That’s right. It doesn’t matter that our right to bear arms shall not be infringed, they always try or find away to do it anyway. Permits, taxes, etc. Schuyler was arrested and held for almost 2 years, labeled as a domestic terrorist because he built his own SBR (short barreled rifle) and did not pay a tax stamp. A TAX STAMP. There is more to this case, but I would like to go into that more with you, and Schuyler. He tells it so well, after all it IS his story. He understands how they get around what they must think is “that pesky second amendment right”. As I said before, Schuyler is an exceptional young man with a hunger for knowledge and he did not waste his time while being unlawfully detained all that time. There is much to be learned from this man, I suggest we all listen when the time comes.

Now that you have a bit of a back ground as to why this patriot was held from his family and friends for so long, back to this day, this moment that so many have waited for, but no one more than Schuyler. We all were heading to The FDC to be there for Schuyler when he walked out the doors. When I get a text from fellow patriot and friend Nikki that he was out, 20 minutes early. I quickly called his mom, Stacy Barbeau, and she was also stuck in traffic and had not yet arrived either. You see in Washington State, even though it rains all the dang time, when it does, it sends people into a panic of sorts and there are accidents everywhere. Jennifer and Robert Cannon were able to be there at the time that he walked out the doors. They were all asked to leave very quickly, apparently people with III% stickers and American flags are very intimidating.

Everyone migrated to the Denny’s nearby, until it was time to go to Round Table pizza. This was arranged because Schuyler likes to have s sunflower seeds on his pizza and Round Table Pizza has a salad bar where he could do just that. When Maureen and I arrived at the Denny’s I attempted to FB live and get it up with Pete Santilli, another Patriotic Prisoner that has been recently released so that everyone could see Schuyler reunited with his friends, family (blood and patriot)…but for some reason I had a rough time getting things co-ordinated with Pete. Maureen was to be on the phone with Pete while I was on live with FB. None the less we got some of the video out. It was wonderful to see Schuyler sitting there with his brothers and his mom. Stacy was absolutely beaming. As I was hugging Schuyler telling him I was glad to see him free and that it was 23 months too long in the making, and that it should have never happened, I spotted two familiar faces at the end of the tables, Eric Parker and his lovely wife Andrea Parker had come to show their love and support for Schuyler as well.

We all visited with small talk of things until it was time to go to the “pizza joint” it was a happy time. When we got settled at Round Table, Maureen Peltier asked Schuyler a question and that started a great afternoon of discussion amongst us all, but most of all it gave a glimpse into a young man who lost 2 years of his life, like so many others, to the fight for freedom, this is what it is all about my friends, here is a small peek into the heart of giving it all for freedom, YOUR freedom. Maureen’s first question (I can’t remember her exact words) went something to the effect of “What did you think when you came to the courtroom saw all of your support over the course of your time in prison?” Schuyler thought for a moment, again I can’t remember his exact words, because I was not recording or videoing this, it was not a time for that, this was an intimate moment of sorts, but I do remember him saying he came in and saw Jason Patrick, Blaine Cooper, Jon Ritzheimer, Joe Oshaughnessy, Eric Parker and all the others, and said to himself “Holy Smokes how did they all get here so fast!” After all he had just been arrested the night before. Then the next day and the day after they were all there again. He said that kind of support boosted him beyond belief, it was like being in the front of your platoon, getting a boost of energy and knowing you can’t stop, you have this great group of people behind you and you have to keep going.

(So you see, your support in that courtroom, means the world to these patriots)

We listened to Schuyler talk about his time with the Federal Government, what he learned about them, what he learned about his fellow inmates and what he learned about himself. The looks on the faces around the room were filled with love and admiration, but most of all appreciation to Schuyler for his sacrifice. I am not going to share it all, because I know Schuyler has plans to share with you. I will share that he was asked what he thought of how his mom handled everything. He said he was so proud of Stacy. When he heard that she went to the Hammond rally and then spoke at LaVoy’s Rally/Memorial in Olympia, WA…he was surprised, but proud of all his mom was doing and learning. As long as we all keep growing and learning, educating we give these guys something to be proud of and we are carrying on their message and torch until they are released to carry it with us once again.

Then I asked Schuyler and Eric both a question that I felt was very important. What to tell all the patriots out there that were afraid to stand because of what had happened to them and the others that were wrongfully incarcerated. Now they had different answers but one thing was very much in common. That fear was something derived from lack of knowledge and was not something from God. Also that standing was something you did by walking in FAITH, following the call of the Lord and loving your neighbor. Once you make that first stand, the fear melts. As they were talking I looked around the room and I saw people that I knew would be there one way or another if any one of the other people in that room got into a situation, if it be their voices, their monetary support, their bodies…standing is different for each person that is a fact, but someday, like it or not, it may come (and most believe it will in some form or another) to a physical stand…it is time to assess what your hard line is going to be, what is going to be that factor that makes you swallow that fear, put it all on the line and stand for your neighbor like Schuyler, Eric, the P3 and so many others did?

We continued to sit and discuss our experiences, tell Schuyler of our thoughts on events while he was taken from his family and the cause he loves so much and then we listened to his plans for the future. How he wants to help now and what we can expect to see from this dynamic man now. Being taken away did not slow Schuyler down, it gave him focus, a inside look of how dire the threat to our liberties are.

All I am going to share is that I am excited to see his plans come to fruition, for they are good and exciting plans. Plans that will help each and every one of us who love what our founding fathers did so long ago and cherish our God given rights.

For those that say that Schuyler is a domestic terrorist and is to be feared…I have this to say to you. Horsepucky. Schuyler took an oath as a Marine and as a member of the National Guard that he still upholds, he is a son of God, he an American Patriot who believes in his God given rights set forth by our Founding Fathers in The Constitution, he is a helper to those that can not help themselves, he is a son and a brother…he is a friend to many…and he is my friend. Before you believe what the main stream media would have you believe about Schuyler, take the time to talk to one of his friends or him…I think you will walk away with a whole new perspective, education…and the best part is you just may walk away with a new friend.

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