The American Patriot

March 2nd 2018

I’m so done with Politics.
And honestly. I don’t see any future for liberty in America.

(I admit I’m a little jaded given recent events)

But maybe I can empower some of you with some wisdom I learned from being a political prisoner.

When your thrown in prison for crimes you never committed the first thing that happens to you, is your mind just wont believe it, It cant grasp, or accept the fact that this could be happening to you.

A guilty person has the benefit of saying well I got caught and I’m just going to have to ride it out. and is able to more quickly except their fate. but I never had that luxury.

I honestly thought every morning I woke up that I would get a call from my lawyer and she would tell me that the judge, or the prosecution finally looked and the evidence and realized I was innocent.

It was not till after my first Christmas inside that I realized that my belief that Judges, Prosecutors, and everyone involved, where obligated to make sure that if you where innocent that they would do whats right, and in the end they where there to protect you.

I thought that the judicial system was there to seek out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

But truth, and justice, The rule of law had nothing to do with my situation.

I was caught in the middle of a political agenda. A agenda that had no concern as to whether I was innocent or not.

A system that did not recognize the Constitution, My rights as a American, And held no moral obligation to me.

At one point my flight or fight response kicked in and I chose at first flight. I thought that because of my innocence that maybe if I did what they asked that maybe, just maybe the powers that be would show mercy.

I quickly realized that’s not the case, and there is no doubt that if I had continued down that path I would still be looking at 5 more years in prison regardless of my innocence.

I realized that win, or loose, I had to put my faith in GOD and stand for the truth, and let the cards fall where they may.

I had to Stand.

When I got out I saw a shirt with a quote I thought fit my situation. It said “The devil saw me on my knees and thought that he had won till I raised my head and said amen”And I know that I’m only here writing this because of him.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I see all of you, My fellow Americans in the same situation you look around at all the madness, corruption, and evil around you.

You see the truth, you see the facts, but your mind just cant seem to grasp or accept it.

Just like me, you are caught up in a political agenda that does not recognize your rights, or has no moral obligation to protect you.

But you keep telling yourself in the back of your mind that it will all be OK, they would never do this to me, they would never take away my freedom. I’m a good person, why would they? There’s got to be people out there somebody who will take a stand and defend me.

The truth is America has become too big, too poisoned by too many different ideology’s.

To many people that put all their effort into believing that they are not successful, or happy because of others, To many people that find happiness into forcing you to think or act in a way they see appropriate

We used to all pretty much stand for the same thing.
Morality, Liberty, and Equal rights and a Equal chance.The opportunity to knock out a living and provide a good life for you, and your family was the norm.

Together we where able to keep our trusted elect focused on these goals

But money and power is what drives our elect today and it’s your money they need to make their mark on the world.Or the power to control you that drives them.

There are to many people who are willing to turn a blind eye to injustice. And in order to survive are more than willing to just do their job.

If I have heard one thing more than anything else throughout all this it’s I’m just doing my job. I’m just doing what I’m told. I don’t make the rules. I just have a job to do. I’ts not my call. I got a wife and kids to support.

Take this knowledge for what it is.

And as I walk away from any ideas of making a positive change. I know that the one thing they can never take from me, and that’s God’s love

And admittedly I still have that small hope that I’m going to get that call from someone telling me they where wrong and everything is going to be made right. I doubt that day will ever happen.

for now I will just hope for the day that I am able to regain my freedoms.

A day that I can just simply focus on what matters to me Love, Financial security, Family, Friends and forget about all the rest.

And I do so knowing that’s its exactly that type of thinking that has lead to the current state of our Country.

GOD & Country

Joseph O’Shaughnessy


February 7th 2018

Today is a day that will be remembered in History…
A day that a handful of good men stood strong against tyranny, and corruption.

Against all odds with no hope of winning they stood strong in their convictions. knowing that even if their lives where taken from them. They would stand for truth, justice, and the rule of law..

And in the end GOD rewarded these brave men and intervened. making them victorious.

The Constitution is not negotiable.. And the American people will not stand idle while their Country is destroyed by Corrupt Administrators who trample liberty, and the rule of law underfoot for no other reason than gaining political, and financial power.

I ask but one thing from my fellow American’s. Look at what we have suffered through. educate yourself about the rights that are guaranteed to you in the Constitution. And understand that the only reason our Government was formed was to protect those rights…

And remember that if you have the courage and strength to stand for the truth.GOD will protect you.

“It matters how you stand”

GOD & Country
Joseph O’Shaughnessy..


January 25th 2018

  1. When a man stands for Truth, Justice, and the Rule of Law,and is labeled Controversial there is “Tyranny”

But when a Man stands for Truth, Justice, and the Rule of Law. and is labeled a “Domestic Terrorist”. It is not only the Patriot that should be concerned but society as a whole…
GOD & Country
Joseph D O’Shaugnessy 2018

January 18th 2018

The greatest trick Satan ever played on mankind was to make them believe he did not exist. 

The Devil is not hiding in the shadows, or in the Attic.
He lives and thrives in the hearts and souls of men and women. 

He is all around us in the people we have contact with every day and the harder we try to do what is right the more he surrounds you with bad people.
People who’s only purpose in life is to throw you off the path GOD has laid out before you
Make no mistake every time the Lord calls a chosen few to do his work. the Devil responds by doing the same….
Forgiveness is meaningless if its not utilized with gods greatest gift. And that is whats between your ears.
Satan is referred to many time in the bible as the great deceiver. So never mix  New Testament forgiveness with a unwillingness to see the facts and except the truth….
GOD & Country
Cpt O