The American Patriot

January 18th 2018

The greatest trick Satan ever played on mankind was to make them believe he did not exist. 

The Devil is not hiding in the shadows, or in the Attic. 
He lives and thrives in the hearts and souls of men and women. 

He is all around us in the people we have contact with every day and the harder we try to do what is right the more he surrounds you with bad people.
People who’s only purpose in life is to throw you off the path GOD has laid out before you
Make no mistake every time the Lord calls a chosen few to do his work. the Devil responds by doing the same….
Forgiveness is meaningless if its not utilized with gods greatest gift. And that is whats between your ears.
Satan is referred to many time in the bible as the great deceiver. So never mix  New Testament forgiveness with a unwillingness to see the facts and except the truth…. 
GOD & Country
Cpt O