Stale and Staunch Good ol’ Patriot’s Club

As 2017 comes to a close we all have much to look back on and contemplate. We have seen too much, we have seen too little, we have seen blessings and heartaches, we have lost much and gained much and we have much on the line and much to look forward to.

In past pieces I have talked about division and bickering, I have also addressed it on my radio show, which I hope to have another up and running in the near future.  So I am not going to beat that poor dead horse again…well much anyway.  I do want to point out a few things that came to me since my last piece.

I have noticed, that when things start to get somewhat peaceful in the patriot world and things calm down where the different personalities seem to have found a way to co-exist with out attacking each other and distracting everyone from the core common goal…which I THINK is still restoring our country to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, correct me if I am wrong, and educating as many people as we can, somebody, somewhere, has to get their big wooden spoon and stir the big pot to get the drama going to make things exciting again; almost as if this “patriot thing” can’t survive without the drama.  Think I am making it up?  Look back and you can see the ebb and flow of things, it is quite amazing…it would be a great psychology topic for a new book.

I have a much better idea, it would help with education of the general public, ourselves and our children.  It would also help keep those idle hands and minds busy.  What is it the Bible says about idle hands? “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece” Proverbs 16:27

We have reached many, and we will continue to reach many, but in a lot of ways we have started to become stale in the fact that we are sharing information over and over again to the same people that we are friends with, I get the same information sometimes 100 plus times a day.  It is great that we want to get it out, but what good are we doing if we are sharing it with the same people day after day.  What good is it if we are doing nothing about it but hitting that little arrow?  Nothing. We are a stale little swamp and the only power being given is to those that have had it all along, the names that were already big in the patriot world or that have recently become big in the patriot world…but again that is in the patriot world.  Don’t we want to touch the world as a whole?  That is how we are going to make change.

Even if we are bringing in others from the outside that are curious, or even ones that aren’t and want to see the “show” why are we giving them such a circus?  Why not give them a show of integrity and strength?

We have more people on the inside tearing us down than we do from the outside; more people that started out with good and pure intentions that have been turned by the idea of maybe having some fame or misguided thoughts of fortune after the fact than not.

With the help of a few friends I have come up with some solutions on how to keep those idle hands and lips busy, on how to expand our reach and to enact some education and change, locally, on the state level, nationwide and yes worldwide. How to unite and make this a movement once again, instead of a stagnant, stale “good ol’ boys club.” Are you up for it?

There are many amazing people that I have met from all walks of life that have come together that have the same love for this country and the God given rights that our founding fathers sought to protect by penning the documents known as The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, and the Constitution for the united states of America. These documents represent the beliefs, ideals and moral principals that our founding fathers fought for and died to protect; these are the same beliefs, ideals and moral principals that we must be examples of to others, from the outside looking in…from others coming in.  We MUST make them want to be a part of what we are fighting for, we must make yearn to.

I know many that have lost it all to get the message of liberty lost and how to regain it out to the masses, I am not talking about just the patriotic prisoners either.  They are the ones that will never speak about it.  They have lost family, friends, jobs, and much more. It is gone, yet they are still putting it on the line, are you ready?  No.  Are you ready?

There is a Facebook group called Patriot Unity Project, started by a good friend of mine that didn’t want to be part of the online patriot “movement” for the very reasons I mentioned above, but did anyway, because she believes in the very things I am talking about.  She is willing to push past the “Days of our Lives” and get into the meat of things trying to solve the problem, and she did so when I had to step out and pretty much desert her after I drug her into it.  Thank you Nikki.  She IGNORED the drama, did NOT facilitate it by sharing or commenting on it, letting it die with her at least and went along her merry way.  She started with her community, her town, then her county and so on.  That is where it starts.  Your neighborhood, then your town, then your county…Are you seeing the picture?  If you are not a member of the Patriot Unity Project head on over and ask to join. Go ahead I will wait…Let me warn you though, if you have any inkling of “smack talking” over there or any hint of causing ripples you will be booted…forget boots on the ground they will be elsewhere, for good reason.  It is a good group over there and I am so proud of the strides Nikki and all of them have made.

Now what can you do to help restore what the founding fathers secured 230 years ago?

Here are some ideas from myself and some good friends of mine.  I had some input from God, some of the Bundy family, Eric Parker, Billy Sessions, Capt. O, Thomas Mick, Nikki B. Kuminatcha and many others on how to reach past this swamp called Facebook.

First things first. (wait until you are done reading though) Turn your computer off.  The first thing is we cannot effect change from behind the keyboard all the time.  This “info war” simply doesn’t do anybody any good if there isn’t any action taken physically and locally.


Now I am not talking about Bunkerville, Sugar Pine, Montana Sky, Malhuer…I am talking about hitting the streets with some pocket constitutions with educational websites listed, maybe some flyers with website printed on them attached to poles or under windshield wipers, etc.  I have a link to pocket constitutions 100 for $40.00 and links to various sites to reference.  I challenge all of you to share at least 5 pocket constitutions a month with people you know are not associated with the patriot world or who you don’t know at all.  Or *gasp* family or friends who you would NEVER think of sharing with. **I have links listed**

If you have separate Facebook pages because you didn’t want to offend your friends or family with your patriot business…nix them.  Now I know you are saying “Melina, you have separate pages” Yes I do, but that isn’t to not offend, that is so family stuff doesn’t get lost in the patriot stuff, remember I am trying to make this my life, my business too, (not so much for profit just to pay for itself at least) because it is my passion…I have already been pretty much disowned because of this on some levels.  What do I care?

Share with at least 25 people a month you would not normally share with, or better yet that you would not DREAM of sharing with.

If you have a few extra bucks, take an ad out in a local paper, or a free one in the nickel.  Sounds a bit antiquated doesn’t it?  I still read the Shopper Ads or the Little Nickel Ads. Ad for what?

“Looking for like minded people that believe in what our founding fathers established in the Constitution and are looking to take lawful action in restoring our country to the republic in which it is meant to be…” something to that effect.  This will start a local group, a local PHYSICAL group that can take LOCAL action at council meetings, town hall meetings, etc.  This is where it all must start…boots on the ground.

Unification of groups…III% groups, Militia groups, Prepping groups, III% knitting groups, canning groups, hop scotch groups…You get the idea.  Stop the infighting, we all bleed red, if we all have the same main goal, put the petty crap aside and WORK.

Look at educational videos, KrisAnne Hall, Hillsdale College, Mark Passio (natural law) I will be giving more and more as this year progresses)

These are just teaser ideas to get your own minds going.  You are amazing people look at what you have done so far, or have you?  Are you going to follow? Are you going to lead? Are you going to fight with and contribute?  Or are you going to be stagnant?  Make a choice now!!! You my friend are out of time.

You MUST ignore the drama.  You MUST remove comments, delete from timeline, ask whoever shared with you not to, that you appreciate them and all the good they do but that you would rather not have negativity on your timeline.  If it is something real (not gossip, not hearsay), have documentation, real photos, real proof, and share privately, preferably email as we all know PM on Facebook has “leaks” otherwise you don’t want to hear it without solid proof.  Haven’t too many lives been ruined already?  Too many reputations?

I know this is probably falling on many deaf ears.  I too have much of this coming at me, and it is hard, I know.  I don’t want to hurt feelings so I try to figure it out on my own.  Sometimes I just want to quit.  Just ask for proof.  That is all you can do.  In the mean time.  Educate…and beyond what the trials encompass.

What has happened is vital, LaVoy’s death is vital, but it all is vital, they were teaching the constitution, they were reading out past their communities, their towns, past the town they were protesting in…we surly can do the same.

That is the only way we can get any of our lost liberties back.  LaVoy even said in one of his YouTube videos that we were not going to get this back legislatively.  Well, we are not going to get this back bickering, yelling at each other, tearing each other up or sharing the same things with each other.

Visit the links tab, jot them in your constitutions, hand them out. Jot them on flyers, find your own links.  My personal challenge…to meet the challenges above and to find you guys 10 more educational links in 2 weeks.

So I challenge you, share this with 15 people that you normally wouldn’t.  That is a start.

God Bless.

Little Boots.

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  1. Good job girl ❤❤

  2. absolutely awesome article

  3. “from the core common goal…which I THINK is still restoring our country to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.”

    What does this mean / look like?

  4. Donna Furnival | January 3, 2018 at 9:24 am | Reply

    I agree.

  5. Capt. Karl, that is my goal, I hope that is the common goal of the ones that I surround myself with. What does this mean/look like? Well my dear friend, you may have just given me fuel to the fire for a great piece. Hugs.

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