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Will he conform now? Don’t bet the farm on it!

Now that almost two years has passed, since I have written about that cold night in January when we lost a great man with a great heart for God and Country, LaVoy Finicum, it is time to revisit a few friends. Most of the friends that I began writing about that night have been keep away from their families and had their freedom stolen ever since we got that heartbreaking news.

It has not been an easy time for us.  We who hold what our founding fathers fought for, lost much for…what many think still has weight in this country but really is looked upon as simply a “belief” by those who choose not to follow or recognize it.  The Constitution.  Our GOD GIVEN rights put to paper.  The very thing that these men and women holding in reality all of us in an invisible prison choose to ignore, yet swore to uphold and protect.

They courts denied, bail, beaten, refused evidence, refused testimony, refused for observers of the court to wear certain clothing…gone as far as to not allow pocket constitutions in the courtrooms.  Isn’t it the supreme law of the land?  It is supposed to be.

I am not going to say that we can get our REPUBLIC back…not the way that most are hoping, because if I am honest I don’t think that we can.  The swamp as President Trump likes to call it is too deep and too dark to do so.  I feel it is going to take reviving the breath of our founding fathers.

As I look back on these past two years I have learned much, who to trust, who not to (boy is that ever a learning curve), how to approach things, if I should even approach them, when to speak and when to just sit back and learn.  I have had to learn to get a much thicker skin and not to let the “trolls” get to me.  I learned much of this from who I am writing about today and Deb.

The moment I set boots on the ground in that little town of Burns at the Silver Spur, I started learning.  Pete was bold, real and wasn’t about to not let the truth be seen, or let it be hidden in any way, it was perfectly complimented by Deb’s soft sweetness (don’t let this fool you, she has the heart of a lion and has claws when it comes to those that are hers and rightfully so) they are the perfect pair to be doing this work together.

Pete as most of you know, was arrested the same night that the others were, while he was trying to reason with the FBI agents (whom he had spoken with on many occasions) that he could get the others off the refuge safely without incident, he was asking for a chance to do that.  Unbeknownst to all watching and Pete, his fate had already been decided.  I watched in shock and with tears in my eyes as they arrested my friend.  I had just hugged him and Deb just two days prior before leaving.  Could this all be happening?  It was all very surreal.

Over the course of the trials in Oregon, and I am not just talking court.  Trying to get through on the video calls, prisoners being moved at the last moment, calls being cut, driving down there  sometimes twice a week while being pulled over for no apparent reason, finding that your name was spelled wrong by one letter so you couldn’t visit, you were wearing the wrong clothes, or you were one person over on getting in to the court room (yup I was that one person) Pete always got the truth out even while in the chains of tyranny.

He was always encouraging me to keep up with my radio show, sadly I had a producer that was not really on my side, but that doesn’t matter, he taught me much in that as well, and we got to hear many great speakers, Jeremy Alcede and his fight against the government, the great love stories that brought these strong couples/families together…including Pete and Deb…Second Life, I would have never thought! I wish I still had those.

Whenever I spoke with him in a video chat he was smiling ear to ear, especially when he saw the Santilli Special on the side of my Willys Jeep. He would often say “Melina we got ‘em!” I had driven to Oregon to speak with his attorney prepping to be a witness and his attorney was very hopeful. That never had to happen because you know what? All charges were dropped in Oregon.  As they should be.  You see Freedom Press. Free Speech. Free Pete.  First Amendment. We lose that we lose it all because then we can’t speak up to fight for the others. First and Second.  We MUST hang on to.

When Pete was exonerated in Oregon he was shipped straight off to Nevada to face charges there.  These charges would add up to LIFE in prison.  LIFE!  For being a reporter.  In our “free” country where “freedom of the press” is “protected.”  Remember though, they had that First Amendment area set up.  Oy!

I have to admit due to some personal things in my life that were pretty all consuming my letters were nil and I had to back away, but not a day went by that I didn’t think of or pray for Pete and Deb, I did what I could when I could.  I struggled to try to get down there to see them.  It just never came to fruition.

I was positive that the charges would be dropped there as well. As I heard of what was going on inside the walls of that place, and as I watched the first trial unfold, I was losing hope of the charges against Pete being dropped, but I knew, just KNEW he could win, but then I started thinking “Is this just ‘little one’ being naive?” Maybe, after all we have come full circle back to the mock trials of the days of our founding fathers haven’t we?

Just a week or so before jury selection I got news that Pete was taking a plea.  I won’t lie.  I was sad and disappointed at first, what happened to “We got ‘em!” Why wasn’t he taking it all the way? Pete was going to take it all the way!  Then I got mad.  At myself.  I don’t know what happened.  I don’t know what it was like.  I don’t know what is going on.  It is not for me to know.  I have some thoughts, maybe I will find out if my thoughts are right, but I will tell you they are not thoughts against Pete in anyway.  He loves this country, and he loves those men inside.  Not one of you reading this should doubt that in anyway.  He didn’t sell out. He is coming out fighting…this my friends, foes, whoever you are reading this, know that fact, know it well, grab your protective gear and be prepared. He has had time to think, tone his mind and have his strategy and let me tell you something…duck and cover!!

As for if Pete conforming?  As I said don’t bet the farm.  My friend, has a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable hunger for the truth, combine those two and anyone on the side of darkness, misdoings, wrong, or any other nefarious deeds better know it will come out.  After all wasn’t Pete talking  this Clinton/Uranium thing that the MSM is all abuzz about two years ago around the time of his arrest?  Curious don’t you think?  Clintons, uranium, land, Russians, murder, FBI, Comes, Loretta Lynch…I don’t know about you but I am excited to see what Pete has to say about it all.  I have a feeling that those of us on the ground were a lot closer to this mess than many knew.  As a matter of fact I know we were.

I for one am glad that my friend is home, and if there is one thing I AM willing to bet the farm on…it is that he is so fired up, he won’t be needing that bullhorn.

Pete if you are reading this, I love you, and my tank is always full now.

(If you want to read the first article on Pete you can find it under The Heart of the Constitutional Battle Series)

Melina aka Little Boots


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