People Of The Last 3 Years

Prisoner Of Honor

One of the men that I have met over the past three years that has truly astonished me with his integrity and honor over and over is Corey.  I knew of Corey but I am ashamed to say he got lost in the shuffle for me of all the prisoners and my personal life.  For that I have apologized to him over and over.  

Corey knew what he was getting into when he went to stand for his neighbor in Oregon, he also knew what the consequences may be.  He did not bend or break when those consequences came to call.  He served his time, sadly due to some people that were less than honest among the supporters so did his wonderful partner in life Debra.  I have apologized to her for that as well.  She has a beautiful soul and is very forgiving to those that did not know that they were being lied to.  

Corey has come home to Debra and he is not upset about what he did for the Hammond family, nor the time he spent wrongfully imprisoned…as a matter of fact I believe that he would stand for his neighbor again under the right circumstances. 

What Corey doesn’t feel any guilt, or any sense of wrong doing for HIS stand, as he shouldn’t, he and as he says “His Debra” went with the right heart and mindset.  Love of neighbor, country and constitutional rights. 

After only a few moments of talking to Corey I knew he was a man of principle and honor when we were talking about his restitution, he stated to me that it was no ones responsibility to pay but his own.  HE made the decision to go, HE knew what the costs may be and that he did not expect the supporters to pay for what was his responsibility to pay.  If he didn’t already have my respect he would have had it right there.  We STILL have a few patriotic prisoners out there that are expecting We the People to pay their way.  They are not getting their act together, taking the steps to get on with life, get jobs and move on.  

Corey is also seeking the truth.  He has helped by releasing what he has found and learned through discovery. Let me be clear, Oregon discovery is not restricted.  Corey has nothing to hide, the truth needs to be revealed.  Many of us that were there and many that were heavily involved from day one know they were lied to, know that much was done that they are not being told and that things are not adding up…to close this chapter many need the truth.  In Corey’s words…”It is very disturbing that none of the other prisoners from Oregon are willing to release their discovery, 302’s, and statement of reasons (which proves that they did not co-operate with the government)”  Some are even hiding the identity of informants.  Why?  Think on that one.  What do the prisoners have to hide?  Not all discovery for all the prisoners is the same.  It seems it has been tailored to each defendant.  So again what do the others not want you to see.   I have offered to be an avenue to release discovery, without ever saying where it came from if desired, I know that my friend and fellow patriot journalist Shari Dovale has as well, some have taken us up on those offers, some have not and then some have backed out.  I understand being careful but what are they afraid of?  I don’t think it is the government.

Corey, Debra and I have become great friends and over the past year I have not found either of them to have been dishonest about ONE thing.  Not a single one.  They have been brave, bold and yes brutally honest about everything.  

I have said at times that I wish that I had never gone to Oregon, on some days that is true, the days when I am talking to people and I am researching and I find some more evidence of truth and my heart breaks a little bit more about what really was going on up there, what people I mistakenly believed in and trusted were doing…or hear Corey talk with such disappointment and hurt about the very same things.  I then think about it and realize that had I never went to Oregon I would never have met Corey and Debra or some of the other people I am going to be writing about in the coming days, in my life still or not.  I would have never learned all that I have about things I would have never researched or studied, had the opportunity to learn so much about myself, and even more about others.  

I am very proud to call Corey and Debra my friends, I don’t call many that anymore…even fewer get my respect…even less get my trust, these two people have earned both and shown that even though they may not have agreed with everyone in Oregon there is a small handful that they still respect…a very small handful.  I believe these are the few that went for the right reasons, paid their price honorably, and maybe they will come forward soon with the truth like Corey.  

Corey and Debra have never stopped fighting for the 3 others still serving time for the Bundy situation, they do all they can when the opportunity arises.  That is leaving no man behind. LaVoy, I believe is smiling and proud of them both.

Corey…you are a man of honor, you are a soldier that has and continues to uphold your oath and I am honored that you call me a friend.  

Debra…you are a lady of strength, you are not forgotten, you served your country and the people and you too uphold your oath to this day, you honor me with your love and friendship. 

God Bless you both and God Bless this Republic.

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    • Jody,
      Yes forever families have been made and you my dear are a member of mine as well. You are such a special person and I am blessed that you have stood by good people and hung in there when you have been so hurt by so many. God Bless you dear.

  2. Thank you Melina for your insight and findings into all of this so far, as it is also helping myself to better understand and seek truth as i follow your writings. God Bless YOU , And ALL That “Stand For Principle & truth”. ..aka ‘Dark Angel’

  3. Anthony Gunter | December 22, 2018 at 2:47 am | Reply

    Thank you Melina. I stood with Corey and Debra at the refuge and they are 2 of the truest Patriots Ive ever met and 2 of the very few I still trust from Malhuer. God bless

    • Anthony,
      It is truly my honor and pleasure, but you are welcome. I too was at Malhuer and yes, there are very few that still warrant trust, Corey and Debra are among those few. God Bless you too. Thank you for your support.

  4. Deborah Hunter | December 22, 2018 at 4:45 am | Reply

    Thank you for writing this. I consider Cirey and Debra family. I just cant take it for anyine to speak sgaunst him. As a matter of fact, it justcweill not do. Hes the only ine that has spoken the truth from my end. I appreciate you have done and do. Thank you again.

    • Deborah,
      Thank you for your comment and your kind words for Corey and Debra. They are such great people and patriots. I appreciate you and all that you have done to support great people. I know you are very busy so I appreciate you taking the time to say something. Thank you as well for your kind words towards my efforts. I am still trying to get it together after a rough patch but God has got it! You are so welcome, and it feel so strange so say that for doing what God has asked of me and what I truly enjoy. It is my pleasure. God Bless you honey!

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