People Of The Last 3 Years

There and Vigilant

I met this person online and created a pretty strong friendship that way but we met in person fairly quickly.  He is a leader of one of the largest patriot groups in my state and he values what people have to say.  I soon became PR and a Zone Leader for this group.  Finding that I lacked the time and that being under the microscope of the Alphabet agencies at this time in my life I felt it best after a short period to back out of these positions.  He was very understanding and supportive of what I had to do.  

Though Nathan Vigil and I have had spotty communication over the past three years we both know that we are there, it is funny I have this distinct feeling that Nathan is “watching” me. Not in the creepy look over your shoulder, hairs standing up on your neck way but the way a patriot brother watches over a patriot sister.  

Though Nathan is very busy he has always been there for me through some very tough times early on in these past three years.  I had some tough home trials and he was spot on to offer assistance and he seemed to know that when I contacted him asking something that I knew better than to ask that it was because I was having my head messed with and was patient with me…I don’t know if I ever thanked him for that, but I really don’t know that I need to, Nathan seems to be the kind of person that just knows.  

He has suffered his own personal trials and I have seen him keep his head above water and not let it effect him, at least on the surface, that is something I think that we all can stand to learn.  That whole concept of being like a duck…paddle like the dickens underneath but be still and smooth on top…I liken Nathan to this.  It is something that I admire about him. 

We always seem to miss phone calls and never seem to hook up when we want to, but I see Nathan at different events and we always smile and are so happy to finally see each other, hugging and saying that we have to get together soon, laughing a little because I think we both know the likely chance of our schedules letting that happen are slim to none, but knowing that if we really needed each other…we are there.  

Yes, Nathan is yet another reason I am glad that I went to stand…for if I didn’t I probably would not have this friend in my life…and I know that he is not going anywhere, for that I am grateful.  I know I made a play on his last name…but it is fitting for this man, because he is ever vigilant in this fight we find ourselves in for our liberty that has been slowly slipping away. 

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