People Of The Last 3 Years

An Angel’s Angel

I have not had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman in person as of yet but I will.  We live just to darn close not to.  She has supported my efforts to get the truth out to people from the very beginning.  She is a very sweet and kind person, not quick to comment and thinks things through. 

She has always stood strong and been a quiet strength for me and others.  

Peg Clary is a wonderful woman with a pure soul and the heart of a lion.  She has come to mean the world to me.  Sometimes I admit I feel like a bad friend because I think of her much more than I call or contact her, life is just so busy, but because I feel this very special woman’s heart I know that she understands.  That is not all Peg understands, she understands people.  The light and dark that they can carry.  She has lived life and been through trials but she has not let anything keep her from loving her family or her friends.  I have learned much from my interactions with her and I have much more to learn.  

There is something I love more than anything about her, and that  is her ability to be wild and fun.  Peg knows how to embrace that little wild side we all have but tend to keep locked up in a cage and tell to be good.  You know, the one that wants to grab the can of silly string in the middle of the store and have a fight with your best friend right then and there before you even pay for it?  I can totally see Peg doing that! 

Why is she this “Patriot Angel’s” angel?  As you all know I had a rough patch this past summer.  I took the word of someone and found myself in a very unfavorable living situation, it was draining my funds and quite literally the life and spirit out of me, I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on top of my other health issues…this is something no one really wants to hear or deal with.  I was not writing nor was I able to afford to go to events to report on them.  The Red Pill Expo was coming up fairly close to me, it was something that was going to be very educational and it was also going to be the premier of the first part of “Dead Man Talking”, the documentary of LaVoy Finicum, someone we all have been fighting to get justice for, someone we all watched be gunned down by corrupt agencies of our government…my friend.  I had put a post out that I could not make it this year due to finances but that if anyone could go to please do so because it would be very beneficial to them as a learning experience.  The speakers were going to be incredible, it would be something that they would not regret and a tool they could add to their “toolbox” in our information battle. 

Peg messaged me and after some conversation and a bit of arguing on my part, (which I knew would do me no good) I was gratefully and tearfully going to The Red Pill Expo as a representative of our great patriots that had been fighting so hard all this time.  Now, I know that Peg is not made of money, she struggles just like all of us do so I don’t know how she made this possible for me, but it was a gift that touched me so deeply I cannot even describe.  It brought me to tears and it is something that I will never forget as long as I live.  It always humbles me when I see that people have donated to my website, offered to help me with equipment or in some other way in my struggles to rebuild my website and try to become a reliable and trusted outlet of information…but this was just above and beyond.  It truly came from her heart.  I will never forget what she said.  “I can’t go because of a wedding that weekend and it makes me happy that you can go and be there to represent us and bring back news”. 

How humbling to know that someone believed in me that much!  I was so honored!

Now, I arrived a little late because the lady in the box took me a strange way to Spokane that didn’t have any gas stations…I figured I-90…gas the whole way, nope…a deserted road, so I ran out of gas on the way, (go ahead laugh Pete…laugh away) but a nice gentleman got me a can of gas and I was on the road again. So I missed the premier, but got the rest of the conference. I don’t have all the equipment I need just yet but I did report on the points that I though were new and relevant.  I was able to get Peg a few gifts and visit with Jeanette and KrisAnne, also see a few people from the West Side of Washington that I had not seen in a while. I stayed at my cousins house and made some new and great connections that are going to come into play in 2019. I also found my new home based business that hopefully will fund Patriot Angel and give me a way to keep up my natural treatment for my MS at the conference. 

Peg gave me a boost to want to keep going when I wasn’t sure if Patriot Angel was worth it anymore…if my writing even mattered and when I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take it.  I know now I want to go in the news direction with blogging on the side.  There is so much out there that needs to be told.  She also gave me the gift of hope for a better future financially when my body has limited me so much…to me that is a heavenly gift from an angel.  

The biggest gift Peg has given me is the gift of her friendship, sharing little bits of her life with me, pictures of her grandkids playing, little goofs, laughs, and yes even the heartaches of just living…she has given me a little spot to live in her heart, just as I have her, and to me that is the gift of a lifetime and priceless.  Once again, had I not gone to stand for Schuyler or to Oregon, I probably would have never crossed paths with Peg. I am so grateful that something that has turned out to be such a heartbreaking experience in the long run has brought such joyful people into my life like Peg Clary.

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  1. I’m so honored! I just felt a calling and I listened. Thank you sweet sister

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