Patriots, Militia, III% Show Their True Colors

As I was driving to pick up my daughter this morning, I drove right by the Amtrak derailment in DuPont, Washington. I was stunned by the sight before my eyes through the raindrops on my window, my heart dropped. Then an eerie chill ran over my body and all the sound just stopped, just the rush of blood through my ears.

Flood lights, flashing lights, cranes, a train car cut in half, one laying on the road, tents set up on the overpass for shelter from the rain for the responders and those helping. It was a lot to take in.

After reigning in my heartache for the people involved, and let’s face it, wondering what REALLY happened…and there is some speculation as the Mayor of DuPont Mike Courts, confirms a Mass Casualty Drill was scheduled for that day for the exact same scenario by the city of DuPont. I don’t believe in coincidence. You be the judge on that. False flag?

My next thought was where were we? Where is the patriot presence? Isn’t this what we say we are about? Community support? Are we there to support? Even just serving nice hot beverages to keep the first responders warm? Is APIII% there with all of their resources? Are there other groups there offering assistance? This is where we can be of help. I know so many patriots who are skilled in triage, salvage, have heavy equipment that could help on the outskirts, directing traffic, walking down the sides of the freeway to give information to the motorists further down the line that had no idea of what was happening and what was being done to get them turned around and on their way, simply giving rides to stranded people, hugs to ones waiting for news, wrapping a distraught loved one in a warm blanket letting them sit in a warm vehicle while they wait for transport, even having some of us at the hospitals to help loved ones figure out the next steps, figure out child care, just plain think straight…even these little things can change a life. I immediately got on my phone to Nikki and asked if we had teams in the area that could offer assistance and emailed my contacts with local agencies on the ground. She was on the task immediately.

Patriot Unity Project has been a huge success in getting all these groups to work together and not against each other. She had people in contact with boots on the ground in no time and people in route by late morning early afternoon.

People are going to soon have a changed perspective of who “we” are. III% does not represent a gang. Militia does not represent war. Patriot does not represent right wing extremist. These things mean community, comfort, and assistance in times of need and trouble.

Lets look at how many lives this one event impacted, 86 on the train, 80 of which were passengers and many, many more on I-5. At the last report 100 were taken to the hospital, 10 of which had serious injuries. 70 were taken to St. Josephs and 20 plus to Madigan and sadly, 6 were killed. Amazingly no motorists were killed in this incident that we know of at this time.

They are not expecting the freeway to be open until Wednesday morning, that is another long night for these public servants. PUBLIC SERVANTS. Isn’t that what we say we are as well. Let’s go out there and be in the eye of the public. Let’s change what the left has been saying. Let’s change the narrative about patriots. When it comes time for us to really get out there and be the first line of protection and help them, there will not be the fear and the trepidation that now is embedded in the subconscious of most of the general public, they will see us as a source of relief, help and protection.

Keep this in mind, not just in time of disaster. When you see someone being attacked or hurt…what are you going to do? I know a lot of you are thinking “What about the legal ramifications?” Well what if that person gets killed or maimed for life? What if that woman gets raped? What if a child gets hurt because you DID NOT DO SOMETHING? We have a right to. We have a constitutional right and responsibility to. More so…we have a MORAL responsibility to.

Let me leave you with one question, what example do you want to set for your children. You want to change the way the country is, you want us to go back to morals and constitutionality…it starts with you. In the words of one of my best friends and heros, Joe O’Shaughnessy…God and Country. Now, let’s get to it!

As always, God Bless,

Little Boots

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  1. Darrell Calloway | December 20, 2017 at 10:44 am | Reply

    In many areas the government will not allow you to access a scene like this to give aid stateing for insurance purposes only approved emergency personnel is allowed. Stokes co militia reached out to our local Sheriff and gained permission to aid and assist during disasters. We also filed and received a disaster relief non profit status to help us reach out.
    This was just a little information that might help another group prepare before disaster strikes

    • Thank you for giving out information to help out the groups out there. I realize the insurance implications that there are there. I know that in other disaster situations that on the outskirts groups were able to do much work “outside the tape” This is what I was talking about though, make those relationship with your local first responders, city and county…even neighboring counties. Team up with other groups and meet with them and ask them when is the best way and time to offer your assistance in various situations. Get those permissions and non profit status if you desire. Now would be a great time to do such a thing using the resent tragedy as a springboard and example. Just a few small suggestions. Also, request (if you haven’t already) to become part of the Patriot Unity Project, they are making great strides in uniting patriots groups and not only that have great ideas for strengthening the bond between us and our communities, I know they are nationwide not looking to remain just regional.

  2. I am the CO of PNWDG in Pierce County. We are affiliated with BHMIII% and are BHMIII% Zone 6. This group is just starting up and does not have the resources of something of this size yet. But we will. We are doing a food drive this Christmas Eve to feed the homeless. But as an emergency response, we are just not yet ready.

    • Jason,
      First of all thank you for doing a food drive that is awesome!!!! If you give me some more information on it I will help you out by putting it on my page and my FB page as well as some others that have a bigger following than myself in the PNW. God Bless you for that. I understand being a small group just starting out, that is why it is important to collaborate with other groups in your area and make those contacts in person. Meet, as I replied to Darrell, with your local first responders. Hook up with Patriot Unity Project, I have been floored by the progress they made in strengthening the community of patriots and in changing the perception the “civilian” community has of patriots as well as the perception the first responders do. You will get there…groups must work together…we all have different ways of doing and looking at things don’t we, that is why there are so many different groups. In the end, we all want one thing, our country back as a Constitutional Republic and we will all have to work together at some point to get that done, side by side. Great Job on the food drive and please let me know how it goes, I would love to share your groups success!!!!

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