Opportunity Knocks…Go,Away!

This is going to be short, harsh and to the point.  My next piece I can’t promise will be any better but that is how I am feeling.  I do have one coming up about what is going on in Nevada that will be more of what you all expect, but still not quite as touching as “The Heart” series…after all I think we are all past the hitting of the emotional chord…it is time to hit a little harder and have that gut check.


I have heard so many complain of inactive groups and organizations and wanting to become of part of one that trains on a regular basis.  REAL TRAINING.

Yet when they are invited they don’t come…there is always a reason why they can’t or they have something “more important” to do.

“I don’t have enough gas” (Hey you can roll with me) “I just remembered I have to go give the cat a bath”.

Come on now, what is more important than making sure that you are prepared for what IS going to come down the pipe sooner than later, we all know it, but most just want to ignore it.

Then there are those that HAVE become involved with very good groups that train on a regular basis and expect involvement.  They start out very dedicated and then start not showing up, or show up and show very little enthusiasm.  This is very problematic for many reasons.

  1. It makes it very hard for the people that are showing up and want to train and learn.  How are they supposed to do that when some of the training involves having multiple people to accomplish the desired result?
  2. It causes disgruntled attitudes in the other members and that comes out at others in the groups that do not deserve it.
  3. It makes it extremely hard to recruit other members
  4. It breaks down the sense of camaraderie and sense of brother/sisterhood among each other, the sense that each member will be reliable and be there when needed no matter what.  If you can’t commit to one day a week or month for something this important what is to say you are going to be there consistently when you are needed daily.
  5. When you are one of the members to teach a certain aspect to the others and you are not there to teach it, you are robbing those members of that knowledge and costing the group precious time to find someone to replace you.
  6. Eventually others may just give up and lose faith…some groups fall apart, some push on.  If you commit, damn it commit, if you don’t think you can commit to what is being asked of you, what you have been asking for, then don’t say you will do it period.

I have found a group myself, it isn’t easy to show up every week, it is far from my home and costly to get there every week…but it is a commitment that I have made to the group and myself.  I MADE A COMMITMENT!  I GAVE MY WORD!  After all without our word we really have nothing.

When it all goes down, MONEY isn’t going to matter, what we HAVE isn’t going to matter, it is our word, the people we surround ourselves with, our training that we can count on , what we know, the combined knowledge of those very people we dedicated training with and committing to, committing to putting our futures and our lives in each others hands…and mainly the graces of Heaven that are going to matter.

So next time I hear someone complain that they can’t find a good group to train with, and I ask if they have been invited, or I give them some direction or get them invited for some training and I hear some lame excuse, you can bet your cute little behind that they are going to get quite the ear full.  Just like the keyboard warriors I see every dang day…oh yes my friends I am fed up with everyone doing a whole lot of complaining and not a whole lot of doing,  these people saying they want to do something proactive, and train, be ready, they are stale, frozen in fear of actually taking action.  All talk…well, if you want to talk, I am not the one to talk to unless you are going to listen and take action on the words that you hear, if you are not going to do that…walk.  I don’t have the time or energy to waste banging my head against the wall anymore.

We are out of time, if you haven’t noticed…oh wait, you haven’t or you would realize that cats don’t like baths.

God bless and God save you.

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  1. Steve Cooper | July 27, 2017 at 7:41 pm | Reply

    Well said Melina,
    Couldn’t have come close to hitting the mark like you did. Stay strong sister,

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