Oh…THAT Guy! (Eric Parker)

Oh…THAT Guy!
Eric Parker

This is the response that I would get after mentioning Eric’s name when talking about the patriotic prisoners, getting a “Who’s that?” and then explaining that Eric was the one on the overpass at Bundy Ranch, or if we were close to my Jeep at the time I would simply point to my Resist sticker and get a resounding “Oh…THAT guy!”

Most people don’t want to be known as that guy but in this case I am pretty sure that Eric doesn’t mind. He was doing what his heart told him to do. There were BLM agents with rifles aimed at innocent people that day. What would you do? Eric has that heart, a heart for God, a heart for his country and a heart for his fellow man. Eric stands for right and against wrong. For us in the patriot world we call that for liberty and against tyranny. Eric stood at not only stood at Bundy Ranch but he stands everyday of his life by teaching the Constitution to others, striving to remind everyone that this country was not founded as a democracy but a republic…reminding everyone that what we have now is not the design our founding fathers laid out for us. He does this through speaking and through Idaho III% and work that they do.

Before Eric was arrested I never got to meet him for any real length of time, I got to listen to some of his messages from the time he was wrongfully incarcerated, and his convictions never wavered, if nothing they seemed to grow stronger. People have gotten the wrong impression of Eric, the ones that don’t know that story. He is not some gruff, loud, big scary guy with a gun ready to shoot people. Not at all. He is actually somewhat softer spoken, with a very calming and solid presence. When I finally got to spend some time with Eric it was at Schuyler’s release party, I was amazed at the feeling of calm that is around him. He is very well spoken and when you call him a hero, you can tell he is a bit uncomfortable with being called this. After all I think in Eric’s mind, he was just doing what so many have said…standing for his fellow neighbor, or doing what anyone else would have done. For this they took almost 2 years of his life. They did this for what? We all know most of the reasons, but since this piece is about Eric, I am not going there…that is one heck of a rabbit hole!

The Mainstream Media would still have you believe that Eric Parker is still a danger to others, that he would take a gun and point it at people willy nilly. Hog wash. Eric Parker is a defender. Of his amazing wife Andrea, his children, his family, his friends, his fellow Americans and the liberty and freedom we are all guaranteed by God and the Constitution! When it comes to this he is all business. He feels this in his heart, I think now he feels it even more. He was kept away from his family by the very things our Constitution is supposed to guard against, he has seen and felt just how much of the freedoms secured we have lost. I think Eric has a lot to teach us, and when this man speaks it is going to behoove us to listen.

This is not a man with a loud voice and a big threatening gun, but he his a God fearing man with a big giving heart who has a very urgent message that if we don’t take heed to try and help our liberty…our country, if not already lost will be for sure.

For once in my life I don’t mind saying I am friends with “THAT guy” because he is a hero, a husband, a father, a fighter for liberty and a someone who we all can look up to and know that they gave all they had and that they will do it again for their fellow Americans, for their neighbor in need.

**I asked Eric for a quote to put in on his piece…I love what he sent me. This will tell you a lot about this exceptional man/patriot.

“11,000 people died on prison ships in Boston harbor, all they had to do was denounce the Declaration of Independence, swear allegiance to the crown and join the kings navy…they died. Without that state of mind we don’t deserve this Republic”

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  1. Melina, another great article and an excellent subject. Eric is a hero! None of our founding fathers set out to be heroes, but set out to give the greatest gift the world would know here on earth. I believe Eric and many of the others who stood with him have that same determination. In this instance though, they are trying to make sure we don’t lose it all. Again, great article!

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