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Baby Elijah Stolen from Dad and Mom

**Update 11/27/07

They were unable to finish the trial today, it has been 5 long days that baby and parents have been separated.  No bonding, no breast feeding, no cuddles with mommy and daddy.  Court will continue Wednesday and with God’s grace finish on Friday.  Please keep this small family in your thoughts and prayers and if you have the means to go show your support in person please do.  If you are unable to please read the full update at Health Freedom Idaho and see what you can do.  I will keep you informed with information as I get it from good people on the scene.

God gives us our children but apparently if the Government disagrees with our decisions and they think that they know what is best for them they have the power to just rip them from our arms.  That is exactly what happened to this young couple.  Diamond Mehlhoff gave birth via c-section in Kootenai Hospital in Kootenai County Idaho on the 22nd of this month and after the parents refused  vaccinations for their baby CPS swooped in and took their newborn from them.  Their reasoning?  All of the sudden Diamond was unfit due to her cerebral palsy.  This has never slowed this young lady down, yet now they claim she is bedridden because of it, talk about disability discrimination at it’s “finest”.  Diamond also lives with her husband Ari and baby Elijah’s grandfather.

You can read more here from Health Freedom Idaho