Natural Law with Thomas Mick

We Must Become Free

I have come to realize the more I objectively view history, you cannot limit the scope of government once you assign authority to any individual or group of individuals. We must learn to govern ourselves and respectfully council with one another when necessary. 

The dialog that today is conducted between nations should be conducted between the nations of one, the individual. As long as the prime directive contained within Natural Law is adhered to by us, do no harm, the world can and should live in peace. 

When psychopaths attempt to control and master those who are awake and aware of their proclivities, their numbers will dramatically decline as the ‘nations’ defend themselves and their Rights from their attempts. The few that manage to assemble the simple-minded and weak will be swarmed by the rest of mankind… it must be the way of things, at least in my mind. 

We must progress and grow in consciousness if we’re to survive what we are capable of doing to ourselves. We must begin to listen to different voices that encourage the best in us instead of the barbarism of our past; voices of encouragement and love instead of discouragement, hate, and division for the entertainment, pleasure, and profit of psychopaths… we must become free. 

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Creating a New World Under Natural Law

For generations now, Americans have been running on a treadmill designed and controlled by powers they’re largely unaware of; we’re pitted against one another by them through institutions we were told were authorities from the time we could understand language, by the people we trusted and relied on to protect us, our family; information they were also told to believe by their family when they were young… what turns out to be lies presented as the truth, designed to control us and make sure the power wielded over us was never threatened by the truth.

It wasn’t just our families that have been spreading the lies over the centuries, but churches, synagogues, mosques, and other centers of worship. Religion has been used to control the masses for as long as psychopaths and other control freaks discovered it. Control the people’s perception of the Creator and you control them; when that doesn’t work, create hobgoblins and boogeymen for people to fear and convince them that your power is necessary to protect them. More often than not, those imaginary enemies are people of different colors, cultures, religions, and nationalities… anything that creates an “us vs them” scenario will do… create and then capitalize on distrust and hate for others. When the people are at each other’s throats, they cannot see the puppet masters that choreograph the madness.

Government was created by man to control their fellow man, not to protect him. Those who wield the scepter of power benefit at the expense of those that do not; that is the foundation of what the world groans under today. To change that foundation, you must first destroy what was built upon it; there is no other way to lay a new foundation and raise up a better structure… ask anyone involved in construction… the same principle applies to any structure.

In America, for the first time Natural Law was established as the foundation of government through the declaration separating us from our rulers in London. The Creator was acknowledged without the trappings of religion and the proper order was recognized and established for all of mankind, not just America.

While the reasons for the separation were unique to America, the principles for it were not and were a shining beacon for all oppressed people throughout the world. This was the primary reason the old order of oppression couldn’t allow those principles to take root anywhere on earth and have so diligently, stealthily, and mercilessly worked to destroy the American foundation created by the Declaration of Independence.

The only problem for the oligarchs that control the old order, is the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, Natural Law, are eternal and inherent to the universe itself… inextricably tied to the Creator. Those that are controlling mankind are occulting the truth, hiding the Laws and principles so they can be used by them to harm the rest of us for their benefit; but the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of information, including what was previously hidden from mankind, has made the old order vulnerable and the truth could no longer be obfuscated.

The old order is rapidly regaining control of the information as they learn how to deny its distribution through search engines and gain more and more control over the backbone; but the revelation has already been done and awareness is spreading like a virus for good throughout the world.

My mission is to help raise that awareness and help bring others to a place where they understand the foundation of Natural Law and restore freedom… first to the community where they live and then to the world by their example.

It takes courage to change… it isn’t easy to leave behind the familiar for the unknown… but together we can create a new world of freedom as our Creator intended, by rejecting the fraud, deception, lies, and hatred that has enslaved us for millennia.

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Our Natural Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its Implications to Society

The Bill of Rights, Article IV, is sufficient for invalidating any attempt by Congress to infringe upon our Natural Right to keep and bear arms of any type or quantity as we see fit. It should become extremely hazardous for anyone in the law enforcement community to attempt to enforce any law restricting that right, since the only effective defense against the enforcement of such usurpation is force.

Officers of the court are sworn to support and defend the Constitution; those attempting to disarm you by enforcing laws in contravention of the second amendment are violating their oaths and stepping outside the law; becoming no better that common thugs or gangsters. The responsible action for people attacked in such a manner is to defend themselves against it, not with lawyers but with armed force. Submitting to usurpation is surrendering to it, since the legislature has already made a determination against your arms by failing to support the Bill of Rights, Article IV.

Once the American people bought in to the deceptive argument that the courts have power to determine whether we have the right to keep and bear arms, surrender to law enforcement and disarmament until the court makes a determination became “reasonable” to our people; belief in that argument rendered the second amendment moot, since it put the power of granting the right in the hands of those making the decision, not the Creator.

The simple fact of law is the Bill of Rights, Article IV, prohibits the government to infringe on that right in any manner; it became settled law on December 15, 1791 and there is no longer a need to adjudicate the matter further since any argument to the contrary is frivolous. No court or agency of government has jurisdiction over our arms including the ammunition.

No attempt to disarm, except when arresting someone committing a crime against another person or persons, is lawful; surrendering your arms under such a circumstance effectively endangers your ability to exercise any of your rights at that moment and exposes you to abuse by either the officer performing the disarmament or the courts you’re surrendering to.

The right of self-defense is a Natural Right that is inherent in every man and woman; granted by our Creator at conception and every creature possesses it. Submitting to arbitrary government that would deny you that right under any pretense is submitting to tyranny and subjecting all your rights to arbitrary control, regardless of the terms of any Constitution for such government.

Surrendering your arms is surrendering your life and property; once you’ve disarmed yourself you no longer have the means to protect what is yours, effectively putting it in the hands of any superior force that chooses to come and take it, including the members of your family, since your ability to defend them against most threats has been severely compromised.

Think about the implications…

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Rebuilding the American Fortress

Today I think I managed to piss off and alienate at least a couple hundred Facebook friends that worship the military and by extension the state that commands them and sends them off to war for no lawful purpose. Many people think that by criticizing our military and questioning their missions today, we are disrespecting their loved ones that are serving or attacking the integrity of veterans in their service; nothing can be further from the truth.

Most of the veterans I know, including those that lost everything serving in our military did so with honorable intentions; believing they were serving their country and fighting enemies overseas so that they wouldn’t have to face them at home. Such thinking is certainly admirable and the government has used that thinking to swell their ranks whenever they needed forces but it is wrong-headed in my opinion and I’ll explain why I believe that.

The Japanese rejected the idea of invading the American mainland because they knew damn well that America was an impenetrable fortress of armed people that would make mincemeat of ANY occupying force. Their attack on Pearl Harbor was like poking a stick at a bee hive and rained death upon millions of their people even without trying to invade our land.

The excuse of sending our men overseas to prevent the “bad guys” from coming here was propaganda, nothing more. It made it possible for our men and women in the armed forces to rationalize their actions in foreign lands and made the justifications of the oligarchy much more palatable to both the military and the American people… but the truth is, no nation is so foolish to think they could invade America from outside.

Today America is being invaded by multiple foreign forces… with the aid and assistance of the United States Government in contradiction of their sworn duty to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Foreign armies are being invited and trained to disarm the American people under State Department Publication 7277… We are being destroyed by traitors within and a willing media that has facilitated that destruction through their propaganda and distractions (bread and circuses).

Military personnel that are not trusted to subjugate their families and friends are being deployed overseas to subjugate others, while the forces loyal to the oligarchy are being massed to destroy us at home. If it wasn’t threatening America so badly I would have to admire the strategy and execution of their plan… but it will result in the death of millions.

The truth is our military has been used as a mercenary force to advance the geopolitical goals of the oligarchy. It hasn’t been used for the legitimate purpose defined in the Constitution for generations. If the military was fighting to defend our liberty, we would be the freest people in the history of man today… are we? Is the Bill of Rights being observed and respected? Is the Constitution being enforced and defended? Our people have been handed a line of shit that uses societal pressure to keep anyone from saying or acting out of the official line…

Stand out from the crowd and demand the truth, especially when the truth challenges you to think. Stand up, arm yourself, and retake control of your communities from those that are clearly seeking to subjugate or destroy you. Remove the threats that have been introduced and reinvigorate in the minds of our enemies what the Japanese knew 80 years ago!

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