Maureen Peltier aka SSG Moe

This woman came into my life with a bang 18 years ago and my life has not been the same since.  It has been a roller coaster to say the least but I would not change it for the world. We have raised a child together, we have been at each others’ throats, we have kept each other from someone else’s throat, we have laughed and we have held each other as we have cried tears of joy and pain.  She truly is my best friend, my sister in the true essence of the word.

Maureen is a very dynamic personality with many facets, one thing I do know about her is her loyalties to people that are in her heart, people that have EARNED a place there is endless and one of the strongest things I have ever seen.  She will take on the federal government for you…no really!  It’s true!  I have seen it!  Seriously, she has a heart the size of Texas and a temper to match if you dare set it off in just the right way.

This woman is bold and fierce when it comes to the truth and when it comes to defending her country.  She is a seasoned veteran who has earned respect from her commanders and subordinates.  She is a great leader and she also knows how to follow.

I have seen her tackle corruption within the ranks and now she has taken that a step further and is tackling that same corruption within the corporation known as the federal government, this woman is still a soldier fighting for her country, just in a different way, with a different weapon, her voice, loud and proud.  She takes what she does very seriously and she feels every hurt and heartache but never shows it, only to those closest to her.

Over the years I have seen this woman take some hits in life that no one should have to take, yet one thing about her that I alway admired, she always fought through, and those times that I thought maybe, just maybe life got a knock-out on her…she regrouped and came back swinging harder and faster than ever. She simply amazes me with her strength, strength I admire and wish I had.  She always looks good doing it too…I have always wondered how she does that!

She even takes the people that have attacked her personally over the past couple of years with a grain of salt, it seems to me she has taken more offense to the ones that attack her friends than the ones that attack her.  I know I take offense to the ones that attack her more than the ones that attack me, sure it hurts because I always try to do right by people, and it has to bother her too as she does the same, but when those closest to us are attacked it bothers us more.  We are a lot alike in that manner as well.   I remember one moment, in Portland, someone came up to me, I honestly can’t remember who and said “SSG Moe talks so much and she is so loud, I just get so irritated sometimes” I know that they were trying to A) Get a rise out of me or B) Cause a division between her and I.  I looked at this person and with a very interested and serious face and voice I replied, “I know right! We should have her tarred and feathered, I can’t stand her”. Then I walked away.

Yes she talks a lot, I know this people, remember I go on long road trips with her and I have lived with her…I would live with her any time.  As a matter of fact I hope our kids put us in the same old folks home so we can raise some havoc there…point is, I let her, she usually realizes it at some point and stops and let’s me have my turn. Haha, if not, I but in.  We have a system.  She has a lot to say, a lot of ideas and good ones.  Listen, she may spark some new thoughts and ideas of your own.

Don’t count this woman as just SSG Moe, she is much more, she is a excellent mom, I trusted my daughter with her. She is a exceptional friend. She is a woman who served her country and now is awake to all that is going on and serving in a much different capacity and making changes.  She is someone with a big heart, and though she will never admit it a very soft heart at that.  Remember that when you want to poke at her or diminish her efforts.  She is doing the things she does in service to you, for you, for your children.  She is standing for not just political prisoners but for many.  Almost literally at times…I have had to press on her legs more than once in a courtroom because of feeling her legs tense up getting ready to just jump up at the injustices, while at the same time biting my tongue. What a scene that would of been…I can’t even imagine the two of us behind bars together. Goodness.

I can’t wait to see where her journey takes her, I am sure that I will be there for some of that ride, SSG Moe and Little Boots will always be in this fight together in our own ways and we always meet up.  One thing I know, where ever her journey takes her she is going give it her all and it is going to be a beautiful thing to watch.  Just like my friend that I love so much.

God Bless.

Little Boots


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  1. Amen Very well said lil boots.
    I love her two, she has done so much for so many, educating all of us. Keep up the great work.

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