I would like to introduce myself…I am…


I would like to introduce myself, I am someone who loves what the founding fathers tried to do, I love what the dejure constitution lays out, I spoke for it and I spoke for it proudly, I spoke out for the second amendment, I was a 2nd Amendment lobbyist. As a matter of fact I had won 38% of the vote in a State House election! 

I miss my family, my son was 2 years old and my little girl was 3 weeks when I was taken away from them.  

I am also a political prisoner, held against my will. I have been kept from my wife, my children and the rest of my family since 2011…seven long years I have not been able to spend holidays, birthdays or simply share those mile marker moments of first steps, first day of school…or even the little things like skinned knees and losing that first tooth.  Why?  Because I believe in the Constitution, in our rights that were granted to us not by the government but by God and I spoke about it publicly and I got attention…a lot of attention.  People were listening, too many people, we the people are powerful when we are informed to what is going on, and I was informing. 

It was when I brought it out into the open and accused State and Federal authorities of drug trafficking and using children for prostitution that my real battle started.  

These very same agencies then tried over and over to turn my actions of activism and my work of exposing corruption to acts of violence.  I do not advocate violence.  

The FBI threatened my children, working with Child Services, filing a neglect complaint against myself and my wife.  When this was made known to me, enter provocateur Bill Fulton to try to persuade me once again to violence, threatening my friend Les by holding a knife to his throat.  We escaped and never saw Fulton again.

 In fear I went to the MP station on Ft. Wainwright for help only to find that the Federal agents had been there already and had plans of “going to his home and take out his kid, then just shoot Shaeffer Cox in the process” 

I packed my family up and headed for Canada…to read the rest of my story and to find out how I ended up in federal prison when I did absolutely nothing wrong please visit www.freeschaeffer.com  I am Shaeffer Cox. 

Everyone, believe me when I tell you, we all could be where Shaeffer Cox is right now. The Bundy’s and those that were incarcerated with them were “lucky” in the sense that they had many keeping them in the spotlight, we would not let them be locked up quietly.  The corruption that surrounded their case could not be kept in darkness.  I do not believe that Shaeffer had this same type of support when his trial was going on. 

He didn’t have the “troops” rally and scramble to get donations and inform about jury nullification, to dig and expose the corruption of lawyers, judges, witnesses, false evidence.  Making it all known to anyone and everyone that would listen. 

He is trying to get his charges overturned, now it is time to rally, now it is time to let him know he too is important.  He is a powerful speaker, teacher, and much like LaVoy they do not want him out on the streets.  

There are many political prisoners out there…many that we do not know the names of yet.  We know Shaeffer’s name, it is time to share it, share his site, learn his story…share it and share it some more.  

It is our time lovers of liberty, truth, and justice.  It is our time to make our voices heard.  I suggest we make good use of it for our time may be short and we need all of our soldiers free. 

Todd Engel, Jerry DeLemus, Greg Burleson, Shaeffer Cox, Steven and Dwight Hammond…there are many more…they need to be home.  

I know we are all weary, I know we are all somewhat disheartened, but remember, freedom does not come cheap.  I am not talking about a monetary value here.  Look at what these men and women have paid and some are still paying, look at what our forefathers paid.  

When you start to get weary, when you just think you can’t do one more day, give me a call…I know your phone just may ring when I get to that spot.  I have been there.  Liberty, true liberty, is exhausting, and being complacent is just not an option, that is what got us here in the first place, I for one will not be the person to look any of these prisoners in the eye and say “I am sorry, it just got too hard”

Sit down and write Shaeffer a letter, then Todd, then Jerry and Greg….I have been bad about it, so that is my plan.  Then I am going to get to working on some writing and some news to get out.  Some steps to take.  We can’t let them or each other down.  

What is your plan?  

     Dear Shaeffer, 

     Thank you….

I think that is a good start.  Don’t you?


***Leave your comments on the page about the article and I will get them to Shaeffer.  Thank you.

5 Comments on "I would like to introduce myself…I am…"

  1. Debra Cochran | July 6, 2018 at 7:53 am | Reply

    I believe that the Obama administration and those in Liberal Corporate America have it out for Conservatives and Free Thinkers who love Liberty. Schaeffer Cox is a perfect example of that. While the deep staters run drugs and children for profit, they spy on the American people, telling the sheep that it is for your own good.

    Schaeffer’s case is the epitome of a miscarriage of Justice. He did the right thing, stood on the right principles and has been tortured for it.

    You are right, any one of us who had the fortitude to spread liberty, like Schaeffer, could be right where he is.

    I would hope that anyone whose heart this story touches, PLEASE get involved. There is plenty to do to get this man’s story attention that it needs. FREE SCHAEFFER COX!

  2. Alan Echols | July 6, 2018 at 7:57 am | Reply

    Dear Schaeffer
    Please take solice in the fact that your message is being heard. I would not know of you were it not for the suffering of others. I’m grateful to you all who bravely point out the corruption while praising righteousness

  3. I am truly horrified by what ends this American government will go to to silence truth sayers! I pray daily. I ask that Gods angels surround you and keep you safe. I ask God to please hear our prayers. Much respect peg c

  4. Schaeffer, just know that somewhere, somehow, God is working behind the scenes on your behalf, and you will be vindicated…

    The TRAITOR Obama and his entire regime will have to face the consequences of their illegal and evil actions towards those who love liberty and stand up for it.

    Keep the faith, and stay strong brother, God’s got this!!!

  5. Harold poole | July 8, 2018 at 8:55 am | Reply

    Tyranny by self appointed vigilantes is not my choice for this country,. I trust to the constitution,. The government it created and structured and it’s processes to address grievances,. And it’s protections for justice. What everybody seems to forget freedom isn’t free,. This is a capitalistic country,. And to be free you must earn enough to provide for your own family’s daily needs. When you earn enough capital, you can be free 24/7 . If you haven’t earned enough you will be a slave to someone.

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